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Zumba Fitness (With Fitness Belt)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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| | See all cutiiex's reviews (1)

This game is properly the best game I have played in my life! I just got a Wii for christmas as I love playing on it and im into all thos dancing games and i got this, and its the best game ever! Really gets you pumping and excited! The more you play on it, the more you will get to know the dances and songs so you will just be doing the dancing without even looking at the screen!!
I have been doing 20 minute sessions every night when I get home from work and go on it twice a day on weekends, I can honestly say the sweat just drips off you after and thats just being on it for 20 minutes and it doesnt even feel like your doing 20 minutes it flysssss by!! You can feel that it works in your legs, arms, belly, bum everything gets everything going in your body! Love it!!!

  So much fun to be had!

| | See all BECKIEBULE's reviews (3)

When I did P.E at school, I never built up a sweat or actually put my full energy into it, but this is completely different. It's so much fun and you don't actually feel like you're exercising. You just keep doing it and the 20 minute sessions are over like that.
I've never been one for exercise other than walking here and there because I have to. But this is a completely different ball game. It's fun and you can build up a sweat and burn of those naughty calories really easily.

  Zumba Zumba!

| | See all martiangirl1985's reviews (2)

I bought this game after going to my local Zumba classes. I couldn't afford to keep paying for several classes a week so this was the perfect solution.

Although I have never danced before I joined Zumba, the moves are so easy to learn that I am sure anyone can pick them up. And the music always has a great rhythm to it, so it's easy to shake your booty!

The only downside I would say is that in the Zumba classes we dance to songs in the charts as well as the official Zumba songs. So far from using the game I haven't come across any pop songs. But the Zumba ones are still good.

Unlike other users, I haven't had a probem with the belt, it seems to fit fine and just moves a little but doesn't hinder me. I have also played the game on the Xbox 360 and it didn't seem to pick up any more moves than the Wii, and that doesn't have a belt.

All in all a really fun workout game for people that love dancing and want to work up a sweat!

  Work up a sweat zumba style!!

| | See all JoBirko's reviews (1)

Having read all the reviews on this game I decided to go for it, and I'm so glad I have! As somebody who once attended a zumba class before it got too expensive and over subscribed, I wasn't sure that the game would live up to the real life experience - but it does!
The instructor is very clear and easy to follow, the feedback she gives is encouraging and gives you an idea of how well you're doing in terms of accuracy. The dancers are life like and not stick thin which is more realistic.
The music is brilliant, the moves are fun, and you can feel the sweat pouring off you as the instructor pushes you to work harder. I always feel so happy and energetic when I have finished the routine/class.
The exercise belt which comes with the game is a great addition and encourages you to work the hips a bit more!
For the price of the game you get a real bargain which you can tailor to suit your needs. I particularly enjoy the full 30minute - 1 hour classes with the warm ups, cool downs and variety of styles of music and dance.
The only reason I am only giving the game 4 stars and not 5 is the disk navigation on the game itself. I was disappointed to find that you are unable to pause or exit routines if needed. I find it rather difficult when trying to select a single routine to do, the music in the background doesn't change as you navigate through the options, so unless you can remember the name of each routine you have already completed you end up clicking on the same routine, and then cannot exit and navigate back to the main menu. A navigation menu more like the 'Just dance' game would be more useful as that allows you to see the rating you have achieved on each individual song/dance and plays a section of each song available as you hover over it. The disk navigation is very basic and lacking some facilities which would give the game the full 5/5, I hope zumba II will be an improvement in these areas, as the game/routines themselves are superb!
This game is ideal for those who enjoy exercising at home, who enjoy a workout that makes you smile and is fun, it will help you tone up and slim down in no time!

  thinking of buying

| | See all catcattycat's reviews (1)

i really want to buy this but only downside for this game is there is alot of movement and the fact it belft only puts me off a little as it means it picks up your hips only. my opinion is maybe they could have made it with camera as then it would pick up every movement and that way it would show you where you going wrong and just have more detail to it but as for zumba its self i do the classes and love it which is why im tempted but just wish it came with cam not belt.

  Great but not as much fun as a class!

| | See all tinygirl1980's reviews (2)

This is great for additional workouts between Zumba classes but is no substitute for the real thing. I don't think the sensor thing works very well on the cool-down, as it's always red, no matter what you do (I got Zumba pro for all the actual routines, so I don't think it's me!).

It would be amazing if there was some kind of combo between the Your Shape and Zumba Fitness games, so you could have camera tracking but doing Zumba workouts, but this is definitely still worth buying.

  Excellent Buy!!!!

| | See all Bluellama24's reviews (1)

If you are wondering whether to buy this, or if this is for you....just do it. Its well worth the money. I have never enjoyed a fitness DVD/Game as much as this. You really work up a sweat and thats just at beginner level. There are so many features on the game as well.i.e., tutorials, classes, zumba party, solo play, with friends. So much better than a monotonous excersize DVD. It really is an Excellent buy :)


| | See all rugrattaylor's reviews (1)

i only got this 2 days ago... but i'm hooked already! i used to do 2 - 3 zumba classes a week but it got too expensive.. i was a bit unsure about the WII version, but i must say i'm very impressed!
a lot of the music and routines are the same as in class too.
I would recommend this for sure!

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| | See all frecklelip's reviews (1)

I was really looking forward to trying out this game but sad to say I was very unimpressed. Not really any great structure or incentive to it. I think they could have done alot more with it than they did.

I do find I am pumping the sweat like I would in the real classes but the format is still a let down.

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  Wow, this is amazing

| | See all lucyfit's reviews (2)

I love this game, I had heard alot about Zumba and wanted to have a go, well I am pleased I did. Not only does this game make you work hard, but you have alot of fun as well. I thought the step by step instructions at the beginning very good, but the best way to get the steps is go for it and have fun, the moves and the steps you start to get. The first time I used this game I was on it for 3hrs.
If you think you are fit, then like myself you maybe wrong as this makes you heart rate go very high and you really feel like you have worked very hard. I am now very tone and I am sure have lost more weight.
It did make my asthma play up a bit at the beginning, but with regular use this all calmed down.
The only thing I would say is they need to maybe look at the belt again, this was not a major problem as I just sew extra velcro on it and it seems to stay in place very well now.
If you want a fun and exciting work out get this is makes you smile and feel good about yourself.

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