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Official Nintendo Wii RGB Cable

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Customer Reviews

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  Great cable

| | See all Rochblue's reviews (1)

Great price for an official cable, works perfectly, and gives a better picture than the standard cable supplied with the Wii.
No problems at all swapping to this cable as others have said, but I guess it could depend on your TV, worked first time without changing settings for me.

  It works. I'm not complaining about the picture.

| | See all Griswold's reviews (3)

First of all, if you have component cable inputs on your TV, then get the wii component cable instead for an even better picture. But for those of us who still haven't got a High-def TV, these cables will give the best possible picture.
I played Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil 4, Zack & Wiki, and a few others. The difference is noticeable. Even on the wii menu you'll see deeper reds, greens and blues. Small text will look crisp and easy to read. Personally, I think it should have been boxed with the wii. So why have I given it 3 stars?
First, they lost a star because the RGB cable doesn't carry the WSS (widescreen signal). For me, I only have to press a button twice on my TV remote to change it from 4:3 to 16:9, but other TV's aren't so easy to work with. If you can't switch from 4:3 to 16:9 fairly easily, just don't get the cable.
Second, they lost a star for the price. These cables should have been bundled with the wii, but they weren't. The fact that you have to shell out £18 for them is near-robbery.
It's nice that the RGB scart carries the auto-on signal (when you power up the wii, the TV will switch to the right channel by itself), so how they could have included Auto-on but missed WSS is beyond me. If there's a 3rd party RGB cable that has the WSS signal, get that instead. It'll probably be cheaper, too.

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  It Works

| | See all 0KidAd0's reviews (3)

The picture gained from this RGB SCART connection is better than that afforded by a composite link, as you get with the out-of-the-box equipment. This is both a fact when you look at how the technologies work, and when you look at the results on screen.

The thing is that not all SCART ports on the back of your TV are RGB. There are two sorts of SCART ports, RGB and composite. If you don't plug your RGB cable into an RGB port, then you'll get a composite-quality picture, just like you get if you use the yellow, composite video out cable that comes with the machine.

So, in summary, if you know how to use the cable, you'll get a greatly improved picture. If you don't, you'll see no improvement.

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  no hd tv? get this

| | See all cutt3r's reviews (1)

i noticed a big difference in picture quality. if you dont have a hd tv and you want a better picture for your wiiiiiii get this.

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  Better Picture Quality than Composite!

| | See all Wicket55's reviews (44)

I have to disagree with the review above and say that if you have a CRT television and a RGB Scart input, this is the best cable you can get for the Wii. Bought it online (not Play!)about a month a ago, and compared to the bundled composite sockets, this is a definate improvement! If yoy really want the best quality, you would invest in the official component lead, but if you don't have HD, this is the way to go!!

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  So where's the good picture then?

| | See all Adam2712's reviews (7)

I brought this RGB Scart Lead in the hopes that I would be getting better picture quality from my Nintendo Wii. Well, I must of had the word "Sucker" slapped on my forehead because this did absolutely nothing.

The only reason that you should buy this is if your original AV cables are broken, it works well as a replacement to your original cables and it's not a bad price either. But if your AV cables work (which they should) then I'd suggest that you don't waste your money on this.

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