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Excite Truck

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (44 reviews)"

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  Good but could have been better

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The Wii should have been made for racing games, the very fact that you can hold the controller as a steering wheel should mean that it's prefect for this genre unfortunately with the efforts on show so far it isn't turning out like that.
Excite Truck is the best racing game on the Wii so far but it should have been so much better. It's too short, has no multiplayer mode and most of the time you feel like your truck is floating rather than connected to the ground, and while doing jumps is in some ways the point of the game it shouldn't feel like that all the time.
The aim of the game isn't really to win the race but to collect as many stars as possible in order to unlock the next level, this is achieved by doing stunts such as jumps, drifts etc. While this adds an extra dimension to a racing game it also takes some of the fun out of it as instead of spending your time trying to get to the finish you can often find yourself trying to drift and jump.
It's a good, enjoyable game to play but ultimately fall way short of being essential.

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This game has got a multiplayer mode, but it is only versus mode. Which means its 1 v 1. No CPU players.
Good game, better than the 4x4 world circuit by far.

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  Excite Truck - Exciting but short

| | See all Conkertheconqueror's reviews (4)

Excite Truck is a good game but it's too short. It's easy to complete all the races in a few hours. The only reason you would want to keep playing would be to do all races again and earn an "S" symbol on all the races to unlock the hard diffuculty setting. The game may be short, but the bits you will play before you finish it will make it one of the best racing games you have ever played.

The game is controlled by holding the remote horizontally. you steer it as you would a car. This makes the game more intuitive and you will feel like you are in control of the car and not just pressing buttons. You are rated by how many star points you collect (you get them from drifting, crashing, flying in the air and many other stuff like that) the best grade you can get is an S. The game spends a lot of the time in the air as well as on the road. Being in the air is great fun as you get to steer the car in the air. Apart from the single player there is a very limited multiplayer as well.

All in all the game will be great fun but don't think that it will last you for as long as other racing games would.

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  Excite Truck

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Excite Truck is a racing game for the Wii that you play by holding the Wiimote sideways, accelerating with the 1 button, and turning the controller like a steering wheel.

The control method works really well. You feel like you are actually in a car, I mean, truck!

So the game isn't very realistic, but that's the best thing about this game. You end up launching yourself around the track, smashing into other players and collecting stars. The stars determine what grade you get after each race.

The graphics are excellent, as is the presentation. There are also loads of tracks to race around, which range from Scotland to beaches!

The only bad points are that in 2 player mode you only race the person next to you and some people may find it a little bit of a short experience.

Worth a buy!

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