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007: GoldenEye

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  Must have for any Wii owner or 007 fan

| | See all jerryss's reviews (2)

Awesome game 10/10 hands down one of the best 007 games out there

  007 goldeneye

| | See all AntGill10's reviews (2)

this is one of the best game I have played.is the best james bond game I ever played graphic's great gameplay even better this is a must buy :-)

  Simply amazing!

| | See all minky987's reviews (24)

The wii remote is actually very accurate and fun to use, along with the limited addition golden gun and the wii zapper. The single player mode is very good, even though it isnt that long. the best thing is the online mode. graphics are very good for a wii game and tere are loads of guns and attachments to unlock. the only let down is the leveling up system as usually a kill is 5xp and 10xp for a headshot, and to go to the next level you need more than 1000 xp, even more tha 5000 as you level up! but otherwise, great fun!

  Great Game Mr. Bond

| | See all stevie123d's reviews (7)

A great game for nintendo. Hart to control with controll and nunchuck but makes you feel part of the game. A must buy if you a shooter fan. Game is not the same as the original N64 game.

  A very thorough FPS, just what the Wii needed!

| | See all darkninja's reviews (55)

Fast paced and immersive, the graphics are impressive considering the limitations of the console compared to its competitors. It holds it's own compared to more 'hardcore' games such as Call of Duty on X360. It may not be 'realistic' which people may say is a good thing, but it plays well, has few irritating faults (the wii controller isn't bad if you tweak the settings, this is more than compensated when you realize you can use GC, Classic controllers instead.) The voice acting is identical to the film, the storyline is based on the original, however being updated with today's technology (and scrapping Pierce Brosnan!). Your smartphone adds an interesting touch, and the multiplayer is taken back to it's roots. A weel rounded game, and a definate buy if you own a Wii, but want something a little more meaty than your party games! (Even if it does go down a storm with a group of mates and 4-player splitscreen!)

  A review by a novice gamer.

| | See all elliesdad's reviews (32)

Our wii is mostly used for Mario kart etc games by my daughter but i recently borrowed this game and a zapper and now i am addicted.
I completed the easy agent level over 3 nights and after some difficulty i felt great to finish it.
I loved the story interludes that push it along and am now trying my hand at the experienced agent settings before attempting the 007 levels.
I would recommend Quantum of solace aswell.....but be prepared for some ribbing from your partners as they will think you are trying to be James Bond a little too much.


| | See all livingdeadgirl23's reviews (11)

I really enjoyed this game. The graphics were great, as good as you'll get on the Wii though. I used my gamecube controller and found it really easy to use. Challenging and very addicting. Would definately recommend. Hope they release another 007 game for the Wii soon. 4 stars :-)

  A must buy for FPS fans

| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

I was after this game since launch, but the only thing that delayed me getting it was the reports of faulty controls using Wii Remote. After choosing from a few default settings, I find the controls to be perfect, and it is easy enough to pull of a quick snipe with the zoom button. Using the Wii Zapper makes it even better and more immersive.

The graphics are great for a Wii game, and the plot and action are top notch. As said before, you can be a real spy and pick soldiers off one at a time, or equally as satisfying is going in all gung ho. I am a fair few hours into the single player game, and it may not be the longest campaign mode. But you can revisit levels, do more objectives and follow other paths and of course, it becomes even more difficult and realistic.

I would recommend this for those that want a great single / multiplayer shooter on their wii. The controls can be changed easily, and I would speculate there is a setup to suit anyone - or you could just use a game pad I guess. Though the whole draw for Wii games was the Wii remote controller. But yes, get this game now. Bond is Back - woohoo!!

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  Brilliant, with flaws

| | See all Monkeydave's reviews (46)

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting what this game turned out to be. It's very different to the original Goldeneye in terms of the layout of levels and the types of weapons you get, but after a while you realise that the style of play is not too dissimilar. One thing that I love about the game is that the stealth aspect is really well done. You can either approach a level in an all-guns-blazing fashion, or see how far you can get by sneaking around, taking bad guys out with your silenced PP7 (although headshots are a bit temperamental - a very fine line between a satisfying one-hit wonder and having to follow your first shot up with 3 or 4 more before he raises the alarm) or a stealthy melee attack.

The single player is good fun - I have finished it on Operative level and there is nothing too challenging about it. I'm about to start the next level up, which I hope will be a bit harder.

The online multiplayer is really the highlight - all-new levels to blast your way around, either in your own or as a team. As mentioned in another post below, the game throws you into a game with people who could be 30 levels higher than you, so it can be a little frustrating at first, when the seasoned players are taking you out every 10 seconds. AND it takes ages to earn any decent weapons in the levelling up process, which doesn't help the novice multiplayer.

In summary: great single player, great multiplayer - best shooter on the Wii - although both take a little while to get into. Definitely worth getting.

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  bond is back

| | See all stozza's reviews (59)

great game and graphics for the wii very good, however the game is not perfect. Firstly the Wii controller is terrible to use so dont even bother trying, use a classic controller instead. Also its takes forever to unlock guns and gadgets online and there is also no ranking system which is frustrating. You should be up against people of similiar level to yourself however you can be up against people from level 1 to level 56 and sometimes you just get wasted which makes it frustrating and also at times if you have done well in a game you get "host quitting" which means the xp you have earned in the game is lost and doesnt count, again unfair. These minor grumbles aside the game is very addictive and great fun and will keep you playing for a long time. I havent really bothered with the main game as the online is the main selling point. Great game and I would say up there with the best wii games so well worth getting.

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