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007: GoldenEye

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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| | See all Neilydee's reviews (3)

I am a few levels in at the moment and feel compelled to review this outstanding game. Premature perhaps without sampling the whole game or, indeed, the multiplayer - but the quality so far strongly suggests I have nothing to worry about.

I straight off the bat am using a Gamecube controller as opposed to Wiimote so I cant comment on the Wiimote control scheme. Needless to say the Cube controller works very well.

Reworking the Goldeneye story is working extremely well. The game is riddled with fantastic touches of genius and a great attention to detail is present throughout. Voice acting, character animations and AI are spot on. Combat is accessible and fluid. Reworkings of classic N64 scenes (the air vent toilet assassination) are still present and accounted for - I am sure there will be more to come.

Bond has a number of silent take down abilities and with the use of the new handy smartphone you can hack turrets and photograph important sensitive information for MI6. Stealth is definitely on the agenda but there are often multiple routes through a level offering a good variety of gameplay styles.

The in game cut scenes are impressive and integrate perfectly with the main action. It truly feels like being part of a Bond movie with the Nightclub level being a particular highlight for me thus far.

I believe the team behind this is the same team who made the excellent Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii. I can wholeheartedly recommend that too. The same level of seemingly limitless skill and care is present in both games. They seem to be one of the few developers who buck the 3rd party trend of making mini game "Comb your horse" monstrosities for the Wii and deserve support for their efforts!

  Very Good

| | See all Russiaforthewin's reviews (12)

Campaign was brilliant, on-line isn't really good. If you've played COD, then it is good controls are exactly the same. Brilliant storyline.

  Goldeneye is now a excellent 1st person shooter for the Wii.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

When I heard Goldeneye was being redone for the Wii it got me very excited because the N64 version was a ground breaking game which had the most amazing four player deathmatch mode. My mates and myself had many hours of fun playing the 1997 classic shooter which is now 14 years old!
I'm glad to say that the four player deathmatch mode is very good on the Wii version and you can have fun playing it online too with up to eight players. My two favourite James Bond henchmen "Oddjob" and "Jaws" are back with another six classic characters included. There are many deathmatch modes for you to enjoy including the two classics like Golden Gun and Paintball. We now have the pleasure of being "Daniel Craig" instead of the original Goldeneye Bond "Pierce Brosnan" because this version is set in present day. The graphics are very good for a Wii game and the music score creates a great atmosphere whilst you are having fun killing baddies in a spy type way. I play this game using a Wii Zapper which comes free with the enjoyable Link's Crossbow Training and it can also be used with the equally fantastic 1st person shooter but more gory Call of Duty: Black Ops. Eurocom have done a wonderful job of revamping this old classic and I'm sure this version will be remembered in fond light too because it's easily in the top three best Wii shooters at the moment.

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  Better than the original!

| | See all markees's reviews (20)

Ive had Goldeneye Wii since Christmas Day and Ive found it completely addictive. I cant recommend this game enough especially since its had a recent price drop.

Single Player
You start off on a mini training session which shows you how to crouch fire reload and move (which can take some getting used to if youre using the Wii Zapper which I do!) and gives you a little practice stage to do it all on. But once you get used to it all its completely worth it! You can always personalise your shooting control from the options anyway.
The enemies really interact with the environments & you cant get away with shooting someone when theres someone else a few metres away because theyll find you and fire back. They hear you coming if you shoot through glass and call to each other for help so youve got to try and use the silencer whenever you can.
When I was crawling in the vent on the Facility level with the soldier below me on the toilet I wasnt able to look down at him because my Wii Remote had gone off the limit so I wasnt able to play that iconic moment of the N64 game. Thats probably the only positive thing about using a normal controller. Ive also experienced lag on the third level when tons of explosions were going off. The screen literally froze for 2 seconds as though it was on pause. But thats not a major deal.
The sound and graphics are top notch for the wii. Its really atmospheric and use of Bonds POV in some cut scenes literally puts you in his shoes.

Online is completely addictive and what I play more of. Im kind of a casual gamer but my first match online with Goldeneye lasted 3 hours!! Then the next day I went on for 2 hours. And the next 3 hours again! Its really addictive especially with mates as you txt each other between games to get vengeance on people who killed you both! lol
Youve got tons of modes like Team Conflict (team vs team) Conflict (every man for himself) Golden Gun and various other modes (some of which need unlocking). You gain XP Points for every kill match win and head shots and these help you to unlock new weapons and game modes which keeps spurring you on to play online. The more points you earn the higher your level becomes.
You can add friends and join their matches but sometimes it can be slow to put you into a game. I left it for 5 minutes and still had nothing. Sometimes I keep having to come out of it and try again about 4 times before I finally get into a match.
There is only 1 time Ive experienced lag but I think thats because American internet is much faster than the UK (you can tell because just as you start a match, theyre already running a few metres ahead and sometimes you can get killed from out of nowhere because they see you first). Im changing my region setting to stop this from happening though. One other gripe I have is that sometimes the teams arent really fair because Ive been on a team of novices like me who are on Level 8 and been up against pros on Levels 35!! This can be really frustrating at times. They should put you in a group relevant to your experience like on Mario Kart.

