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Official Nintendo Wii Classic Controller - White

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Customer Reviews

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  doesnt work with gamecube games

| | See all SexyNoJustu's reviews (10)

I bought this thinking it would be a good wireless solution for my gamecube games, but it doesn't work with them! It doesn't say anywhere in the description that it wouldn't work with them, and the design of the gamepad has all the same features of the old gamepad, so you would think it would be compatible. Very annoying.

I also only gave it 2 stars because the analogue sticks are too close together making my thumbs touch. I don't have big hands, so this could be really troublesome for someone who does. And I also only gave it 2 start because it doesn't sit as nicely in your hands as the old gamecube pad.

I'm really let down nintendo.

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  Wii controller

| | See all Hanbo09's reviews (3)

it is a very handy controller to have and i would highly reccomend that you buy it from play.com as it is the cheapest site. definetly get this remote it is well worth the money and you can play all of the classic games on it espacially my dads favorite.. SPACE INVADERS!!!

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  Very Good

| | See all Customer2008's reviews (63)

Bought this to get the most out of Fifa 09 - and I did - now use it for mario kart and super smash bros - give those games a new (better) feel.

Go buy it - a tad expensive for what it is, hence not giving it 5 stars. Have seen this product a lot dearer on other sites.

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  Good for those who like VC games

| | See all theREALdyl's reviews (9)

good controller- comfortable control pads, comfortable to hold, essential for those who like their VC games as it is way better than the GC controller for those games. Still not brilliant though as you have to plug it into remote to use it, which is annoying because it should be wireless. The price is also ridiculous too as it is not compatible for lots of wii games(should be £7-£10 pound). Only a must buy for those who like VC Games. 3/5

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  Almost essential but not quite

| | See all ZombieHorde's reviews (17)

The Classic controller isn't necessarily a must have, but if you don't you'll be missing out.

Clipping in to the bottom of the Wiimote the Classic Controller is like an old school pad with 2 analogue sticks, a D-Pad, 4 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons. It provides all the buttons you'll ever need to play Virtual Console games and the small amount of Wii games where you can use a pad (Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Fire Emblem).

Now I know that effectively it doesn't do anything that the Gamecube pad doesn't and that the GC pad is more comfortable to hold, especially in long sessions, but the GC pad is wired in to your Wii so it limits the distance you can sit from the TV.

All in all this may come down to your own preference, but for £13 you can't go wrong especially as the price of 2nd Hand GC pads has shot up.

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  Highly Recommended for VC Gamers

| | See all James4591's reviews (10)

This controller is an absolute must for any Virtual Console gamers out there.

It's pretty much essential to play SNES games (yes, the GameCube controller can be used, but the controls are extremely awkward) and it works very well for most other VC titles. However, there are a few games which feel a little fiddly to play. Maybe Nintendo could include customisable controls in a future Wii update?
The N64 games can be played more comfortably using the GameCube controller due to the placing of the analog stick, though they are still alright using this.

The Classic Controller clips in to the Wii Remote in the same fashion as the Nunchuk controller.
It's similar to the original SNES control pad, and feels very comfortable and natural to hold.
The Wii Menu and Wii Shop can be navigated using the controller, which can be handy at times when switching between games.

Mild control flaws prevent me from giving this 5*, but it is still a great controller and highly recommended.

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  Good but not great

| | See all simpfan's reviews (23)

First of all this is a great controller it feels and plays just great . This is ideal for dowloaded games and some new games (tried on mortal kombat and worked great)

Only problems i have with it is that it has to be plugged into the wii remote meaning that you have to have it sitting on your lap or on the side to use the controller . would have prefered just a straight forward wireless controller .
Also price seems a bit steap . think under a tenner would be better .

overall petty good

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  retro games for your wii

| | See all hoooont's reviews (17)

a must buy if your wii console is online.you can pay and download old games for the nes,snes,n64 etc.
some games will require the use of the classic controller.
dont buy if your not going to download old games!

  Got A Wii? Want Retro Gaming? Look No Further...

| | See all thesleepyjamie's reviews (10)

Very simply, the controller will allow you to play all those Virtual Console games you have downloaded from the NES, Mega Drive, N64, etc.

The controller layout is very much in keeping with the retro ideal. Whilst not perfect (you can play many of the NES, SNES and Mega Drive games with just the Wiimote), this controller is a sound purchase for anyone looking for a blast from the past.