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Manhunt 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  Excellent game and story

| | See all NileshR's reviews (7)

It had a good story. Good game. Its control were easy to learn and soon you start getting a hang of it.
Graphics are good enough. Would highly recommend this at this price. Not to be missed.

  What hell was it cut and banned 4........................

| | See all R33D0CR33P's reviews (1)

First things first, The game is awsome and the gameplay is very fluid and the cut scenes with blur are still making the game cool. plus there are shyte loads of games that are MORE VIOLENT than manhunt 2. lets get back to the game it rules and it will be as good as the first game an needs to be released in th u.k uncut otherwise I will kill real people responsible for this outrage........................the rating for this review would be 5 staes but the game has the blurry affect which isa still good but does'nt need to be there......................
DAMN YOU BBFC...............................

  Just get it!!!!

| | See all dogsdong's reviews (8)

Well This is one of the most violent games I have ever played. Great fun though.
The game is as good as Manhunt 1 and for under £4.....What more can you ask:)

  Its not that bad!

| | See all iPlayGames1's reviews (11)

I bought this for a fiver so even if it was absolute pants i wooldn't of really cared. But the thing is its actually half decent! The graphics look like a straight ps2 port which is starting to annoy me why cant they update the game a bit its just plain lazy! The executions are blurred but the effects are quite good and you can still walk around smashing people over the head with a sledge hammer so its not all bad lol. Just give it a go, even for £10 its worth it

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  Don't believe the Hype!

| | See all GreenVerdi's reviews (1)

The only thing which drew my attention to this game was the fact that it was banned. Excessive violence does not make for a good game. The initial novelty of butchering bad guys quickly wears off and soon becomes all too repetitive and ultimatley dull.
However. the current play.com price tag makes up for the overall poor gaming experience. If you're looking for a more adult and worthwhile experience for Wii check out Scarface

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| | See all UtopiaX's reviews (20)

This game is kinda short and the A.I. is really low. The guards are running around like chickens without a head. Great story but kinda predictable. The gore of the first manhun dissapeared and changed into blurry visuals (but great sound effects). A good game worth the money, but nothing more.

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| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

I really looked forward to this game for the wii but i found myself feeling a little dissapointed overall. When i first started playing it i was really enjoying the creepy and moody atmosphere of the game. The graphics and sound are quite good but as you progress to the later levels it all started to feel a bit shallow and rushed. Time and time again you i have to hide in the shadows only to creep out behind a patrolling person and perform the same ott violence to despatch ur enemy. Weather it be a crowbar, a sharp tool of some sort or a metal hook i found myself getting bored of it in the end., although i gotta say the wii controls did work good enough . There some parts of some levels where using a pistol, shotgun or a sniper rifle come in to play and although i found blowing there heads off a bit fun in a silly way it was never really enough to make the game any better. I suppose its worth a tenner though if u really want a very gory game but there are much better games on the wii.

  Manhunt 2

| | See all TheUndertaker180's reviews (1)

Great game well worth the money, even at this low price, great value! I wish there were no censors though, but it's still cool!

By the way, the censors can be removed. I have done this with my version and without the blurs this game really kicks a**e and is so gory, it's unbelievable. I'm just a little bit disappointed it's still not fully uncut like The PS2 BETA that was leaked online as the pliers executions are edited and heads no longer explode, other than those missing tidbits, this is the best version to date in its uncensored state and is very gory.

(I have vids around the 'net showing these)

I love The Manhunt games, cool graphics and runs smoothly too, the controls are a little awkward at first when your so used to The PS2 version but they are easy to get used to and work fine most of the time. I miss the ratings scoring system too which was in The PS2 BETA but sadly no longer in retail versions. Get this awesome game and let's hope for a Manhunt 3

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| | See all lordsparra's reviews (1)

my expectations for this game were massive being a huge fan of the original, i couldnt find it on 360 anywere so i bought off play.com for 8 quid, its not bad, but not brilliant, its very rough around the edges, plays a bit like a resi 4 clone, but for 8 qiud its a bargain!

  If you like this, you will LOVE madworld wii!

| | See all Demolition49's reviews (3)

Great game well worth the money, great value! I wish there were no censors though, but still cool!

Buy buy buy! And check out madworld if you like this!

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