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SSX Blur

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Copy of ssx3

| | See all jamsternator's reviews (7)

If you have played any ssx games in the past you will be very disappointed! What EA have done here is very clever! They got ssx3 made the graphics cartoonie added motion controls and hey presto one new advanced generation game for the wii!!! Im sorry but this just does not cut it! the tracks are exactly the same as on ssx3 a few more players are all you get!! come on EA are we that gullible! As for the motion controls they do add a nice addition to the game however they just arnt precise enough!! Come on EA pull Your finger out and remember us hardcore ssx fans your loyal fans!! This was a complete waste of money!! My advice is get ssx3 for the gamecube or ps2!! (it actually looks a bit better as well)

  A good play

| | See all Draisha's reviews (3)

Although this is the first SSX game I have bought, and I admit, I was a bit wary at first. However, once I opened it up and started playing, it was beyond what I had hoped.

Graphics: They were beautiful. The detail of the landscapes, characters and the snow as you ploughed through it was amazing. I feel the makers certainly went all out in making this game realistic.

Gameplay: This has to be my favourite part. Using the Wii controller was a bit daunting at first, but once I followed the instructions and played the very useful tutorials, I was soon skiing down the slopes at top speed. The number of tricks available by utilising the Wii Remote and Nunchuck was good. By moving different ways, I found I could always do something different each time I went down the slopes. Plenty of variety.

Terrain: As I previously said, the graphics were excellent when it came to detail of the surrounding landscape and effects. But the intricacy to the actual terrain was wonderful. After so many times playing it, I thought I had been everywhere, but all of a sudden. "What's this?" I found a nice little area which I hadn't seen before. There are lots and lots of semi-hidden slopes for you to find and navigate your way down.

There was only one flaw for me, and that was that the Uber tricks were just slightly too difficult to pull off correctly. But still, I'm sure that after a little more practice, I'll have no bother.

And all this, just on the first mountain. What could come next? I will certainly recommend this game to buy as it uses the Wii Controllers excellently and without too much strain on the arms or wrists to keep going. A definite buy.

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  Its no tricky!

| | See all frenchy18's reviews (3)

ssx tricky on ps2 is the best game ever made...... this.... one word rubbish!

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| | See all Dookie's reviews (2)

after readingthe reviews on play. com i was looking forward to it for christmas. But i found the controls to complicated ad limiting which is a shame since the grpahics are gd but i wudnt recommend this game.

  ssx blur poor class

| | See all RYANRICARDO76's reviews (22)

what a wonderful game, show games ain't usually my thing and i took a chance on this game and its worth any every penny. The simply graphics looks very well compared to the previous versions and controls work perfectly with this game. I recommend sports fans by this game. Its a shame that EA can't work there magic on there other EA games.

  Pushing The Wiimote To It's Limit...

| | See all thesleepyjamie's reviews (10)

...and that's no bad thing. In the Wii's infant stages, many games simply rushed out slap dash games with little or no attempt to use the Wiimote for it's purpose - innovation.
This is not an accusation you can level at EA Sports Big. Quite the opposite, you will find yourself twisting, spinning and swooshing your way to victory if you can overcome the initial difficulty in mastering the controls (thankfully an extensive tutorial section is there to help).
There are no new tracks here - veterans of SSX 3 and SSX: On Tour will recognise some of the features here.
One of the things which makes the SSX series so successful is the sheer enjoyment their games bring. No dull seriousness, instead kaleidoscopic colour creativity, ludicrous snowboard moves and blistering racing.
The lack of any online modes at all is a draw back as this series could have really benefited from it (and they had it on the PS2 SSX 3), but all in all, this is one of the Wii's first year highlights.

+++Strong Points+++
-Makes real attempts at using the Wiimote in an inventive manner.
-Hugely enjoyable, whether outright racing or pulling tricks for points.
-HDTV compatible.

+++Weak Points +++
-Some features (such as customisation) scaled back from the earlier PS2 games.
-No online mode at all is a shame.

  Conquer the mountain

| | See all funkyfifmonkey's reviews (4)

totally addictive and really requires wii skill. so much fun i cant stop playing it. once you master the (difficult) controls the game is hours and hours of fun with varied challenges and fun multiplayer. plus (i know this doesn't really matter but still) it's got great music to bob your head along to.

  hard to start with but you get the hang of it...

| | See all GameViper's reviews (19)

I was told this game was a load of poop, I was told wrong...

The controls when you first start of are alien to you i admit but when you stick at this game it is Extrealy fun...

Not for the five minute gamer who wants to master it in five minutes you have to stick at it.

5/5 a must have... but not for the five minute gamer

  Brilliant! Best SSX so far....

| | See all Dazaaa's reviews (3)

I've had this game for around 7 months now AND i'm still playing it alot. This is due to the brilliance of the game!
Although i do agree with the other reviews; that the controls are hard, but you DO get used to them and you can change them slightly. The game is a different format to the other SSX games on other consoles but would say this is the best SSX game so far. Look forward to more!

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| | See all robbyg's reviews (2)

At first (as mentioned in other reviews) the controls do take a bit of getting use to. However once you've practised... perhaps for a couple of hours! the controls make so much more sence than using the traditional controller, it feels really good. After playing the game for about a week I went back to my PS2 version of SSX tricky and it's suprising just how much better the wii version feels. The game itself is also brilliant, okay so it's not changed much/at all from previous outings but still offers just as much fun. I wouldn't recommend the game to everyone, it is a gamers game rather than a family orientated wii game. Overall it's challenging and well designed with great controls and should be considered for purchase if it hasn't already.