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Nintendo Land (Wii U)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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This game is fantastic, but definately more enjoy 2plus players. A great look into what the wii u is capable of and looking forward to what Nintendo can do next in HD.

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  This is a MUST buy!

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If you haven't got this game you must must MUST buy it! It's like wii sports in terms of showcasing what the Wii U can do but so much better! I ordered 6 games for Xmas and this is the one that gets played the most! You will not be disappointed :0) I can't really say much more than that as there is already a super comprehensive review already done!

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  Nintendo Land does for Wii U what Wii Sports did for the Wii

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There are 12 unique games for you to enjoy with your friends and family or by yourself which are as follows.

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Battle Quest (1 to 4 players) - This is great team player game where the person using the Wii U Gamepad is a archery and the Wii Remote players get to use a sword. There are lots of enemies that need to be defeated in your quest to find the Triforce.
2. Pikmin Adventure (1 to 5 players) - You get to control Olimar or a large Pikmin. There are lots blocks for you to throw and smash. Even more enemies which come in all shapes and sizes. Will you overcome the mad onslaught and make it back to your spaceship safely.
3. Metroid Blast (1 to 5 players) - At the moment this is my favourite mode on Nintendo Land. The person with the Wii U game pad gets to control Samus's flying Gunship and other players are on foot. There is a futuristic city for you to hunt eachother down on.
4. Mario Chase (2 to 5 players) Mario has to outrun and outsmart his pursuers over a set time.
5. Luigi's Ghost Mansion (2 to 5 players) - The person with Wii U GamePad controls a ghost whilst the other players hunt him with flash lights.
6. Animal Crossing: Sweet Day (2 to 5 players) - The person with the Wii U gamepad is a village guard whom must stop all the oher players, whom are cute animals from getting the sweets.
7. Yoshi's Fruit Cart (1 player) - My seven year old daughter enjoys this mode the most. You must draw a route to pick up all the fruit and then go for the exit. If you don't pick up all the fruit then the exit door will not open.
8. Octopus Dance (1 player) - You must follow the instructor's lead with the Wii U gamepad and dance to the rhythm of the beat or the octopus will sweep you off your feet!
9. Donkey Kong's Crash Course (1 player) - You will have great fun guiding a cart through a crazy course full of different hazards with the Wii U GamePad.
10. Takamaru's Ninja Castle (1 player) - I loved the Wii U GamePad controls for this game as you throw ninja stars at loads of ninjas. You hold the Gamepad sideways and point it towards the tv and slide the stylus upwards to throw a ninja star.
11. Captain Falcon's Twister Race (1 player) This is excellent racing fun and is hopefully a good sign that the Wii U will have a full on F-Zero game in the future which would be mind blowing.
12. Balloon Trip Breeze (1 player) - Emark on a scenic but risky journey across the sea with only a couple of balloons to keep you aloft. Dodge the obstacles and see how far you can sail the currents.

There are other cool things to do in Nintendo Land. At the top of Central Tower you get play a coin game with coins you have won from playing the other games. If your coins hit all the holes then you win a wacky prize. The Tour Train takes you around to see all the many attractions. If you have your Wii U connected to the internet then other Mii charcters will visit you from around the world , which you can talk to as well.

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