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Gottlieb Pinball Classics

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  Has it's moments, but...

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Ball physics don't seem very realistic, I don't get a feeling of playing real pinball. The steel ball just "isn't there". The tables are OK. No widescreen-support. Most of the camera angles really don't work too well, and the default angle can't be changed. Also, the different angles seem to vary from table to table, so I can't find one angle that suits all the tables.

The controls work great with the nunchuck, though.

All in all a disapointment. I'm sticking with the "Pro Pinball"-series for PC, which is more than 10 years old.. Still superior pinball simulation, hasn't been surpassed yet.

  Good Fun

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Billed as the most accurate pinball simulator of all time this PS2 port was one of the launch titles for the Wii.

The RRP of the game is a quite staggering £40 which to put it in context is £10 more than the magnificent Resident Evil 4 and the same price as Zelda Twilight Princess.
Much as I love pinball there was no way I was going to shell out that kind of cash for it. Luckily play.com came to the rescue selling the game for a much more reasonable £17.99 which is the point at which I decided to make my investment.

The game features exact emulations of 11 tables from the history of the famous pinball manufacturer focusing on tables that are either historically significant, or favored by pinball enthusiasts. Unfortunately licensing restrictions prevent many of the classic games making an appearance so there is no Streetfighter II or Mario pinball to be found which is a shame.
The play of the tables is to some degree a touch hit and miss. Some of the tables notably Black Hole and Victory are great tables with lots to do and keep you entertained. Unfortunately some of the tables have been chosen because of their appeal to competitive pinball players which equates to them being exceptionally hard rather than fun, though fortunately this is only the case for a couple of the tables.

As a pinball simulator the game doesn't make huge use of the Wiimote, but the buttons for the left and right flippers are on the Wiimote and Nunchuck which makes it feel more like a real table than holding a gamepad and you can nudge left and right by shaking either hand.

As a PS2 port the graphics are pretty much as you would expect and though clear and smooth the textures aren't that sharp and don't do anything to dispel the 2 Gamecubes taped together myth put about by Wii haters.

The game is a very full package featuring voice over histories of each game with promotional material and strategy guides and offers a nice 4 player tournament mode, but does have a slightly weird system whereby you have to play tournament games until you earn credits to play games in the arcade which you can then unlock for freeplay by attaining challenge goals. This kind of thing seems to be all the rage in games these days, but personally I would rather just be able to freeplay all the tables from the off without jumping through any hoops.

All in all if you want a realistic pinball simulation then this is the game for you, but make sure you don't pay the frankly insane full price for it.

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  average game- what an opportunity missed.

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gottlieb pinball is ok for a pinball sim, but it could be a lot better. if you are a 40 something who used to play pinball in your local pub or arcade this may bring back few memories. There are 9 tables to play on, but i only play 3 cos i found the others too frustrating or uninteresting to play. The default (unchangeable) view of the table is the 'follow the ball' type and it is very hard to keep the ball in play on some of the tables as you cannot see which flipper will receive the ball untill the last second - very annoying. Also you can launch and watch 3 balls side gully with maddening regularity - i found myself grinding my teeth at some of the tables. The ball physics and graphics are good and it great to be able to play a pristine pinball machine from the 1960's,70's and 80's, but Gottlieb machines were not particularly impressive in real-life and the machines chosen here illustrate some of the table design weaknesses very nicely. Most of the tables do not play as well as the 'pro pinball' pc range from 10 years ago or some even as well as the pinball that comes with windows. £17 delivered - worth it if you love pinball, I wouldnt pay a penny more than that for it.

  Pinball Fans Will Love It

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Pinball fans are a dying breed, but if you do like your arcade action 'old skool' then this is a really good pinball sim. The motion sensing is used to nudge the table, but other than that it doesn't really take full advantage of the Wii controller. Plenty of tables to play and lots of game modes to choose from. If I had to nit pick I'd say the ball is a little too light and some of the more unique tables are hard to get used to. People who spent their formative years pumping old style 10p coins into pinball machines will lap this up.

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GPC is a waste of money unless you are a pinball wizard! It is dull and makes no use of the motion sensors! Seriously you might as well go out and just spend £28 on real pinball!

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