Overall this is an amazing game and I would say its better than the original! Even when you complete the single player mode there are more objectives added which you have to do and you will keep coming back to the online games so youll never get bored. Definite buy for any Wii owner! I would have given it 5/5 but decided on 4 because of the technical glitches.

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  goldeneye oo7

| | See all jobar6's reviews (1)

Absolutely brill i think it would be the best James Bond game ever
fab you should buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Licensed to thrill

| | See all jc3dster's reviews (3)

i love this game, it's what i expect from a bond game
however, the lack of split screen online saddens me, and thats why i wont give it top marks
i cant go online and kill other people, with my sister
i have to go online alone, so to play with her i must just do 2 player split screen offline

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  Great Wii Game!!!! But................

| | See all cracker62's reviews (1)

When I first started to play the game the controls were terrible!!!! Far too sensitive even when you put the sensitivity levels right done!!! So I decided to play with a Gamecube controller and RESULT!!! Far better game when you play it like this!!! So if you are going to buy this make sure you play it with a classic/gamcube controller!!! BAD Wii CONTROLLER!!!!!

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  Massive Risk!!! ... But Well Done!!

| | See all KayeBlinks182's reviews (9)

Ok, as the title says, this game was a massive risk. Mainly for me and my overdraft, because i actually went out and bought a wii too get the game, and secondly for activision for releasing this game. Goldeneye on the N64 is probably mine and many others favourite game of all time and rightfully so, and the idea for activision to just renew the game seemed terrible to me. but what this is doing is bringing a whole new generation onto the best game that has been, and james bond who i also love... in a straight way. The game.. flawless!! Story and Gameplay is as amazing as i remember and the graphics are great. Online, also great, its all about fun, not full of annoying 13yr olds hiding in the grass pickin u off!!! very pleased i took this risk because its also brought me onto many other amazing titles like Brawl, mariokart and sure there are many more. so for now my ps3 is just gunna gather up dust and i aint even thought about the new COD yet. Buy it!! you will definately enjoy this one!!!

  Not the original... I wouldn't want it to be!!

| | See all TheLanky1's reviews (1)

Firstly, great game! Stand alone as a brand new game this would be a fantastic first-person shooter; coming on the back of, and relying on the love of, the original GoldenEye however it leaves a little to be desired. Hence the reason for 4 stars.

The beauty of the original was the pure simplicity and crispness of the game. The pickup-ability of the original is, unfortunately, lacking, however once you have sorted the controls the game itself is well made (not in the league of COD and Halo et al, but it does not claim to be!!).

The missions are well designed, the checkpoint system is a breath of fresh-air, meaning that when you inevitably die towards the end of the level (yes it happens on the new GE too!!) you do not need to start all over again, you respawn at the last CP with any weaponry that you had possessed at the time. I have not yet managed to play through with the different difficulty settings as, unfortunately, I have to work for a living, but the differences seem to be in clear steps with the old system of harder enemies and more in-depth missions back in. The top difficulty setting also sees a return for the old health meters, lacking from the previous settings which allow you to recharge your health by ducking and covering, I would have preferred to see the health meter system used throughout; one of my favourite features of the original was the true to life non-rechargeable health (after all how many people can heal themselves in seconds after being shot??)

The multi-player mode is a mixed bag, gone are the days of finding the best gun and camping on the armour (all the better for it in my opinion), and in comes stealthily creeping around. You start with an arsenal of 3 guns so there is no danger of respawning and being immediately gunned down, so it comes down more to actually being able to play the game as a whole rather than just relying on stopping others from getting the best bits. Although part of the fun for the experienced GoldenEyer was always showboating a bit with an inferior weapon and still massacring the opposition. The maps have been seriously revamped, larger and far more details levels lead to a much more involved multiplayer experience, although I am a little disappointed at the lack of proxim mines!!

In conclusion, if you are buying it to relive the good old N64 classic I am afraid you will be sorely disappointed, however if you want fun and thoroughly playable shoot-em-up then GoldenEye Wii is for you. I would call this a rework of a classic rather than a re-release, but then so do Activision! I would have liked to see an Easter-egg or unlockable though that allowed the original to be played or even downloaded from the Wii store!