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Battalion Wars 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Great game, but...

| | See all UtopiaX's reviews (20)

It starts perfectly. Some easy missions to learn the controls and a interesting story. But then when you finished about 70% of the game it gets extremely difficult. It gets from quiet easy to very difficult just like that. What a learning curve?!? I played the game for about 80% but then just stopped. When you almost finish a level but then just die you have to start all over again. Some levels take about 40 minutes to finish so this is really irritating. Checkpoints wouldn't be bad.


| | See all tomahawk13's reviews (18)

this game is alright for the wii, the graphics are good for the troops but bad for the enviroment, the controls are quite hard to get used to, its quite easy to complete when you don't have multiplayer aswell, otherwise this game is quite funny and enjoyable.

  Great game

| | See all spaceisbig's reviews (10)

I bought this having never played the previous versions.
I thinnk its great. The controls can be tricky, but I've got used to them. The missions start easy, but become more challenging, which is good.
I've only had a few online games. Good fun, if slightly repetative. A good range of options to.
Worth the money in my opinion.


| | See all conradhewitt's reviews (14)

Game seems to Have quite Bad Graphics but the Gameplay is very Good. Could have put 1-4 players i would then give it 5 star. I dont care about graphics i care about gameplay.

  Personally, I didn't like it...

| | See all Godbe08's reviews (8)

I bought the game and was quite excited to get playing, so as soon as I got home I put the disk in and played. I gave it a couple of hours (got through about 4 missions) and the game hadn't really left a brilliant impression on me.

I was quite impressed by the graphics, especially the water effects which look amazing

Personally I found the controls to be extremely awkward. I found it quite easy to move the selected unit around, but it was selecting specific units, or groups of units that I found to be quite tricky (especially when you're getting blown to pieces by enemy bombers from above).
Admittedly I didn't go online. I bought this game at the same time as a friend and we planned to play online together, but after playing through some of the story mode we both decided to trade the game in.

Maybe I didn't give this game much of a chance, but either way it's not really my cup of tea. I expected a good solid war game, but got something that was targetted at younger audiences.
All in all, I think this is probably a good buy for casual gamers or younger gamers, but not something to compete with it's contemporaries such as Command and Conquer.


| | See all sddam22's reviews (61)

This is an amazing game using good use of the wii controller and nunchuck and the online play is immense with three different modes a must have for any gamer aged 12+

  Awsome! Best sequal to a game ever!

| | See all chewjacka's reviews (3)

Controlling is really easy. It makes good use of the wiimote+nunchuk. Great sequal from the first battalion wars. You will definately feel like throwing your GC bw away when you buy this one.

  It's a blast

| | See all leelee07's reviews (1)

loads of fun, however the comand controls can be a bit of a fiddle and need getting used to. online play is great and adds longivity to the game. well worth £30 of anyones money.

  Gets Ugly

| | See all Moonka's reviews (1)

I have to say, the first time I played through this game I loved it, the controls were tight, orders were easy to give and the tutorial levels were very thorough.
Playing through it again trying to get the elusive 'S' rank I've noticed that actually the controls are rather sloppy especially on the Recon and the air vehicles. Orders, while easy to give, generally have little effect. For example, you leave a tank or a helicopter in 'Wait' mode out of harms way and then next thing it is in the thick of things getting destroyed, thus losing your ability to get an 'S' rank. The AI seems rather stupid, units will randomly charge units they can't beat even when you've told them not to or worse, you'll ask a tank to take out a maching gun tower and it won't, leaving your troops to get killed. Thses things only get noticably irritating when you are trying for the high ranks and they are only small things. The visuals are gorgeous, when you have time to appreciate them, especially the water. The levels are well thought out and have enough detail in them. The music is nice and the sound effects add to the experience with gun shot and shell sounds. I love the mutliplayer part of the game, and the three modes should offer something for everyone. Although I do get disconnected after a couple of games, not sure if it's an issue with the game server or my Wi-Fi connection.

In short, this is a great little game and the multiplayer definitely adds to it. It would just be nice if when you gave units orders they actually did it, otherwise what's the point?

  Oh, What A Lovely War!

| | See all tigger61's reviews (6)

An absolutely brilliant game! Fantastic graphics for the Wii. Such a simple concept, with brilliant controls and great gameplay! Playing as battleships, bombers and tanks is the best.... You should buy it! You wouldn't regret it......

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