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Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (319 reviews)"

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  Not too shabby!

| | See all Addwil's reviews (1)

3 stars because its an entertaining party game for a few weeks, but gets boring pretty fast as most of the events are easy to master. Disappointed theres no online mode, would make a world of difference

  Preety Bad.

| | See all tomc61's reviews (6)

I was excited about this game, but now it has started to bug me. There is alot of choice in games which are quite enjoyable, which is proberly the reason it got 3 stars. But it takes so long just to get on a short race! You chose the type of game, athletics, swuimming etc. then you have to sometimes have to chose a sub category. Then you chose what race you want 2 play, 100m, 110m hurdles etc. Then next you chose how many players. Then u chose wat character. Now youve got the game loading when it finishes you go to the race menu where it says start or controls (which are not great). Now all of this takes 5 minutes for a 0 second game. And then after youve done the race you have either a cheer or sad look from you character and then the awards ceremony.
So you have about 8 minutes of waiting and thirty seconds of playing. (100 m races take about 10 seconds.)
So overall not to much playing.

  classic gaming

| | See all alexhartley90's reviews (1)

this game is really fun great game to play with a few people or on your own you can save your progress and the controls are actually pretty simple just very tricky to master , its a pretty challenging game that uses a lot of stamina

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  not great at all

| | See all Suush9's reviews (25)

An over-rated game this - the controls are bad! And the most dissapointing aspect of it is that it wastes all those great stars such as Sonic and Mario in what essentialy would be an average game without these popular characters.

Compared to the Wii Sports games (OK those are a different type of game) this is not worth considering - I think you should think twice about considering this game when there are so many classics out there for a similar price.

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| | See all tullyrulz's reviews (9)

this game is sooooooo bad i hate it so much the controls are wrong
the game play is poor. rubbish game.

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| | See all bennyrules's reviews (29)

I really enjoyed this game and ok the controls in some sports are quite confusing but you get the hang of them eventually!!

Very good game!

  Stellar Collaboration!

| | See all M3gaM4sh's reviews (6)

When I was younger, I always enjoyed both the Mario universe and the Sonic universe, so I thought it was an amazing quirk when I heard they were teaming up for a Beijing 2008 game. From the first play of the game, it was apparant that it wasn't a let down.
I loved playing all of the events as they were all well thought through (except perhaps the running which is far too easy). Although the circuit mode could have been a bit longer, the overall replayability of the game is brilliant, perfect for having friends round or for a party etc. Fantastic game and I look forward to Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games in October!

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  Give Up Your Weights And Use This Baby...

| | See all MMarr1989's reviews (8)

This game insanely drives your muscles mad in your arms annd gives them a great workout... You're always out of breath with this game and that's what I expect from a game like this...
Brilliant game! Well done SEGA & Nintendo!

  Not bad - But not that good either!!

| | See all BEDMEISTER's reviews (26)

I bought this off the back of the great reviews from variuos magazines and this site.

I wasn't that impressed from the start to be honest.

The controls are good iinsome events - Archery for example
and rubbish and confusing in others - Rowing and Swimming

The game is good for a laugh with one or two mates but you'll end up going back to Wii Sports - i traded it in after a month and was underwhelmed by the whole experience.

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  Fun when played with friends

| | See all DrumChick's reviews (2)

A great game to play with your friends. Very entertaining, a bit competitive obviously, but not the type of game that you'll reach for a lot when you're playing alone. It has fun features, you can even play with your Mii instead of f.i. browser, but it's not enough to stay addicted to it.