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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Not bad

| | See all seangibson's reviews (8)

Fun at times, but some missions are repetitive and there are sometimes not many hints. The controls are not always responsive either. However, lovers of the series will enjoy, as it still provides some Potter fun. Despite this, It can still definitely be improved.

  Not played hbp, doesn't look as good as ootp

| | See all LittleLauz's reviews (1)

So it might not be the best game in the world, but in comparison to the other games in the past, this one is the best by far! With more advanced Graphics, and recognizable characters. I'd buy it just for the fact you can explore hogwarts, which is great, all of the places through the films and the books are shown. Lots of things not in the film that are in the book are included, and there are lots of references and explorer objects from the past films and books which is a nice touch. The plot however is a bit scattered, and the story does randomly cut to other things, the game spends most of the time finding members of the order, time and time again, which can get a little dull. It also is quite hard to complete 100% without some internet help! But all in all, a big improvement from the other games and I did enjoy it, even with Ron and Hermione's constant repetitive and unhelpful comments. The Half Blood Prince game doesn't look as good, but I haven't played that yet - looking forward to though!

  Give this a miss!

| | See all vinylmelts's reviews (7)

As a lover of Harry Potter and the Wii I was really looking forward to this game. I've played the previous games and believe that 'Chamber' is the best of all of them, maybe it's having played all the other games that led to my utter disappointment of this one.

Order of the Phoenix is not an easy book to turn into a film, let alone a game, and this game sums that up perfectly. There is very little story to partake in and most of the game is a 'search and collect' type thing. The addition of spell casting with the wii remote is not an added bonus either - it adds very little to what gameplay there isn't!

I suffered the game to the end (it was a gift afterall - and how can I write such a review without having played it) and wish I'd played the 360 version as at least I'd have got achievements. It's only redeeming feature is the extras you can watch in the Room of Reward which are great.

Save yourself some money on this one - buy a Mario title instead!

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  3 stars = Distinctly Average and Mildly Dissappointing!

| | See all Pipkin3's reviews (4)

A massive improvement over the others, but is now let down by different aspects of the game.
The plot sticks to the book more and tries to get some detail wedged in somewhere. But like the film, it feels choppy, leaping from one bit to the next. The dialogue has improved but repetition from some of the characters, especially Ron and Hermione as you get near the end, lets it down.
The graphics are great and Hogwarts is enormous, but the locked doors and magical barriers are still in place. Its not as open as the product states, or as EA said when they collaborated for ideas of Harry Potter fansites.
Gameplay is still a little weak, but there is at least more variety and the tiresome block pushing, switch pressing spell challenges have finally been dropped.
The Wii controls are a little awkward, especially when you take part in duels, and the camera just can't keep still so you end up going in circles on the spot on many occasions as the camera flips round. However, this is the only game that has finally utilised a number of spells from the books and films, and you can use them or a greater number of objects than ever before. Its a shame that the number of spells is still limited.
If Ron and Hermione were real, they would slightly offended by their characters inability to get out of Harrys way when you are trying to squeeze past. Most irritating is the fact that they tut at you whenever you can't get past them, or they run into you.
Too much of the action is done for you in video sequences, so the Ministry of Magic is biggest disappointment of the entire game, as our role in it seems rather limited.
Hogwarts looks great though, and hopefully now that they have a better structure to work from, they will have time to improve on the only slightly under developed gameplay, camera and controls.
The game looks and sounds great, and is better than all the others, but for all its glamour, it just feels a little like so much more could have been done if they had delayed the games release until that of the DVD than the film to allow the time to iron out the niggling problems. The game is okay, and the problems are minor overall. Its just that there are so many minor problems with it, its a shame!
Like with all the other Potter games, you can't call all that is hiding under the production values anything more than just average. Not awful, but not great. Good fun for the first time, but no reply value.
Somehow, I'm still anticipating the next one!
(Sorry for any stupid spelling mistakes or grammar errors I've made here - I'm rushing!)

  good for the price

| | See all suyo11's reviews (4)

for a starter if u want tips for the game u will have 2 ask a friend who has got the game or surf the net as ron and hermione give really naf tips. when u first get it it is really good but gets worse and worse as it goes on until u fight voldemort as dumbledore which will probably be the best experience of ur life. after a couple of fights including sirius and other popular characters it gets really boring as u have 2 gather up all of dumbledors army 4 a second time doing harder and harder chores 4 them. it gets 2 a point where it is almost impossible to complete. i had it since it first came out and i still haven't completed it. all in all i say it is a must have 4 the price.

ps:the events at the ministry deserve 4 star all by themselves.
pps:after u have a fight with the slytherin in the transfiguration courtyard u can challenge any slytherin to a fight by keeping hold of the b button and doing a spell on them.

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| | See all fattyboomboom's reviews (2)

I bought this game when it first came out, and played it non stop tillI completed it. I wasn't a big HP fan till I played this. Getting to roam the school but following the story line was great! Once you complete the game mode you get a endless day, which leaves so much more to find out!
I just hope the follow up game is as good!

  Brillant but hard

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

This is agreat game but it's hard and i don't go on it that much. At first it was a bit hard then i starded to really love it. It was really good. I love going round the school grounds but i have got to a bit that i can't do. It's a good game but not the best.

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  The best movie game on Wii by a street mile!!!!

| | See all RiChIsKiNg's reviews (19)

The controls are excelent, this is a very good exploring game, although the story is a bit short. You'll spend ages finding everything. I hope other publishers wll follow this example on how to make a movie-based game.



| | See all vanollie's reviews (7)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is an excellent game for Nintendo Wii. I would strongly recommend it to anyone that is a fan of the Harry Potter series. Someone that has never read the books or has never seen the movies may still have fun with the game - but not to the same degree as a Harry Potter fanatic would.

First off, I must say - the entire castle and grounds are absolutely beautiful. You can spend hours just wandering around and admiring Hogwarts. The cool thing about this game is that you can actually do that. You have tasks to do, but you can pretty much get them done whenever you feel like it. I think they refer to these types of games as "sandbox" games.

I've read some horrible reviews about this game. If you're a diehard Harry Potter fan, ignore those reviews - you will love this game. The frame rate is fine, I know a lot of critics and players have had issues with that.

There are a few problems that I have with the game, but they are not really that big of a deal. First off, the motion controls are not always the best. Sometimes I'll do one spell and it'll do a different one (whichever is best for the object). For example, if you need to 'Reparo' something and do the spell for 'Reducto' instead - it will, most of the time, 'Reparo' that object. Another small problem I have is that, for whatever reason, it has a hard time picking up the 'Stupefy' spell. To do the spell, you are supposed to push both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk forward towards the screen. Sometimes it works when I do that, other times it does not. That ends up not being that big of a deal though, because there really aren't as many duels in the game as one would want/expect. When there are duels, I usually just use the other spells, (especially 'Protego' to deflect a spell back at the caster) and I'm fine. It also says in the game that if you hold 'B' while targeted on a person, they will either run away or duel you. I've actually never encountered a time when they challenged me to a duel - they always run away.

Though Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has a few flaws for Nintendo Wii, it is an amazing game nonetheless. The pros that the game brings far outweigh the cons. If you are a Harry Potter fan, or just enjoy games where you can wander around and do whatever you want - this game is a must have

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