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Wii Play: Motion (Includes Wii MotionPlus Remote)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Someone recently bought us 2 copies of this as a gift, purely because they wanted to get us 2 Wii Motion+ remotes, but was actually cheaper to buy this bundle than he could find the remotes independently! Fun little game, well worth buying this bundle if you need a new Wii Motion + remote, although play do sell the Wii Motion+ remote in white for 30 pounds, but for an extra fiver you could have it in red and have a fun new game!

  A fun family game which is better then the original Wii Play

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Wii Play Motion has 12 mini games for you to enjoy which are as follows:

1. Cone Zone has you holding the remote upright like a icecream cone and you need to try and keep it steady whilst big scoops of ice cream keep on being placed down on it or you can also try catching the swirly 99 style ice cream!

2. Veggie Guardin' is great fun and is a little bit like the mole hitting game in Wii Party. Don't hit your Mii characters!

3. Skip Skimmer is one of my favourites because it reminds me of when I was a young boy throwing pebbles across the river/lake.

4. Pose Mii Plus is a fun game where you have to make sure your Mii is standing/posing in the right position so that when different shapes come towards them they don't get hurt.

5. Jump Park is a excellent game for those people whom want to test their platforming skills. Depending on which way you are holding the Wii Remote will determine where your Mii goes with his cool looking spring boots.

6. Teeter Targets is a bit like pinball where you have to tilt your platform left and right as you do your best to knock balls into different targets.

7. Flutter Fly is a strange game where you flap the Wii Remote which makes a bunch of balloons float upwards until you reach the top by using a big green leaf and you get to shoot crows yes crows along the way!

8. Wind Runner is awesome fun where your Mii holds an umbrella in front himself and you race along a fun course collecting jewels which will give you a mega score. When you get good at this game you will unlock Long Jump mode which my family and I are always trying to beat each others jumps.

9. Trigger Twist makes fantastic use of the MotionPlus controls which enables you turn and have a 360 degree field of vision. There are three fun levels for you to shoot yourself around in any direction which are UFO's, Ninja and Dinosaurs. If Sega could put these controls into their next The House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii) game then that truly would be something special.

10. Spooky Search is little bit like being your very own Ghostbuster at last. It makes fun use of the Wii Remote's Speaker by letting you look around your room where there are ghost hiding in your house and as you get closer the louder the remote buzzes. The Mii's on the tv screen help you by pointing in the direction you need to point your Wii Remote and then you need to, try and trap these ghost back in the ghost vacum box which is on your tv screen.

11. Treasure Twirl is a nice little game where your Mii goes driving for treasure and the motion controls are spot on as you turn the Wii Remote towards you to go upwards and away from you to go downwards, trying bring back as much treasure as possible back up to the surface. Watch out for jelly fish and other sea creatures and if your oxygen runs out it's game over.

12. Star Shuttle sees you controlling a ship and because there is no gravity the controls are very sensitive. You tilt the Wii Remote to control the ship and also use the D-pad, A and B buttons for different thrust commands. You need to try and build a space station with your space shuttle which for me is the hardest mini game on here.

Yes Wii Play Motion does make very good use of MotionPlus controls and is well worth having if you need another Wii Romote which my six year old daughter insist is hers because it's red. Other games which make good use of MotionPlus are Wii Sports Resort and Red Steel 2 . When The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword comes out on the Wii later this year we will have a truly epic game that will really shows us what Nintendo can do with MotionPlus in an action adventure game not just party games.

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