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Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition

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Customer Reviews

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  WOW!! A trip back down memory lane!!!

| | See all Kinga1985's reviews (1)

I am so happy Nintendo brought this game back out. To us oldies, these games were the best!!!
I have not come of this game since I got it. I'm still expecting my bro to chuck his controller in the bin every time he dies lol!!
It's nice to have memories come bk to life, when you think they never will.
They could've have put more on though, like the one with Yoshi etc.
It would be great if Nintendo carried on bringing out the rest of the old Mario's.
I feel this is a great buy!!

  Simply Brilliant

| | See all KishwaTembo's reviews (4)

I bought with some trepidation due to the review below. However it is EXACTLY what it is described as. A straight port of original NES classics to relive, with a new generation of gamers who can appreciate how far the gaming experience has come. And also how great old games were.

I used to play Super Mario 3 - it was great being whisked back to my childhood. Anyone who played the Mario games years back should get this. The booklet that comes with it is great and the CD begins with the iconic Mario music. A must for any mario fan!

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| | See all zetine's reviews (2)

This is the most fun vidoe game ever.. I can play it for hours.. Takes med right bach to the childhood.. Nothing has change, same old grafic, same old music.. I LOVE IT :)

  Destoyed Childhood Memories

| | See all AndyMc88's reviews (1)

Worst game played in a long time! This is an absolute let down on what should be another gem of a Nintendo classic. The least you thought they may have done was ensure that the controls worked better than on the original system it was on, however this has not been done as the controls are both sloppy and unresponsive! The game itself is straight off the SNES version from 1993, however not to the same good standard. Save your money and play the numerous free versions which are avaliable online!

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  Nintendo share's Mario's 25th Birthday Present!

| | See all Jahpaul's reviews (20)

This game allows you to return back to 1993, the game was originally released on the Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1993 and to Celebrate Mario's 25th Birthday Nintendo decided to re-release it. it's Classic Mario and it also features Mario the Lost Levels which was never released in Europe until 1993. My favourite game is Mario 3 it's a clever but tricky game but it's still as good and fun as it was always. Back in 1993 Nintendo took these games and gave them the 16-bit treatment, OK they could have given these games New Super Mario bros style graphics but I'm not bothered the whole package is Classic Mario. The pack comes with the Mario All Stars disc game, A Mario soundtrack which is not bad and a booklet with different write up's about the games. If you're new to Mario games then you shoud pick this title up and it will keep you going for a while, especially the tricky Lost Levels! Honestly I think this game should not be missing from your games shelf.

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  not certainly worth the money, lazy attempt by nintendo

| | See all BengalTiger's reviews (2)

i have no problem with mario games, they are my best of all times game. but problem with this release, heres why:

1) no super mario world 2 (also cud have chucked world 1 too)
2) lack of special content
3) not worth the money asked by retailer, to me its worth 10 quid, as its jus copy & paste into a cd with a couple of page booklet and few soundtrack on seperate disc

to me its jus a lazy attempt to make money, invest your money on donkey kong. nintendo shud have at least remixed the soundtrack of levels or give a new artwork to the game, a fresh coloring pallette to stage design & character like they did with SNES Super Mario games taking from NES.

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  great :)

| | See all smiffyfoxes's reviews (1)

Brilliant buy, even thoe it aint up too 2010 standards, it has saved me from pulling out my SNES from the attic just to relive my young days, Mario is by far the best platorm game ever invented..
After playing Super Mario Bros Wii recently you still think the action that you do with that game, you can do on this one. Brilliant

  Wow these Mario games still play just as good now!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

I had a NES back in the late 1980's and fell in love with Mario with the first "Super Mario Bros" game which is a one of the most important video games of all time in gaming history. The levels are so well designed and I have such fond memories of beating Bowser for the first almost brings a tear to the eye.
I never got Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES because I had all the games on the NES part from "The Lost Levels" which was a Japanese release only. The reason being is the game is as hard as nails and was considered to hard for us western gamers. One of my friends use to have Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES and I never got around to completing the "The Lost Levels" so now is my chance to show off my supreme gaming skills and beat the hardest Mario game of all time. Top hint "The Lost Levels" are easier if you play as Luigi because he can jump much higher then Mario.
"Super Mario Bros 2" is another classic Mario game where you also get to play as Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach. Each charcters jump and strength is slightly different Marios jump being average but he is the 2nd strongest alongside Luigi who can jump very high. Toad is very strong and is the wrost at jumping. Princess Peach can float in the air for a short time by holding the 2 Button while jumping and she is also the weakest. The enemies are great and must be used again in other Mario games in the future such as Wart, Pidgit, Mouser, Birdo and Clawgrip. Mario and friends can throw different objects, dig holes in sand and best of all fly on a magic carpet.
"Super Mario Bros 3" for me is the best 2D Mario game of all time yes even better then Super Mario World. It was the first Mario game to introduce a map and it really pushed the NES to it's limits with 90+ levels and excellent graphics for the time. This time Bowser's kids were let loose who are known as Larry, Lemmy, Roy, Ludwig, Iggy, Wendy and Morton. They didn't see the light of day again until the brilliant New Super Mario Brothers (Wii) game. "Super Mario Bros 3" also gave Mario some very cool suits such as the Frog Mario which made it alot easier and quicker to swim underwater. My favourite suit is the Tanooki Mario which gives you the flying actions and tail attack of Raccoon Mario but, the best bit is by holding the control pad down and pressing the 1 button which turns you into a statue and makes you invincible. Hammer Mario lets you throw hammers and if you duck then you can rebel fireball attacks whilst hiding underneath your shell. All the hidden stuff in "Super Mario Bros 3" is a real joy to find and each world map has it's own exotic theme. If you have never played Super Mario Bros 3 before then this Wii game is worth it just for that game alone it really is that good still!
The updated SNES graphics for all four of these Mario games make them look better and the sound is improved too.

The music cd is ok with only the first 10 tracks being proper Mario themes and the rest being sound effects etc. My five year old daughter will listen to it more then me but I have loaded it onto my computer. I was really looking forward to the 25 years of Super Mario History booklet only to find it is very brief and disappointing.
Overall if you love all things Mario then check these games out because this is where our hero started and has been the King of platformers for 25 years which makes me feel a little bit old because I was there at the beginning. Just maybe Super Mario World should have been included to but hay I guess Nintendo just wanted us to have these updated NES games where it all started.

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  my all time fave game

| | See all blond1e18's reviews (2)

this was my first game purchased by my dad for me and i remember it as well now as i did then have been playing it today brings back so many memories from my snes days!

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