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Medal Of Honor: Vanguard (Medal Of Honour)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  good or not so good

| | See all dobby123's reviews (11)

this game has a lot of critisisom but if u r into this sort of game its a good buy so it depends on the person wether u buy it or not but this game was not for me but my friend loved it

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  good story line rather tedious gameplay though

| | See all simonpt's reviews (1)

the game play is always the same kill some people move on blow a door or a gun up and do the same all over again..gets boring if you've completed it once.

  very fun but not enough of it

| | See all bullard's reviews (1)

The game is very fun to play, especially with the wii gun. The reason why Im not giving it 5 is because it is very short, the better version of this game is Medal of Honor Heroes 2 but it costs alot more money.The control are also very easy to learn and master which is good. On the whole Im glad I brought this game and would reccommend it to any wii players. But if you like a mission get heroes 2.

  Classic Moh, Great fun, Poor Graphics, Very Short

| | See all Govikes's reviews (5)

The controls within the game are very logical and very easy to master. You can lean round objects and peep over objects which is great for those very close fire-fights. Sounds effects are awsome and the way people die are very realistic too. Only let-downs of the game really are thats its very short - can be completed within 2 hours. There's also no online play which is ashame and the graphics aren't of the best quality but the gameplay makes up for it!

  pretty good

| | See all Willywombat's reviews (1)

The controls are amazing! game is way too short. Gets slightly repetetive and it's easy to confuse the enemy by running up behind them and killing them all without them noticing you on every level. Overall fun, but an easy game to play.

  good game but very short

| | See all handyman72's reviews (1)

I like'd the game, game play was good, but found it very short, before i knew it i had completed it . will try call of duty3 see if that last longer .

  Classic MOH

| | See all 360DON's reviews (22)

This game is classic medal of honor and it feels very familiar but it is still quality gaming.The graphics in this game are good for the platforms it is on but they cannot match the 360 or PS3 for looks.Gameplay top draw and for this MOH title and will keep you entertained throughout the game, there are no vehicles to distract you just pure shooting fun.The storyline in this game is just a simple WW2 plot that sees you play the part of an average soldier and turn him into a nazi killing war machine, a good WW2 shooter dosent need a storyline and this is no exception.Online play is non exsistent and I imagine it would have been good.This game would be a good buy for any FPS fan.

Graphics:7.5- good for its platforms
Gameplay:9.0-Pure fun
Storyline:7.2-Not bad

Overall:8.5-This game is pure classic fun and is not to be missed by anyone who hasn't bought it yet

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  Buy as pre used !!!!

| | See all Wiiman07's reviews (1)

Thought i'd give this a try on the wii and compare to Call of Duty / Ghost Fighter Recon gameplay on PS2.
Its ok but other than the parachute drop,nothing special. The gameplay is definitely better on a ps2/3 as the Wii remotes can hinder reactions in firefight. Save your ££ and buy as pre used. Wii definitely better suited to sports games.

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  Not the best MOH

| | See all Addbrown's reviews (11)

This game has bad graphics,the levels are fun,the AI is abit poor.You can control where you land with the parachute,but you only have a small area

  Good but some problems

| | See all chrispie's reviews (8)

Far to last gen, it utilises the controles greatly especially the parachuting bit. The graphics could of been better red steel has better graphics ut what can you do. Better than Cod3 as it has multiplayer and i think some better levels. However i do usualy prefer games for but i'm sorry if you want a war game go for 360 or ps3 and trust me wii is my favourite console, but 3rd party games just aren't as good as nintendo games red steel is a better game.