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Donkey Kong Country Returns

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  A classic disappointment

| | See all suchomimus's reviews (3)

If you are fan of the Donkey Kong series and that you are not familiar with the new elements and contain a few characters that we know seen in this game. Don't get this, it just isn't the same.

  The best non mario game on the wii.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

Donkey Kong Country Returns is one of the best 2D platform games ever. Every level has a new idea, and it's always something good. The game may be too difficult for younger gamers.

  Thoroughly enjoyable, Great challenging fun

| | See all Rhinokleen's reviews (13)

If like me you remember the SNES version from 16 years ago, then you'll love this. It's all about conquering each of an initial eight lushly-coloured worlds, gathering bananas for health and lots of hidden extras, whilst grabbing puzzle pieces or letter icons for bonuses. There's a few different character moves added in addition to the original ones like enlisting the help of Diddy Kong & Rambi the rhinoceros, making the game all the more entertaining. If you seem to be having a problem with a particular level you can call on the assistance of the super guide and Super Kong will show you the basic way to complete the level, but it's down to you to find the secrets. It's a great game that once you've explored most of the levels you can go back and revisit the earlier levels and try to win all the secrets, before saying you've completed it

  Amazing Game But ROCK hard!

| | See all relxygirl's reviews (9)

Be warned...This game is not for noobs. I LOVED the donkey kong country trilogy on SNES a LOT! So i simply must have got this game! Here's the verdict:
Graphics +5
Gameplay +5
MultiPlayer +4
Levels +5
Total: 5*****

  Donkey Kong is back on true form at last!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I had Donkey Kong 64 which was a 3d platformer made by Rare and it wasn't as enjoyable as Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Wii) and Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber (Nintendo DS) went back to 2d platforming but some of the old SNES magic was missing still. We now have Retro Studios who did a most excellent job with the Metroid Prime: Trilogy (Nintendo Wii) and they have shown their great powers again and given us the best Donkey Kong game since the SNES glory days. Diddy Kong is here to help DK find his missing banana hoard and I must say the varied environments look most impressive indeed. You can play through the game in a fun two player cooperative mode and the excellent barrel cannons are back which can now shoot you way back into the background. Having DK being able to explore the levels in the background gives the game a very rich and detailed look. I also use to love the Mine Cart levels in the old SNES games and they are now back better then ever. Rambi the rhinoceros is back to help our heros on their quest by smashing through walls and finding hidden areas. There is also the mad Rocket Barrel which is a real blast to ride. Each level has the four letters that spell KONG for you to find but if think you are a real pro then try finding all the puzzle pieces. Cranky Kong has his own shop where can buy extra lives or even hire Squawks who will help you locate puzzle pieces. The best item to buy off Cranky is the Map Key which opens the locked path on the map selection screen for a new level. The boss fights are varied and they look awesome too. As I'm a old gamer I find it easier playing Donkey Kong Country Returns by using the Wii Remote by it's self. All we need now is for Nintendo to give us updates of F-Zero and Star Fox on the Wii and maybe Retro Studios could be given the ropes for their great comebacks too.

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| | See all Guinness18's reviews (1)

Donkey Kong has returned!!! and it is better than the Snes version yes you heard it right, better than the Snes version. go and buy you wont regret it..............

  Great comeback for Kong!

| | See all Damien1310's reviews (1)

Donkey kong hasn't had much luck lately, his more recent outings haven't exactly been top quality. Donkey Kong County returns is a great comeback for the Nintendo Gorilla. Anyone who has played the brilliant new super Mario Bros will feel right at home with Donkey Kong Country Returns, the aim of the game is to make it across the stages and worlds collecting collectebles, simple as that. The worlds are varied enough to keep your interest, along with some gameplay twists such as rocket barrels, crashing waves and the frustrating mine carts. Speaking about frustration, the game can get difficult, infuriatingly difficult, however for the younger or inexperienced gamers there is a little help in the auto play feature, where the game will take control for you, getting you through those tricky parts.
I can't recommend this game enough, whether your a fan of Donkey's past adventures or a newcomer, great Wii game!

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  The best Wii game....might just be!

| | See all Wryterz's reviews (23)

If you enjoyed Donkey Kong Country on the SNES then you'll love this. It's a similar, updated and tweeked version of the classic with improved graphics, better game play and much more to do. The story is similar and as you go through the 8 different worlds, all of which have 6 levels, a boss and a bonus level, you'll have to improve your skill and gather hundreds of bananas, KONG letters and puzzle pieces and to add to the vastness of the game, it has a time challenge for each level.

The improvement not only comes in the form of graphics but moves and added upgrades such as riding barrells through the sky. It's a complexed yet enjoyable game that brings back Rambi the Rhino and mine karts.

I've not played Mario Galaxy 2 yet (which i hear is awesome) but in my opinion, this game has everything and it's huge. Plenty of hours of fun ahead of you. Nostalgic yet new. Go ahead, you will not be disappointed.

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  A must have!!!

| | See all fletchdude's reviews (15)

A must have for all DK fans! Very reminiscent to the first Donkey Kong country, the gameplay, map format and traditional music themes. Very simple and basic to know how to play and control. It starts to get difficult when playing the beach. Get if you ever liked Donkey Kong!

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  Too difficult for very young children

| | See all Alvstar's reviews (27)

Firstly i wouldn't reccommend this for very young children as it is a very challenging game. I grew up on 2d platformers and for your average gamer i'd say the difficulty is good because as it is challenging' it's never impossible and you will keep trying until eventually pass that tricky section.
One of the best Wii games of 2010.

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