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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Great Game

| | See all beccas's reviews (5)

Really great game, good fun to play even in story mode, but really good with 2 players, word of warning read the manual so that you know how to do the special moves otherwise you will get sore arms just flinging the remotes anywhere lol. Glad they did this game for the wii.


| | See all iPlayGames1's reviews (11)

I bouight this game for about £15 and it was well worth it. The fighting has really been inovented with the wii controlls which are really addictive and satisfying when you see your character execute a move. You earn money through the story mode which you can spend on your create a character which is a nice touch as it keeps you playing. The graphics look like a straight ps2 port which to me seems a bit lazy, however the racing or 'motor kombat' although its no mario kart its a nice touch and will keep you occupied for half hour. Overall very pleased, fun on your own but better with a friend.

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  Great game

| | See all bald27eagle's reviews (4)

Fun to play with an other person, great graphics and you can create your own character, fantastic wii game.

  great for the price! challenging..

| | See all kirkham69's reviews (1)

I got this a while back as it was cheap and iv enjoyed the other series of mortal kombat but this one in my opinion is much better and enjoyable... Using the wii remotes for the moves is genius... It takes a while to get used to the controls but thats part of the enjoyment..... Well worth the money and a class game ............

  Good challenge with the Wii

| | See all JapanMan2's reviews (67)

I find this alot more entertaining than the ps2 version, mainly because of the controls.

it quite easy to get the hang of, but the combinations can be quite challenging which make's it fun.

not only does it have arcade mode, but it also has a conquest mode, which gives a nice detailed story line, and a nice challenge game play that will give you hours of fun.

If your a mortal kombat fan, you surely wont be disappointed as it basically has every single character available to play, and alot of awesome levels.

if your a beat'em up game style gamer, but haven't heard of mortal kombat, well... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?

definitely would recommend this game.

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  Fun but missing alot.

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

I enojoyed this latest version of Mortal Kombat except that the game is missing a few things.
1. Character fatalities are missing being replaced by regular fatalities and a few more death traps.
2. Konquest mode although quite good only offers control of one character which isn't the best character in the game. Many key characters don't appear in Konquest mode either.
Despite the two flaws the inclusion of all the characters, a variety of fighting styles along with character creation mode works well in the game. Even the Wii control system is good.


| | See all serenity2k7's reviews (11)

I have always enjoyed the MK games especially MK2, I was disappointed with Deadly Alliance on the gamecube so didint expect much. The opening sequence is the best CG Ive seen on the Wii. the game itself does use either the wii remote/nunchuck, classic controller or the Gamecube controller, I found that using the gamecube controller worked better for me as I found the responses to the wii remote was a bit slow and frustrating. The lack of character specific fatalities are disappointing too, But all in all its a very good game and well worth the price because of the high amount of characters and content in the game.

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  Wow, but short!

| | See all delphandalph's reviews (30)

This game is excellant and would get 5 stars if it was longer! the fighting in the game is better than any other fighting in any other game. Buy it!

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| | See all spaceisbig's reviews (10)

Good graphics, a huge number of characters, and multiple modes! The motorkombat is more of a silly side game than a real extra game, but is good fun. Special moves are easy to achieve, which will annoy the button bashers out there, but is far more fun! The quest and kreate a fighter options are nice additions to the game. My only criticism is that finishers are difficult to perform, and there is no guide on how to do them. However this has not detracted from my enjoyment of the game. Recommended!

  Decent game, value for money!

| | See all steelstel's reviews (6)

I wasn't expecting a lot from Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the Wii but I was pleasantly surprised by how good this version is and by how much stuff they have packed into the game. Firstly the fighting mechanics in this version are very decent, it plays fast, is very gory and the graphics are quite good. You will be amazed by the sheer number of characters you can select from, absolutely every MK character ever is included. A nice touch is the create a fatality where you can make a chain of death moves with simple commands such as back, back, Y etc. You also get a half decent scrolling beat em up in this version plus believe it or not a cart racing game thrown in. The option of being able to play with a nunchuck, classic controller or GameCube pad pad is also great. This is great value for money, if you buy Mortal Kombat: Armageddon you wont be disappointed!