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Excite Truck

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (44 reviews)"

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  FAST and fun!

| | See all Krissiec's reviews (9)

One of the best Wii games I have played so far. Its fast,furious and fun to play, me and boyfriend have spent hours competing against eachother on this, the replays of your laps are funny to watch too :)

  The 2nd best racing game on the Wii after Mario Kart!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Excite Truck uses the same excellent Wii wheel controls as Mario Kart Wii which is fantasic fun with it's massive air jumps. To gain extra points in a race you can smash your rivals out the way and do crazy jumps through hoops. If you are feeling brave slam on your turbo boost and watch the track become a blur. Don't over use your boost or your engine will over heat. Excite Truck is a excellent fast wild racing game which is set in beautiful locations around the world. One of the things which is cool with Excite Truck is, if you have a SD card for your Wii you can download music onto it off your computer and have your own music playing instead of the original game music. The Excite Truck instruction booklet explains how you can select music off your SD card for the game. My mates and I have great fun racing eachother in 2 player. Overall this is a very good racing game for the Wii and another great racing game called F - Zero is going to be out this year hopefully.

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  Great fun!

| | See all Wiigamer2008's reviews (2)

This game is great, brilliant use of the Wii controls and you can play it for hours without getting bored! At first you think you will complete it in a day but no chance, it gets harder! Great fun, brilliant Wii title, possibly the best.
At this price get it NOW!!

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  Big Adreniline Rush

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Driving Games are currently suffering on the Wii with only this game & Mario Kart actually offering something good.
For a really early Wii title this game is probably one of the best games on the console.
It's fast & frantic and even if you don't win you can make up for it by crashing and messing about.
In regards to the controls they actually work quite well, the only issues being that it's really difficult to turn tight corners or control the truck if it goes too fast.
Too conclude Excite Truck offers a bigger adreniline rush than Mario Kart but not as control friendly.
But compared to other racing games on the Wii at the moment this is one of the best racing games your gonna get.

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  Excite ??? It Surely Did !!! :-)

| | See all portkey's reviews (2)

I've played a few racing games... but this one is the best. I've leant out most of the WII games but this one stays at home.
The aim of the game is to finish the race with the most STARS. You get most of these during your race... by drifting, Air Spinning, Jump Combo's, Launching your vehicle through the rings and........... well, many other tricks that you can muster. Then you get your bonus stars at the end of the race depending on where you were placed. I've come second and still managed to win. My game is now complete and took many hours.. but I will still do it all again. The modes are EXCITE RACE, CHALLENGE MODE (fun) or you can play a mate in the VERSUS mode. Brilliant Brilliant Game !!!

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| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

This is one of the best racing games i have ever played. the graphics are really good, the speed is brilliant as you turbo around the excellent courses, the jumps are insane and really show the depth of the surrounding ladscapes. The controls work perfectly and although they take a little getting used to it soon feels very natrul. the wii remote is held sideways and fits nicley into a sterring wheel. Added depth is provided by collecting star points during races for jumping through rings and other various moves. An excellant racing game and i highly reccomend it to any racing game fanatics

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  More Truck - Less Excite

| | See all ZombieHorde's reviews (17)

One of the first racing games on Wii, after the dismall GT Racer and Need for Speed, realism isn't Excite Trucks focus.
The aim of the game is to finish first as you turbo round exotic landscapes which can be manipulated as you race.

Graphically quite pretty to look at with it's big bold colours, a lack of draw distance and definition is covered over by a nifty motion blur effect as you consistantly turbo round the course.

Control wise you use the Wiimote on it's side like a NES pad twisting it to turn left or right 1 & 2 handle braking and accelerate with the Dpad working as the turbo, when jumping you simply tip the Wiimote back or forward to tip the truck and land safely, this sounds relativley simple but in practice it takes a fair bit of getting used to, you have to steer gently otherwise you end up skidding from left to right and if you tip to far it doesn't register and can be quite sporadic.

This spiritual sequal to Excite Bike is somewhat a poor mans Motorstorm and never lives up to the style and polish of the PS3 racer, how ever if truck racing is your bag and you don't own a PS3 then give this a bash, overall it's a mediocre title but still the best racer available on Wii.

  A Unique Racing Experience

| | See all James4591's reviews (10)

One of my favourite racing games ever.
The Wii Remote acting as a steering wheel works excellently and feels completely natural as it sucks you deeper into the pure adrenaline-filled racing experience of Excite Truck.

Most racing games require you to finish the race as fast as you can and hit first place. However, Excite Truck takes on a star feature, which adds a lot more depth to the races. Stars are given out on a scale of 1-5 for several things, like obliterating opponents cars, staying airborne for as long as possible in a jump and narrowly avoiding multiple trees. You also get bonus stars at the end depending on your position.
The more stars you get, the higher your overall rank for the race will be!
Another feature that makes Excite Truck unique is the ! tags dotted around the maps that when collected will create some sort of environmental change, whether it be the ground shifting to create a ramp where there was once flat dirt, hazards like boulders tumbling down a mountain or the appearance of a volcano!

As well as the races, there is also a challenge mode. While you won't be spending as much time on these, they are also great fun. There are a few options, like Gate, which has you driving through gates along a course as quickly as possible.

Whether you're genre fanatic or new to racing games, Excite Truck is a real treat and should satisfy. Not to be missed.

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  Excite truck

| | See all nintendowii's reviews (5)

A great game and so addictive.
I bought this game when it first came out not sure about it and WOW the graphix are great and the racing brilliant. The best part is when you collect stars by jump crashing into cars and spins.
I really recomend buying this game.
Great game for the Wii

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