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Driver: Parallel Lines

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Challenger for Wii game of the year!

| | See all Griffo2007's reviews (3)

Grand Theft Auto on the Wii - but better! This game is superb, by far my favourite on the wii, and possibly my favourite game ever on any console (perhaps GTA Vice City on PS2 is still top) but Driver: PL has great gameplay, very movie like strory line.

The combonation of using the wiimote to shoot/aim and the nunchuck to drive allows you to be in complete control of your gun, and car at the same time. A HUGE range of cars and bikes to collect and modify, means that you will never get bored of the vehicles on the game!

Bad points - Not many, but... When driving, (personally) I feel comfortable with the nunchuck in my right hand, slightly tilted to the right. The reason i have brought that up, is that, if you tilt the nunchuk enough, it acts as a handbrake, which is annoying at times when you start veering off the right/left.
The only other bad point that I can think of is; all the cars (no matter what it is) seem to hit 60mph within about 2 or 3 seconds, which is a little unrealistic, but I can live without it, and will coninue to love and play the game. A definate buy!!!

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  Must Have Wii Title in my opinion.

| | See all StevenB's reviews (1)

Ive had this game for several weeks and I'm glued to it. The Missions are great, the Graphics are awesome, probably the best Ive seen on the Wii. The Map is gigantic! Controls with nunchuck and Remote are amazing for drive-bys. This game diverted my time from msn which you may find amazing if you know me. love the two time zones. I love GTA style games due to the driving Sim on them. So this game was definitely for me.

  Addictive, fast paced, loads to explore, hours of fun!!!

| | See all ToffeeGuitar's reviews (1)

If you have ever played driver before you will know how good these games are. But with the Wii wireless technology, this becomes a completely new game. All the levels are set to the right difficulty, all the missions are well thought out with loads of little 'money earners' in between. Best money I have spent in a long time! Get it!!

  Great fun - buy it!

| | See all joncooper's reviews (2)

This game is great - once you've got the hang of the driving/shooting/handbrake it is a complete blast. Definitely 18+ due to language.

There are plenty of missions and sub plots to keep any gamer happy - races, hitman jobs, against-the-clock deliveries, bike-specific tasks... you'll be constantly wanting to do more and more of the missions.

The game is split in two - one set in the 70s, one set in 2006. The mission involved at the end fo the 70s era is great fun and nice and challenging.

Being able to store, modify and customise the cars and bikes is also a welcome part of the game - steal yourself a cop car and you soon have a quick and fun vehicle. The race cars you can win by winning races are also pretty quick. You don't get a huge sense of the speed when driving in game, but it is a laugh all the same.

I've had this game since it was released and I'm still playing it now. The variety and "pick up and play for 20 minutes" nature of the game is what keeps me hooked.

  GTA style game for the Wii

| | See all ffar02's reviews (8)

Finally a GTA style game for the wii!!!!!

To start with i found driving difficult because it's completely done on the nunchuck, but once you've done some races it feels more natural. Next you learn to shoot using the controller (easier to use than red steel). Then finally the best part... whilst driving you can hang out the window of your car and shoot!!!!! (controls only possible with the Wii remotes!!)

9/10 in a sentence, graphics better than gta san andreas for the playstation 2, gameplay is greatly improved with the remotes and a must buy for any 18+ gamer on the Wii.

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  A GTA style game that works!

| | See all SoulGamers's reviews (2)

Brill game excellent music, driving is great effects and explosions are really nice, buy it if your a GTA fan.

Graphics are a 9/10 as I notised small glitches under the cars.

Gameplay 10/10
Running guning and killing, collecting cars, custom paint jobs, planting drugs! The hole lot is in here!
Excellent CGI cut scenes are included.

Buy it if own a Wii

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| | See all Robbocop's reviews (17)

This is more like it. great graphics, great Wii control, ove the shoulder on foot shooting better than Resident Evil 4! The game music is ace 60s and 90s music. 80 different vehicles to drive including the fab motor bikes. This game rocks plenty of action within the main story or just drive around wherever looking for bonus stars. usually put in hard places eg drive up a multi story and jump from roof to roof!!!! This is what the Wii has been lookin for a top notch Grand theft auto type game, well now we have one. Buy, buy, buy!!!!!

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