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The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Limited Edition

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Customer Reviews

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  All gold.

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I haven't actually played a lot of this game because I am more engrossed in some other video games at the moment but what I have played, I do like. I like the cartoon-like graphics. The main reason I bought this pack is because you get a wii remote plus with it and not just the standard white colour either but a gold one... that makes all the difference... I guess. When I first saw the remote with the game on the webpage, I assumed that the whole control was gold including the buttons and by the looks of it, there was no protective sleeve for the remote either. Upon receiving the game, I then found that the buttons were white and I thought the white was quite bold. It would have been better if the buttons were gold as well. On the plus side, there is a protective sleeve covering the remote but it is your regular, standard clear sleeve. I would have liked it more if the sleeve was tinted gold as well but that is just me. I have had a second look at the remote on the website and they weren't wrong, the buttons really are white as well but the remote looks better on the website for some reason. Only thing is, the picture on the box shows no sleeve which is a little deceiving in some ways. So because of this, this is why I am scoring a 3 out of 5.

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  It's good, but has some issues

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First of all I'd like to say I'm a HUGE fan of the Zelda franchise, have been for almost the whole 25 years it's been about. However, slightly disapointed with this game. The game was designed for the Wii, but the controls are clunky and feel unnatural, you select a weapon or tool to the 'B' button and use th 'A' button to use it, seems counter intuitive to me, I prefered the Twilight Princess' controls (a game made for Gamecube and ported over to Wii for launch). Some of the bosses are inconsistant, one will be incredibly difficult, the next one extremely easy, but this keeps you on your toes wondering how hard the next one will be. Other than the flaws described, the game is good. It look amazing, some new races and characters, and some fun new levels and sub levels. Many hours of gameplay to be had and should be a must have for any Zelda fan, just left with a feeling it could have been more.

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A new Zelda game is always to be looked forward too. I've played them all from the NES games - they just keep getting better- if you have a Wii and fancy a RPG there are none finer. Warning - it will take over your life!

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  20 years of ZELDA

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ive been a zelda fan for 20 years and it never lets me down the adventure is always exiteing and easy to play
i also was playing xbox and have now downed my controller for the gold wii remote with motion plus thanks to this exellent value limited edition box set.... the 25th anniversary CD is awsome and thanks for the bonus for any ZELDA FANS... if your not a zelda fan this game is awsome but dont start here go back and play get used to the adventure.. EPIC

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I've been a Zelda fan since the Ocarina of Time on the N64, which has always been my favourite game. Although no game since then has come close to the experience of playing that game, this one probably comes closest yet.

First off, the motionplus is an improvement on the old Wii controller, but actually it isn't as perfectly accurate as everyone is saying. It's better, but not absolutely spot on. There have been a few occasions where I've been frantically waving the remote around trying to get the sword or insect net moving, but it doesn't work with the precision I was expecting. Plus you have to recentre it constantly, because it gets lodged in the wrong direction, which is a little frustrating.

Gameplay is excellent. Bit of a slow start, but after the initial instructional sections, you're flying your loftwing, catching bugs, killing enemies and solving puzzles, having loads of fun doing it. It's the same Zelda formula, but it looks amazing and has been given a comprehensive upgrade in almost all areas.

Really, really good fun. Could (and have) play it for hours.

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  A Masterpiece

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I have a Wii. I was playing my Xbox for a while and have not played it for a long time. But now, when I heard this game coming out, I threw my controller to the ground and went to play an amazing game.

The Zelda series has always made me impressed with gaming as a whole. And this, it adds to that list completely. The game play is fun, the story is exciting and the different things that await you is even better. The amount of new stuff that you can do in this game will make you want to play it for ages. And even better, I bought the expansion pack to get a new wii remote and get some ipod music.

Overall, GET THIS GAME NOW. You will love it.

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