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Big Brain Academy for Wii

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (84 reviews)"

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  Really good game.

| | See all katsen's reviews (9)

This game is great, my hubby and i have played for hours with this. It can get a bit repetitive, but it does make you smarter/quicker.
Recommended buy.


| | See all lukeyyy's reviews (7)

This game is good but the bad thing about it i find it really annoying and short but worth the money

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  Boring single player mode after a short time!

| | See all Johnycool's reviews (4)

This is essentially a fun game and it is quite addictive at first. The real fun comes when you play with another person. The puzzles are quirky and fun and it would be an ideal family game, especially with mum and dad against kids!!! Certainly worth purchasing.

  ok but only with other people

| | See all dapperdan's reviews (75)

This game is alright but on single player it's a bit boring but on two player it's good fun but only with other people so if you like playing family games and you have a wii then you might as well get this.

  Big Brain, Short Game ?

| | See all Charlotte08's reviews (7)

I found this game, very good at the start. Your nintendos wii character, plenty of activities, and simple too use.
But after a while, it became quite boring. After you had done all the training exercises and got a good grade, the game was basically over!

But, Its great if you have a group of people over and you want to have a laugh. [Its 1 - 8 player which is also good!]

But otherwise, the game is'nt actually all that great !

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  Only good on 2 player

| | See all LydiaKD's reviews (12)

this game is great but if you will only be able to play on single player it sin't really the game for you. It is LOADS better on two player

  Loads Of Fun At First

| | See all Frankie1405's reviews (25)

At first this is alot of fun and i played it quite alot but then after a while it just gets kind of repetative and boring, but i gave it 4/5 stars because the multiplayer is alot of fun it had extra mini games which the main game doesnt involve and its great and you can play with all your different mii's. 4/5 Great multiplayer game.

  Good Fun with Friends but very Limited Single Player Mode.

| | See all tennishead39's reviews (33)

I bought Big Brain Academy for wii not knowing what to expect, as this is the first brain training for the Wii. Really this is one of the only games that makes you feel like a total loser telling you that your brain is out of shape and not heavy enough. If you lose in a multiplayer game like Mario Kart then you can make excuses, however here if you fail to recognise that a rocket is faster than a snail or a bike, there is nobody to blame but yourself!!

Although there are different games this time, the premise is exactly the same as the DS version. There are a few more areas to test your brain (Visualise, Analyse, Memorise, Identify and Compute) in the single player mode but there are only three games in each but once you have had one scan through there is nothing more to do but try and improve your score (believe me it gets boring very quickly).

However there is no reel incentive to keep playing on, as almost all of the games are particularly uninspiring. You'll be doing things like picking the odd one out from four pictures, popping numbered balloons in order of lowest from highest and using a torch to count animals. It can often be quite challenging but none of them use the wii remote in a very interesting or useful way- a pity.

Big Brain Academy is saved from total failure by three excellent multiplayer modes. When you've got someone sat next to you threatening to show you up as a total dunce, it suddenly becomes a matter of pride as you battle to pop those balloons in record time or count one hundred animals in sixty seconds in order to save face in a mind sprint!!

Mental Marathon is more of a team effort as players work together to complete tests but my favourite of the lot is the fantastic Brain Quiz. This game is set on a board with each square being a different brain game. When a player chooses one the game randomly selects a difficulty level, so if you get an easy game you'll need to take full advantage of it by getting a high score. This is a really big hit at parties.

Overall Big Brain Academy does provide some fun with friends but if you are looking for something that'll improve your brain then I would go for Dr. Kawashima on the D.S.

- Excellent multiplayer games.
- The wii's first brain training game.
- Often very challenging.

- Limited Single Player Mode.

Overall: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

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  Definitely worth the money.

| | See all kelze1's reviews (6)

I bought this because I really liked the DS version. The games on this are completely different from the DS and quite fun. I would recommend this game, although I do think the DS version is better.

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  Should be called Fast Brain Academy!!!

| | See all bouncebouncebounce's reviews (8)

More minigame chaos from Nintendo, cashing in on the Brain Training cash cow. The games themselves are pretty varied, although you only get progressively more difficult variations of them as you progress. Speaking of progress, the only way to get the best scores is by answering the questions quickly meaning someone may get a few wrong but still get a better score than someone who got them all correct but in a longer time. Hmm.

Still, that aside - this is good fun and worth a look if you want to give the old grey matter a workout.