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Red Steel 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Top Motion Plus Game

| | See all Larius's reviews (5)

Excellent controls. Average story. Repetitive gameplay. Must-buy for all Wii FPS enthusiasts.


| | See all Winetree's reviews (1)

I was a bit septic about buying this game, but I finally came around to do it and I am really happy I did so. There are some positive reviews about it, but I must say that even so this game is really underrated!
The graphics are gorgeous, more like a HD game than a Wii one, always fluid. The game play is fantastic and intense (it will work your arm) and finally the motion plus really makes sense and it has all that we expect from a first person shooter/action. You have different foes that require different approach and of course, boss fights. There are some controversy about the storyline, but I really digg it! I am loving it!!

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  Really good, surprisingly

| | See all thelastgoodyear's reviews (1)

I bought this for a tenner and I'm really pleased with it. Took a bit of time to get to grips with the controls, but once I got a feel for it, brilliant!!

You can't go wrong for a tenner so just by it!!

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| | See all DanWaterhouse's reviews (1)

OK, game, So far its keeping me playing. However, I'm not sure whether I'd have bought this game knowing the following Piece of Information:
There is no option for left handed people. Both sword and gun are controlled using the wii remote and moving is controlled by the Nunchuck. The sword is displayed to the right of the screen and looks and feels completely wrong if you try and hold the wii remote in the left hand. I have been forced to use the right hand to get the swings to work properly and this somewhat takes something away from the overall gaming experience.

P.S All reviews and forum posts saying that it doesnt matter what hand you hold the remote in start with "I'm right handed but......."

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  Red Steel 2 has fantastic Wii MotionPlus controls.

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Red Steel 2 is the best Wii game to use MotionPlus since the most excellent Wii Sports Resort. I really enjoyed the first Red Steel game but felt the sword fighting could have been a bit better. This is where Red Steel 2 really comes into it's own because for me the sword fighting is pretty much spot on now. Red Steel 2 is set in a strange Mad Max meets the Wild West with swords type world and, you the Hero are very much like the man with no name from the Dollars trilogy which starred Clint Eastwood. The graphics have a great style to them and the music creates great atmosphere. The story is about a gang called the Jackals who have taken over a town called Caldera. A sadistic psychopath called Payne is the leader of the Jackals and it's your job with some help from your friends to bring law and order back to the town. The voice acting is good and I enjoyed getting to know all the different characters within the game. I found the game starts off a bit slow but, it keeps on improving as you work your way through the levels. Red Steel 2 as a solo 1st person shoot em' up is one of the best on the Wii and it will keep your trigger finger happy until the release of Goldeneye 007 (Wii).

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  Really addictive and great fun but a few flaws

| | See all markees's reviews (20)

Red Steel 2 has some of the best graphics Ive seen on the Wii and its such a refreshing change from all the cutesy family friendly games on it. Although its really fun and addictive it does have a few flaws.
When I first started up the game I had a bit of trouble calibrating the WM Plus (at first I did it by placing it on the floor like Wii Sports Resort but I had a bit of difficulty controlling it after that so I resorted to holding it at chest level when calibrating which proved better).
After playing it for 2 weeks I think Ubisoft didnt completely get to grips with the Motion Plus. Dont get me wrong most of the time the controls are very sensitive and you cant get away with just waggling your arm to do a Special Move but there are a few times when I have trouble moving my character in combat and then got whacked from the side by an enemy. Also the WM Plus drains the batteries so much, that I kept having to use my 2nd controller as back up. There was also a small glitch that happened when I was stuck in a room and none of the doors would open (I ended up having to restart from my last save point but this wasnt such a big deal as the game Autosaves pretty regularly).
Red Steel 2 is so much fun and you can easily play for over an hour without realising the time! There are tons of special moves to pick up along the way the environments are amazing and the sound is really creepy and adds to the tension.
It reminded me a bit of Streets of Rage on the Mega Drive as most of the enemies remain the same throughout the game and there are a few bosses which pop up from time to time too. And then you have various missions to complete along the way new moves to learn you can purchase upgrades from the shop etc so there is plenty to keep you occupied.

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| | See all RossMilner's reviews (2)

Good game and controls are actually decent. Although Wii Motionplus has occasional fits and the cursor doesnt know what its doing.. Incredibly repetitive, backwards then forwards.. Repeat. But fun to play. Good graphics if your looking for a graphical game. Although I hate the cel shaded graphics! Red Steel 1 was what I preferred graphically.

An amazing game would be a cross of Red Steel and Red Steel 2. But its whatever you prefer graphically; cell shaded or not.

  Good fun but...

| | See all jsharp40's reviews (8)

Red Steel 2 seems to have nothing in common with the first game which is fine. After all RS2 has great atmosphere, brilliant sound effects, a generic stroy-line and some exciting moments but the game has one really big massive flaw and that is it is far too short. I managed to complete this game in 8 hours, which compared to the first one which took me around 20 hours to complete is rather a big difference. Let me break the game down for you

Graphics: Manga style which is better than the first game since the wii can't really handle realistic graphics like other consoles

Sound: Goes well with the mood. Voice acting ain't bad but not outstanding.

Gameplay: WONDERFUL! It's a shame there's only five levels of it. Unlike red steel 1 you can pull out your sword any time you want.

Overall: The gameplay is one of the best on the wii. You find yourself pulling epic moves all the time but as I said not enough levels. Buy this if you want a game to last you a weekend to complete but not if you want a lasting game.

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  The best Wii game

| | See all domus71's reviews (2)

It's the best Wii action game! Great graphics, powerfull gameplay. You can play for hours. Many main missions, cleaver learning lessons. It's a must for your Wii library!

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  Love this Game

| | See all zimbo1983's reviews (2)

My husband bought this for me, as a present. Loving every minute of it. Graphics very impressive. Game play keeps me interested, with various tasks and goals. Playing on Easy at the moment, which is challenging enough! Have to stand up to play properly, so a bit of a work out, especially when a couple of hours go by! If you want hours of fun, this is a good game to get.