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Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote

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Customer Reviews

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  Will not charge so only good as an ornament

| | See all lardyl's reviews (1)

Bought two of these and both suffer from the same problem (which seems to be happening with those bought recently, just look at the reviews elsewhere ;-).....)..
They do not work as Wii remotes unless they are plugged into a USB psu and when you switch the remote off the red battery charge indicator immediately flashes to indicate the battery is fully charged. If you then unplug them it is clear they have not charged.
I left ours plugged into a variety of USB power sources for hours and could not get them to operate unless connected to the USB psu - they synced and worked fine as non-motion plus controllers for WiiU.
I reckon it's because of the age of the internal batteries, as the positive reviews came in 2010 and the negative ones in later 2012.
As I live overseas and they were posted across the world for my kids then it's not worthwhile sending them back to the UK.
So I'll probably open them up and see if the batteries can be replaced....?
Best of luck to the rest of you :-)

  Almost perfect wii remote

| | See all Calystos's reviews (2)

As the title suggests, its ALMOST perfect. Its a shame that it doesn't have the Wii Remote Plus system built-in as when you attach the dongle to it it does tend to make the controller a bit on the hefty and bulky side. But other than that this controller is very well designed and put together.

Its slightly larger and more spaced out than a standard controller, which is actually really good for people who have larger hands or just don't like the smaller layout of the official controllers.

Buttons spaced out more, to make it easier to use.
Very comfy to hold for longer periods than official controllers.

Can be awkward to use for those games that require it to be held sideways, but you get used to it pretty quickly thankfully.
Missing built-in Wii RemotePlus meaning you have to attach the dongle which makes this controller somewhat heavier and bulky to use.

Overall a nice bit of kit and a good price for it too.


| | See all SparklyTulips's reviews (1)

I've had 3 of these now and none of them have worked properly. None of the ones I've had have charged, which means you can't use them unless they're plugged in, which defeats the point of the Wii. I'm really disappointed about this, I was really looking forward to this product. To make matters work, the latest one I had came in a damage box. I'm now getting a refund, I won't be buying this again.


| | See all mrrosco's reviews (18)

Great for any dr who fan... yet also great additional remote for the wii... works just as good as wii original.... and cheap too... must buy

  Doesn't Work

| | See all david55's reviews (1)

This was bought for my nephew as a Christmas present and although it looks fantastic it will not connect to the Wii at all, which defeats the purpose somewhat.

  Looks great, shame it doesn't work

| | See all daveliney's reviews (1)

They look great and are easy to hold and use. Unfortunately they struggle to sync with the Wii and when they are finally connected they disconnect randomly in the middle of games.

I bought two of them and never could get them both connected at the same time. My two real Wii remotes would connect and one of these but never both.

It is a real shame they don't work because my sons were so happy to get them but after an hour of random disconnects they gave up and went back to the Nintendo ones.

  1st remote didn't work and the 2nd doesn't seem any better!

| | See all yumsiemumsie's reviews (1)

The remote looks good but unfortunately the first one we received looked like it was charging but as soon as you took it off the USB charger it wouldn't synch so it was returned. We have now received a replacement but it has been charging for a couple of hours but appears to have no life at all! Think it may be heading back. My youngest son was over the moon to receive this from Santa but is hugely disappointed so far that he has been unable to play with it :-(

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  excellent purchase!!!!

| | See all munch11's reviews (1)

I brought this item for my 4 year old son for xmas, he LOVES it!! really good quality comes with recharge batteries and usb lead which can be used in wii or on computor.. charged it once lasts ages i would of paid full price for this item. would be stupid not to snap it up for price there selling it!! :)

  Great Item! But it does have some flaws.

| | See all SpiderPg's reviews (1)

This item is great! Looks just like it supposed to.
It is a bit more chunky-er than the standard Wii remotes which makes it harder to use when you using in landscape mode with games such as Super Mario Bro's, this also makes it incompatible with some remote accessories such as the Wii Wheel and the Zapper as well as third party accessories.
It does work great with the add-ons like the Motion Plus, Nunchuk and Classic Controller.
The built in rechargeable battery does last long but I was unable to charge it while it was in use so if it dies during game play you will have to stop what your doing for an hour or so to let it charge back up - unlike with the Wii remote that use AA's where you can just swap out the batteries with new ones.
That being said the it uses a standard mini USB cable to charge and its about 30cm long which is kinda short but it works well.
The speaker quality isn't that great either and the buttons do have a harder feel than the Official Wii Remote especially the B button but they do work great!

  Bow Ties are cool, these are cool.

| | See all Wiiweewii's reviews (8)

What excellent value for money (on sale). The control is responsive and better than the originals for fitting into your hand.