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Game And Wario (Wii U)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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  It's Wario Time.

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I will start off with the 12 single player games first, which are as follows. 1. Arrow - You must shoot Mecha Wario Minions with arrows and use the GamePad as a shield, in order to avoid connonball attacks. The sneeze attack is amusing, but this game lacks the depth of The Legend Of Zelda - Battle Quest on Nintendo Land. 2. Camera - You are given 5 people which you must find and take photographs of within a set time limit. I found this game to be fun and the first stage takes place in a city landscape. 3. Ski - This game plays the same as Captain Falcons Twister Race. In the time attack mode the camera behind your skier, changes to different angles all the time on the tv screen. So it's best to play this game watching the GamePad screen instead, which is a birds eye view perspective. I also play game with the GamePad the other way around, so that left is left and right is right. Ski Bunny Slopes mode keeps the camera in the same position, which makes playing game whilst watching the tv screen much easier. 4. Patchwork - Join pieces of Patchwork together, like a jigsaw puzzle. My 8 year old daughter enjoys this mini game. 5. Kung Fu - Guide your kung fu man onto different platforms to his master, who jumps automatically nonstop. The levels get increasing more difficult and there are hidden scrolls along your way to find. You can see the shadow of your kung fu man on the Gamepad screen, which makes landing after a jump easier. 6. Gamer - This game had one of my friends and myself in stitches. It's 9 Volts bedtime and you must help him play loads of bizarre mini games on the Gamepad whilst keeping one eye on the tv screen, because your mum may enter your bedroom any minute. If she catches you playing it's game over and if run out of lives it's game over as well. You hide under your bed covers, if you think your mum is just about to enter your bedroom.
7. Ashley - You are a witch who must fly her broom and collect candy for points. I enjoyed guiding the witch through the candy filled levels. 8. Design - This mini game enabled me to use my Miiverse drawing skills to design robots etc. 9. Taxi - You are a taxi driver who has partner, which shoots down ufo's with his bazooka. When the ufo's have been shot down you must pick up the different animals and people and take them to a safe place, before the mothership arrives. Your final attack is on the mothership. 10. Pirates - You need to block arrows with the GamePad lifted upwards from left, right, above and straight in front of you. It helps if you have good rhythm with this mini game. 11. Bird - There are falling seeds which you need to eat with your birds extra long tongue. If a seed hits the floor, then that piece of ground gets destroyed. When a seed lands on your birds head it's game over. 12. Bowling - When bowling you hold your Gamepad sideways and tilt it left and right to guide the ball. The stylus is used to lunch the ball. Last of all we have the mulitplayer mode that consist of 4 different mini games, which are as follows. 1. Art Work - You are give a word to draw and the other players must guess what has been drawn. 2. Disco - Two players hold Gamepad either side in a rapid rhythm fight off. 3. Islands - This is my favourite Game And Wario mulitplayer game, where you lunch Fronks from a net onto to a small island with numbers. There is a seagull which helps or interferes with your progress. 4. Fruit - One player is a thief who must steal fruit amongst a crowd of people. The other players are agents which must try and spot the thief stealing the fruit. Overall Game And Wario makes good use of the GamePad, but Nintendo Land has been out for six months and did this better in my humble opinion.