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Battalion Wars 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  good, but not what expected..

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Now, I pre-ordered this game (PAL) back in November, and was particularly excited about the offline features (I don't have a stable internet connection) such as the split screen modes, and I think I remember seeing the normal Wi-Fi modes available to play against an AI opponent.
this arrived yesterday (i ordered from gameplay.com) and, having a look, it was either Online, or campaign, sadly. It isn't a major downfall, the game IS fun, the campaign starts very easy, and gradually gets surprisingly tricky over time.. and well, I haven't finished yet, and I've put in a few hours.
Graphically, it's more pleasant than the screenshots show, it's pretty much the old game, with improved texture resolutions, model complexity, draw distance, and Particularly more extensive use of shaders and special effects (water is reflective and ripples about, some weapon effects distort the immediate proximity of the projectile etc) which justifies in itself the improvement of the Wii over the GC.
core gameplay of the SP campaign itself has improved, there's a bit more of a storyline (its not really captivating however) and as opposed to the last game simply involving taking a 'flag' and that's pretty much it, this game incorporates 'facilities' such as a barracks, or airfield that or often objectives, or there just for the personal achievement that when you own it, you get reinforcements.
On thing that got me about the game is overall, its less.. 'Annoying' than the last.. this isn't to say the voice acting has improved, but the characters have become less (slightly) cartoony in their dialogue and personality, and hell, One character was changed all but for the name.
so.. Battalion Wars 2, I don't know, I slightly regret paying £30 for it, as although the game I expected was worth that, the game I got I would only really settle for £15-25, despite that, I'm not saying you should be put off, if you're a fan of Battalion wars or not, it's still a fun game.. Only don't make the mistake i made.. this is NOT as 'Advance wars' as I'd hoped, it's just the last game, with a bit more sparkle. You wont be disappointed, only, the joy will only last if you play online.
Edit: One further feature that was often said to be included back when i pre-ordered is the ability to have some sort of control over your units from the overhead map view, This is no longer the case. Also, bear in mind that i do not criticise the game, what's there is good fun, only it wasn't what i'd hoped.
Something i've just seen, the play.co.uk description mentions splitscreen multiplay, This doesnt exist in any form.


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i never played the first battlion wars but £50 spare i was at amiss on what to buy this game caught my intrest the characters looked funny the gameplay looked good and the graphics seamed very nice so i picked up a copy

graphics: good i never played the origonal so cannot compare but what is there is good explostins are bright and comical vhichles and infantry and well designed and higley detailed.

sound: can`t decide weather the voice acting is bad or just done the way it is for comic effect but its good enough sound effects are very good nice explostions sounds great weapons fire and rocket blasts are spot on and the music fits well

Gameplay: ok this is not an RTS its more of a 3rd person shooter whith a squad taht can consist of tanks, planes and boats etc... where you can take over control of those units so stratergy isn`t as needed apart from when using only anti tank vs armour and flamers vs infantry otherwise just shooting works selecting all squads and single groups the wii mote meakes excallant work of controling the game keeping the pace fast and furious

Longevity: ive not got that far trugh yet the missions are not short but not long either so your gonna be looking at maybe 10-12 hours to get it done
i do not have wii fi so can`t try out the online multiplayer but i can imagine it would be fun with two of you fight aginst each other or co-operativley

Overall: great agme although lite on the stratergey side its good fun and well worthy of purchase if your a wii owner

  Let hell break lose and fun!!!

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this game is fantastic best wii game up to date awesome graphics you get so much joy out of bombing the living daylights out of each other wonderful game go buy


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Battalion Wars 2 is a good, fun game! Its like a Disney version of Command & Conquer. & by that I means its cartoony, its fun, its not too hard to follow, but there is sumthing in there that most people can enjoy.

The game itself is very easy to get into. You take control of various Army, Navy & Air Force units to complete your mission objective. Its done very well, & is a good insight to how real war is conducted. Your guided through the missions & instructed on how to do & use features in the game. Its well done, & you'll have to be stupid to not be able to follow it. The presentation is great as well! British, Russian, & American forces are respresented in a comical, characature style which is polished & funny. All in all, its a very tidy package.

The controls are okay. Not great though. You use the Wii remote for various things like aiming & unit selection. The latter can be tricky on a busy screen, but thankfully the games developers have inplemented a way around that. The controls are okay - but you can't help wonder in some cases would a regular controller have worked better?

Online is fun too, but its a shame you can't play thru the single player campaign with a buddy. & also there is no voice chat. Not major beefs, & this is the Wii after all, not the powerhouse Xbox 360 or PS3. But the multiplayer does feel a little last gen in its offerings.

All in all, Battalion Wars 2 is a superb war game! If you've got a Wii, & you're bored of Mario or Zelda, it might be worth a butchers :o)