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Spider-Man 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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| | See all awesomeface's reviews (1)

Its visualy poor and the controls are weak.
This game is a lesson in frustration, and there are far better things you can spend your money on.

Instead donate your money to the help for heroes charity, at least then you can have a feeling of wellbeing and not not like you have been conned.

If you want a good game for wii get mario party .

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  Don't trust all the reviews

| | See all DanielScott's reviews (3)

After reading countless reviews about poor swinging controls, short storyline, bad graphics and other dissappointing qualities about the game, I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway, as I have enjoyed both spiderman games before it, and so when I saw it was out on the wii I thought it would be an amazng new experience. I was not dissappointed. The swinging around new york is alot of fun, and is accurate if you do it properly. The graphics aren't bad, and are better than they were in spiderman 2 for the ps2, now obviusly the graphics dont compare to ps3, but so what, it is still a good game. The story isn't short if you take the time to do everything properly. Mini missions in between the story mode break it up and make it last longer. My gameplay so far is 4 hours and I am at 38% completed. A fantastic game and you should not let yourself be put off by other reviews. Try the game out for yourself.

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  Enjoyable so far

| | See all loveDS's reviews (8)

I am about half way through this game so far, and so far have enjoyed playing it. You don't need a high IQ to play the game, so if you're lookiing for something which is mentally challenging, this won't be your game. Swinging through NY is really fun and using the black suit is great! If you're after a game which doesn't need too much thinking about, then this is your game :-)

  to short!

| | See all dave1250's reviews (3)

the story line was way to short and the fight scenes got very boring by the end of the game because the moves are so limited i wouldnt reccomend it to anyone

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  Not as good as I thought it would be

| | See all jack1234567's reviews (6)

The Good:
- Graphics are ok.
- Black suit is really good when your fighting, and it makes your attacks stronger.
- Swinging is good with the Wii remote.

The Bad:
- Swinging doesn't go as fast as spiderman 2.
- The storyline is far too short and you could probably complete it in a weekend.
- Swinging is harder and you seem to be going down rather than up.
- Sounds aren't that great, web zip sounds like a gun firing.
- As soon as Venom comes into the game its right at the end and you have to kill him.
- the gangs of new york aren't as good, (In spiderman 2 the crime would just appear, it doesn't on this) you actually have to go and talk the a guy and he gives you the mission which gets boring.

In all, a fun storyline, but too short and the crime fighting could be better because waving the Wii remote around can get tiring.

  lazy people make un-modded ports

| | See all darkninja's reviews (55)

pretty pointless and identical to ps2 game (its a straight port). does not live up to spiderman 2, i think the graphics are less realistic and overall what annoys me are the controls - all the wiimotes motion controls for fighting and you're left wiggling the remote like a muppet. the sole good point is the black suit. unless you are a die-hard spider-fan, i advise you to rent it or stay away.

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  Doesnt live up to the other versions

| | See all Addbrown's reviews (11)

this game is poor,the graphics are terrible, it uses the 360 in game as cut scenes.The controls are fun,but you end up swinging into walls alot

  spider man 3 on wii

| | See all kevnfamily's reviews (14)

this was one of the first games i got and thought it was brilliant but when it came to the story it upset me, it was rushed as there wasnt a link at the beginning to show why he fought sandman alone, and when you did fight sandman alone it was a quick fight. wasnt pleased as story is so short but its a good game for the controlling.

  Complete it quite easlily

| | See all Boroboy1's reviews (18)

Not the best graphics they are quite shoddy actually the controls are alrite but when swinging you can get annoyed in a matter of seconds because you keep crashing into buildings if ur like me not a game to buy save it for something else