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Pokemon Battle Revolution

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  good game needs a bit of work

| | See all jakeyboy879's reviews (6)

it is a good game dont get me wrong but with the rental passes it is just wrong. there needs to be a game when you can explore like it is real

  its ok

| | See all AuraSmash's reviews (25)

The game is ok. All you do is battle though. Theres no adventure, or catching(which is one of the main points of pokemon) in the game.

  good game

| | See all benhurboy's reviews (7)

If this game had a story i would give it 5 stars. Also, you don't get exp points at all. Battling is fun and so is dressing up your guy. Buy this game!

  Why cant they make? (Sorry for bad English)

| | See all AeonNierthan's reviews (1)

I have played almost every pokemon games ever made. And I have always wonder, why cant they make a pokemon game aka oblivion (morrowind)? Why cant it be a real, large, great world where you start as a boy or girl, and do whatever you like to do. When you CATCH pokemon, I want to do it realtime, (or doing it as the gameboy games) not the gamecube/wii mode steal piece of crap shadow balls. I dont belive it will be that hard making the game either.

Then the game can get a whole new dimension.
The trainer gets experience points too, just as the pokemon does. Using it too get better in; running, jumping, chatching pokemon, use tactics, learn stufts, gets smarter for better dialogue options and so on.

I would love buying a game like that, but untill that day. Nintendo lost one costumer.

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  its ok

| | See all Teratus's reviews (10)

I was looking forward to this

Hmm what can i say

Bad points are story mostly
Its just a repeat of the classic stadium games

The best part of this game is trading your pokemon over from your ds and battling online
And tbh i find that makes the game worth playing

The graphics and addition of a announcer is brilliant and playing radomly online was its best addition
But apart from that its just simply a ok game

  Let Down.

| | See all LilShaun's reviews (16)

All i can say is, "What a let down". there's only so far you can go.

and i think pokemon has reached its limits.

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  Too Much Heavy Maintenance

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Don't expect a repeat of the brilliant Gamecube Pokemon games, this is the opposite of that. Transferring your Diamond & Pearl Pokemon is all well and good but it then makes the game too easy and for all the tutorials, creating, editing, explanations and introductions you have to go through before entering the arena you may as well press the power button. It's only worth getting for the two free Pokemon it gives you other than that don't waste you money.

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| | See all BigMaco7's reviews (18)

The only reason i gave it 2 stars is because of the graphics which are quite good but its the same thing over and over again.
Its also 2 easy and a story would've been good