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Super Mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition

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Customer Reviews

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  Lazy port and that's only the start...

| | See all RiderOnTheStorm's reviews (2)

Official Nintendo Magazine gave this 90%, but what does one expect, they're official! What a joke. As much as i like the mario games, Mario All-Stars Wii isn't worth the asking price, nor the 90% mark a magazine like ONM gave it.

Let's face it, it's just a lazy port from Nintendo as it's just a SNES rom bundled with an emulator on a disc, around 8mb, if that. The interface within the game still shows the SNES controller, Nintendo didn't even bother to implement a proper Wii interface within the game.

Nintendo could've went into overdrive with this bundle by updating the graphics to NSMB (New Super Mario Bros) standard, adding additional games i.e. Super Mario World, Mario 64, etc, and by implementing a proper 16:9 widescreen support for all games. But they haven't.

What we have is a cheap as chips cash-in wrapped in fancy packaging. Buying it would send out all the wrong signals. Plus the PAL version is only 50Hz, yes, that means 17% slower than the US/JPN versions, which is shocking for any title in 2010.

Avoid at all costs.

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  Amazing Games

| | See all oxDavidxo's reviews (15)

Really fun limited edition piece, bring back old memories with some of the best nintendo retro games around. really good present for anybody with a wii console. buy fast very limited stocks and you wont see for less after they sell out.


| | See all BigSlick's reviews (5)

I'm a huge Nintendo fan with my first being the original Gameboy then SNES and so on... Ive played every Mario game and remember buying Super Mario All-Stars for my SNES. Its basically that game on a disc instead of a cartridge, a nice box, CD and booklet.
I feel Nintendo have been lazy with such a great brand...25 years strong and you can only give Wii players this. I think they could have easily put Super Mario World 1 and 2 plus 64 on here...using the same disc since. Then fans would be able to play Mario through the years all the way up until Galaxy on the Wii.

Nintendo are an imaginative company and this release is wholly uninspiring, and its practically insulting to think that a brand which has been around for 25 years such as Mario gets a commemorative release as bad, wasteful as this...

Not good people!

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  Essential retro gaming

| | See all GAVIN2K's reviews (7)

Mario All-Stars was a pinnacle game for the Super Nintendo as the original 3 games were for the NES. As stated by another review the graphics have not been enhanced in any way since their revamp for the SNES back in the 90s. This for me was a good thing as too many changes and enhancements start to detract from the original charm. Super Mario Bros 3 still remains one of my favorite platform gaming experiences to this day and regardless of picture quality on a HDTV (which really isnt that bad at all) will remain a firm favorite with many people.

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  A wasted opportunity...

| | See all IfritXVII's reviews (5)

If you own a HDTV then avoid this game as, since it's a SNES game and not a Wii game, it'll look really bad (especially on bigger TVs.)

The soundtrack too is very limited with only 10 full tracks and they're not even the best tracks from Mario's history.

You're best sticking with actual Wii Mario games. All-Stars was a great game back in 1993 but really needed to be updated to look great on today's TVs. Zero effort has been put into this package past the art book and fancy box. 3/10

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  the return of a classic

| | See all sparky356781's reviews (7)

i had this on the snes and it was brilliant then and it will be brilliant now. i have been saying for ages that they should re-release this series because it was such a sucsess back in the late 80,s and 90,s. if your like me and this game is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or if you enjoyed the new super mario game you will love this, and at such a fantastic price (as you alwys get with play) make sure you buy this game. its great for youngsters or seious gamers. i,ve pre ordered mine and can't wait to get my hands on it. BUY THIS GAME!

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