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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  As challenging or relaxing as you want it to be

| | See all Limejelly's reviews (1)

My wife and I play this quite often - yes, you can get through all the levels fairly quickly, but improving your times and fooling around with all the variant balls and mirrored and secret levels is great fun. Brilliant design in the graphics, gameplay and audio create a very pleasant gaming experience.

  ok but too short

| | See all stealthbomber's reviews (7)

this game had me amazed at first i thought the graphics were very good it uses the wii remote superbly and very sensitive then yu play it a few more times and its the same not very challenging the other people must bii wii kiins because its not that great and i comleted it in 2 days

  A great game, While it lasts

| | See all gamefreak666's reviews (27)

A great marble maze game with fantastically responsive controls. The only problem with the game is that there are not enough mazes / game modes, so it is all over far too quickly.

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  Brilliant game

| | See all Fluffy1987's reviews (1)

Kororinpa is a very addictive game, hours can pass while playing it without noticing! Lovely little balls from marbles to things like animals and food to roll around the mazes

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  Wii Love It!

| | See all Wodjer's reviews (2)

Having played Mercury on the PSP and being a big lover off all things "Marble Madness"ey in the past, I held of buying this game having seen average Gaming reviews in magazines and on=line.
Well, the wait was worth it (and in retrospect stupid) because this is a fantastic game.

Friends who have never played the games (yet alone this genre) have loved it. THe controls are simple to pick up and challenging to master on later levels. BUT they really let you twist and turn your Wiimote without feeling a fool.
Failing to complete a level does not lead to frustration, but to an increased desire to "get there in the end" with each little piece being picked up and developed as the levels get more and more complex - although some of this complexity is simply down to the crazy backgrounds (would love an option to turn these off!)

The different stages, with their different themes (the Town one being my favouite) mark changes as you go along.

OK - Enough said - BUY IT NOW


| | See all ShoppingAddict's reviews (1)

Even though this game is really fun, i did find the first levels challenging so the game should really be targeted at children of 10 years or older. Overall, i love this game and its is well worth the money, so i would recommend you add this to your collection.

  Excellent Fun

| | See all murphyz's reviews (3)

This game was given to me as a present and I was very dubious about it, having played 'marble madness' as a teen I thought this would be along the same lines. However, as soon as I started to play it my doubts had been cleared up - as it's a wonderfully fun game.

The controls are easy to pick up and you'll soon learn to tilt the Wiimote at full pace to pick up speed and then quickly bring it back level and beyond to slow the ball quickly and turn corners at pace. This is where the fun begins. Sure, the levels are nice to work your way through and get to the end, but the real fun is in beating the previous times, getting gold on all levels and in beating your friends in split screen mode - especially with a few drinks to lessen the reactions.

Some levels you will zip though quickly, others may have you stuck for a while. I remember one level took about 30 minutes to complete but then going back to do a time trial after completing it the time went down to 4 minutes.

There are a number of different balls that you can play as, but most of them are for novelty value and, I guess, for the children as I found myself playing with the original ball 90% of the time. There's also a few secret course which are easy to unlock, but always good to have in a game like this.

The review states it's a puzzle game, but don't expect any problem solving puzzles really - it's just a case of working out how to get to the end and just looking at your surroundings will show you the way.

The review also states "The balls are controlled using the motion sensor in the Wii remote (and nunchuck in multi player) " - but don't worry, as you can play multi player with two Wiimotes. I play against the house mate and neither of us plug in the nunchuk.


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  love it

| | See all TheChrisT's reviews (1)

I got this game 2day.And i love it.It`s one of them game`s were you just want 2 be alone and play it.

  Not Bad

| | See all GamingLover's reviews (4)

The game is GOLD when you first get it. However, it tends to change. After playing the game and completing all the levels, including the levels in a space theme, the game begins to dry, and is left alone for a while.