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EA Sports Active 2

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Great work outs

| | See all UsedBooksandGames's reviews (14)

I wanted an exercise "game" that was more manly than the dancing type games that are more readily available. I knew I was unfit and after my first (easy) workout I knew just how bad I was. I'm now well into the 21 day fitness programme and can feel the benefit. Sometimes when doing the ground exercises the monitors don't always pick up the movements but this might be because you are not doing the exercise quite right. I would recommend this as a good exercise game with plenty of tough exercises to give you a good workout.

  Quite good.

| | See all gemmyo's reviews (20)

Only been using it for a matter of days and already i can barely move from being pushed really hard, which i really like. There are different levels to choose from so if your don't like be pushed, go for an easier level. I find that i probably work harder doing this than going to the gym, and it is slightly more enjoyable.

There are a couple of niggles about this though. One, there is hardly enough time between exercises to get ready, especially when using the resistance band.

Two, trying to make sure the handles on the resistance band are secure enough to stop the thing from creating a hilarious video for You've Been Framed, by smacking you in the face.

Three, it can be infuriating when you're doing a movement and the computer you is doing something else, i find she does things the opposite way to me.

Other than that, i really like it. If you don't like the gym, give this a go, it's only 20 minutes out of the day.

  Ideal for recovering couch potato's - money well spent

| | See all Euxtonmills's reviews (4)

If like me your a recovering couch potato this is really good. I did the first beginners session and couldn't believe how stiff I was the next day....it is also sensibly paced with rest days. Our Wii has never been connected to the internet and never switched on for a year and electronic bands for heart monitoring and motion worked first time. If like me you'd never been seen dead in a gym this could well be for you.

  Very GOOD but not GREAT

| | See all stevie123d's reviews (7)

This is one of the best fitness games I have played. Me and my girlfriend are fitness fanatics and we were puffing at the end of each programme set. The downside of the game is that the sensors are not always responsive. Good fun, cheaper than the gym. I would recomend this game to anyone

  Excellent programme, dodgy hardware

| | See all wannabefit's reviews (1)

I have had this for 4 months and used it a lot-with great results.
Not at all impressed at the hardware-the leg monitor doesn't register any more and I can't use the whole system because of it. EA only have a 3 month warranty on this -their customer service is nonexistent, it is impossible to talk to a real human being and I am really underwhelmed by the whole experience. In all, if I were to buy a new set, it would be almost the same price as a gym membership-so where's the value in that? For that reason only given it 1 star- sort yourselves out EA and you would have a much more loyal fan base!

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| | See all Katrina's reviews (30)

I got this for Christmas so I have had a while to test it out and do a review. I will start with the good points. I have used the Wii Fit for over a year, and got great results from it (weight loss), however EA Sports Active 2 is completely different and I can imagine it being either equally or more beneficial than the Wii Fit over a period of time. I find it a lot more challenging and it is more of a cardio workout than the Wii Fit. I certainly wouldn't describe it as fun like the Wii Fit, it is a lot more serious, and are the sort of exercises you would do if you had a personal trainer. Your EA Sports Active 2 personal trainer will certainly try and push you to your limits, and it really gets your heart pumping. I started off with the medium level, however I was a bit shocked to find it was too much for me so have had to reduce the level to Easy (I didn't realise I was that unfit!) For some the breaks in between the exercises whilst it loads are a pain, but for me they are a pleasure! It allows me time for my heart rate to go down if I am out of breath and have a drink of water.

The bad points:-
1. It says it is Wii Balance Board compatable. I'll be honest by saying you are best not using the Balance Board at all. Why? You have to have the Wii Balance Board switched on all the time (even if the exercise doesn't require the balance board). This proves very annoying as it will interrupt your workout if the Wii Balance Board switches off to tell you to switch it back on again, even if you are not using it! It was also really annoying because my batteries in the Wii Balance Board kept going as I had to have it switched on the whole time of the workout.

2. I love having a heart rate monitor, however I don't find it 100% accurate all the time. For instance I might be really out of breath and feel my heart pumping and it still says my heart rate is low, when it quite obviously isn't. It takes a few minutes after that before it shows a more accurate heart rate figure.

3. Not all the exercises work properly and I have had to skip a couple of them so far. So far I have had to skip the Squats with the rubber resistant band. I have hardly moved and it says I am squatting too low. It drove me up the wall, so I ended up having to skip the exercise. Also the Alternating Reverse Lunges are dodgy also. It doesn't sense you are putting your leg back, and eventually when it did sense it and then I stood straight, it didn't sense that (I was still in the reverse lunge position). So once again, I ended up having to skip it.

4. The music I find annoying. It should have given you a choice of music (or no music at all) to do your workout to, but instead its got this awful music that you have to listen to.

So all in all, it does the job of providing a great overall workout, but there are many annoying things about it that have not been ironed out, unlike the Wii Fit which has no problems with it at all.

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  Software Great, Hardware Not So Much...

| | See all Cluckles's reviews (1)

The Heart Monitor seems very temperamental. Used it for a total of 90 minutes in our household yesterday, and the heart monitor was working for maybe 25% of that. Needs reconnecting constantly, and stops you from doing some of the activities because you are apparently not in the right position.


| | See all dan119's reviews (1)

Absolutely quality!!! The workouts really push you and you won't get bored with the variety of exercises available. If you are like me and need to get fit again and need motivation then this is what you need.

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  BUY it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all Chelseafc10's reviews (1)

Absolutely amazin, love the workouts and its amazin how you can track your progress and log it aswell online :) i give this an A*************

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