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Official Nintendo Wii Component Video Cable

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Great Improvement!

| | See all emmavgriffin's reviews (4)

It improves any ghost on the Wii and you could tell the difference straight away. The quality is far far better and i'd definately recommend the proper Nintendo Wii cable as cheaper ones have their downsides.

  Buy it now - you need this cable

| | See all Mastercomputer's reviews (3)

This is the business, I wish I'd bought it sooner. As soon as you plug this cable in the difference is astonishing - and that's even before you adjust the Wii to the optimal setting (change the mode to 480p - the option is greyed out without the cable). Everything is rendered pin sharp and the colours are much more vivid, even just the white background on the Wii menu is dazzling. I cannot stess how much I recommend this cable. I'm sure the third-party equivilants are decent but in my experience official Nintendo products are king, well worth the extra few quid to rid yourself of that 'what if...' feeling. You must have an LCD Tv to use this cable, if not then buy yourself a 'true' RGB scart cable as this still makes a marked improvement. Happy gaming!

  Couldnt get any better!!!

| | See all psychomonkeyboy's reviews (12)

I bought this yesterday and i have to say i was deeply impressed. Its easy to set up,get it out of the box plug the 5 cables into the right slots and off you go. It was very noticable that the picture became much more clear. Even my mum noticed it!!!! Good product i would recomend to anyone who owns a wii.


| | See all weegee81's reviews (3)

A real & very noticable improvement in picture quality compared to the cable supplied with the Wii.
Absolutely essential if your using an LCD tv to play.
Can't say how it compares to 3rd party equivalents but if you can get it at a decent price its well worth it.

  Essential for ALL LCD TVs with Component input.

| | See all Pogonowski's reviews (10)

If you are playing on a CRT television set (traditional big TV), then you more than likely won't have component inputs for use with the Wii Component cable. If you are like me though and have an LCD TV, then this is 100% essential for playing Wii games on. Playing on an LCD TV with the standard yellow composite connection is horrendous, LCD TVs for some reason aren't as good at handling composite signals compared to CRT TVs, so Wii on an LCD TV should always be paired with Component cables. But the benefits of having a 480p signal over a 480i one are more than worth it.

  MUST HAVE for a hd TV

| | See all Jetsetharrison's reviews (21)

The HD component cable is a must have as it really does improve the quality of the picture. I bought one and played smash bros and the quality difference was easily noticeable. There were no more pixelated edges and the colours stand out so much more.

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  If you have an HDTV, you NEED this cable.

| | See all mowenspiel's reviews (1)

In no uncertain terms, the component cable is essential if you want to play a Wii on an HDTV. If you were as shocked as I was when first connecting up the Wii to an LCD TV through SCART, then you will be relieved to know that this will restore the picture you may have once had on your old TV. HDTVs don't get on with SCART cables for some reason, so this is your best bet if you want to see your Wii games as intended.

However, this cable will not transform your Wii into a high definition-capable console, so don't expect it to (it's highest resolution is 480p, which is actually "standard definition")! It may not be much better than what's possible on a "normal" television, but at least it matches up to it. It's just disappointing that Nintendo have given those who have upgraded their TVs no choice but to pay an extra £17.99 or so to get the same picture you'd get through SCART on an old TV; the component cable should've been standard with the console, as seen with the Xbox 360. Nevertheless, I am pleased to be able to see Super Mario Galaxy in all its colourful glory once again!

As for paying extra for the official cable, it's probably worth it (although I have no experience with an unofficial component cable) as past experiences with third-party hardware has taught me.

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| | See all GMasson's reviews (2)

This is an essential purchase if you have a HDTV. Not true HD but it serves to clear up the otherwise fuzzy image.

Remember to change the WII display setting and reduce the sharpness setting on your HDTV for the best possible picture.

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  Trust Me

| | See all KonkeyDong's reviews (4)

This wire improved my quality and grahpics by at least 50%. Recommended for those who own and play with a TV which supports the connection. If you think the graphics are still not that good, well, thats the Wii for you.

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  its pretty good

| | See all MrMizZzLe's reviews (5)

for all those people like me who haves no idea what all those other people are talking about like 1080fps and rubbish like that. ill keep it simple, this cable is pretty good it improves the look of the game but i dont think the price is right for this, it should be a bit cheaper considerin u can get a game for the amount ur paying.

so yea it makes it look better, but you have to remember the wii was not designed to be a hd console, it was made for everybody if you have a hd or not so dont expect great amazing graphics :D

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