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Official Nintendo Wii Remote Control - White

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Customer Reviews

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  I must have for the console, but makes the console

| | See all benkernow's reviews (173)

It's Something you need for the wii so you there's not much you can do to review this. But this controller is what makes the wii different from other console's and what makes this console so good. It makes game's like tennis, golf and bowling so relistic and better than other console's. The last point I will make is this is a must if you want to play with other people. Something to bare in mind is wii play gets a controller with it but not a amazing game but its about the same price and you get a game with it. So in short a must have if you want to play other people, but does cost a bit, it would be nice to be cheaper.

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| | See all electricliz's reviews (11)

This is a must have to play anything on the Wii. One of the best controllers I have used on a games console and a lot more fun than the standard ones we are all used too. The more controllers you have the more people, and the more people the more fun you get to have!

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  Good controller, very acurate and fun to use.

| | See all Darkstar's reviews (87)

The wii remote is a strange design, it looks like a TV remote and you wouldn't think it would be any good for playing games with and yet it is extremely good at doing just that. Whilst not being as perfectly designed as the Playstation controller (often classed as the best of its kind) it is never the less is a sturdy and fairly light weight one which fits nicely into the hand. It also feels good to grip and the main buttons (a and b) are in an ideal place so you can access them quickly when they are needed. The addition of a strap is a great feature as otherwise the controller would slip out of your hand if you gave it too much of a swing.

Most of the games that you can play will in some way make use of the wii remotes ability to detect motion. So a variety of games will have you swinging, shaking, pushing, wiggling etc the controller to get the desired effect. This is great fun and the controller handles all of these actions very well. It is in this respect that the controller comes into its own.

Uniquely each controller has a little speaker on it so when you play tennis for example, you will get a feeling that you are actually hitting the ball as the sound will come out of the controller. This is another great feature and one that adds another level of interactivity to this brilliant device. Wii sports is a brilliant example of what the controller can do and the tennis game is a good way of getting you used to how the controller works. When you use this with the nunchuck what you get is a different gaming experience. Best games to be enjoyed with both are Mario and Sonic at the Olympics as this really gets you going.

If it doesn't come with it already I would recommend buying a rubber cover for the remote as this will protect it in case it gets dropped or you smack it into something. Although it won't protect against a big hit, it will at least cushion the blow for smaller accidents and it will also improve the grip on the controller which, if you play any sports games, you will appreciate.

Great controller although having to buy the nunchuck separately is a bit disappointing as this is another added expense and is the reason why I have given this only four stars. Still the best controller for the Nintendo though.

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  Wiimote - Essential kit for multiplayer

| | See all ZombieHorde's reviews (17)

You get 1 remote with the Wii as standard, if you're looking at buying a 2nd remote then I'd recommend you spend £5 more and get Wii Play, it has 9 mini games which teach you to use the remote in various different ways. If you've already got Wii Play then go right ahead, you already know how sturdy the remote is in design and it feels like it's worth the money unlike the cheap feeling Sixaxis pads for the PS3.
Essential purchase, won't turn your telly over though.

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  Once again nintendo have something unique

| | See all pain111's reviews (11)

It is brilliantly shaped around your hand and they have put the buttons in great positions. Always remember to use the strap cus otherwise its very likely to go flying.
It is very sensetive to movement and if you cant find the cursor step back and move it slowly. I like the idea of having more than one control and less buttons , instead of cramming them all on one like xbox. A great buy because its alot more fun with more than one person so why not ?

Overall a very imaginative invention by my favourite game company! :)

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  What's to say....?

| | See all Umbraahk's reviews (47)

Its pretty much the most inventive controller in gaming history.
If you can't find any fun in this little piece of technology, then you have no soul.

The only downside I can think of is the battery life in terms of IR sensor.
Games that involve constant pointing at the screen drain the battery alot faster than ones that just use the buttons.

My advice is, if you can, use the D-pad or Nunchuk to select buttons in the game whenever you can, rather than the pointer, as you'll get more battery life out of it, I guarentee.

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  Great. Just great.

| | See all Klodrik's reviews (14)

It's innovative, stylish, comfortable and will make everyone a gamer. Introduce the Wii to your family and you'll never get it back. Everyone from my little brother to my grandparents (yes, my grandparents) has enjoyed using this controller.

When the firstperson shooters start rolling out this might even beat the good old keyboard/mouse combination.

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