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NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  fun to play

| | See all franbeec's reviews (4)

I do find the controls a little over-sensitive but it's easier with the nunchuck. Very fun to play and the bosses are not too scary (which is something I have trouble with being female!)

  journey of dreams is true.

| | See all DANNYB2K8's reviews (10)

This game is absoulutly brilliant people might say on the other reviews that it is not as good as the other ones but it is alot better.

  Dreams? Better make that NiGHTmares...

| | See all Wiiloveit's reviews (18)

ome gamers have always treasured their collection of games, never wishing to part with it. In each of these collections, there will always be one which has had a cult following. A game that will always have its fans, however bad it may have been. The original NiGHTS game was one such game, which means that it's a shame for me to say that the Wii version is... bad.

Playing as either a young boy or girl, you enter their dream where you meet the mysterious NiGHTS. By "touching" NiGHTS, you will be able to combine with him, and fly through levels, ensuring that the evil Wizeman gets whats coming to him.

Although it's clear that this game is aimed at kids, it will also be far too difficult for them. The levels often consist of flying around, gaining speed boosts and catching up with flying creatures before defeating them with a swift press of the attack button, although some also include a bit of platform-y style exploring. Once you've completed the main part of each level, you'll move on to the boss battle of that stage. These bosses can take a bit of practising before you can defeat them, and since you have to return to the very beginning of each level if you lose to them, they can also provide a source of frustration.

Controlling NiGHTS makes the game a lot harder as well. You can use the Wii remote pointer to aim on the screen the direction you can fly, but the responsive-ness is all over the place, and you'll end up going to one of the other methods (of which, none of them still aren't that great).

In addition to the very short story mode, there are a few extras to keep you occupied. There's the tedious My Dream, where you can roam free in a bland custom land, a very bad multiplayer battle option where you shoot big balls around, hoping they bash into the other player, and a so-so multiplayer race option. Despite the fact that the race mode isn't too bad (and is also ready for online play, as is the battle mode), you'll need to be up against a player of similar skills, or otherwise this section will also get boring quickly.

The game does have its moments, and when you get the hang of flying, the whole thing can seem quite magical, but this is taken away by the disappointing graphics throughout the game, which are often blocky and look achievable on a PlayStation 2. Also contributing to the "bad" side of the scale are the long loading times, and limited replay-ability for the whole game.

Overall, fans of the original should still get a kick out of this version, but other gamers may find it too childish (whilst the kids themselves will be finding it too unfairly difficult), bland and badly designed.

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  Use a Gamecube Pad

| | See all neogeopocketcolour's reviews (16)

How can people complain about the controls, I take it they didnt bother to open the manual or look on the back of the box and see that you can use a GAMECUBE PAD instead, and play it just like the saturn version.

I mean sheesh, dont complain unless you have tried all the options. If you played the saturn version you are obviously a gamer and will have a cube pad.

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  All Style No Substance

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Nights for a long time now has been a one hit wonder, very much in the same way as Psychonauts, but the current attempt at bringing it back wasn't that good.
The graphics are incredible but it sacrificed gameplay alot.
Wii controls are rubbish unless you have a degree in stick waggling. Gameplay consists of flying around various stages spinning round monsters and going through rings that do bugger all to help you.
Back on the Saturn it was a diamond in the rough but this attempt on bringing it to the new generation is entirely all style and no substance

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| | See all Andy101h's reviews (5)

My Daughter was really looking forward to this game
but after the bad press it got she dicided she didn't want it
we went shopping and bought it pre-owned for 10 pounds
after 10mins of playing she was almost in Tears because she couldn't control Nights and even the nunchuck control is very confusing!

I would recommend renting or buying it pre-owned as 29.99 is over priced in my opinion

  Still a sweet dream

| | See all Vidarette's reviews (13)

I believe that this game still had much of the magic and charm of the original. To begin with the control are a little tricky. It is just a case of mastering them. The chase challenges are great. The boss battles are imaginative. Bomamba is my personal favourite even if is a bit creepy with those strange cat things flying at you. In that boss battle you move a table to try and get ball down holes. It has good replay value since you can go back and collect dreamdrops and try and improve your scores so that you get a A grade for each level. The magic is uplifting and I think the graphics are good.They have a mysterical quality. The only thing I don't like is the maze stages. I find them a little slow and repetitive. Actually they are quite good if you like solving little puzzles.


| | See all leepatsy's reviews (51)

i really enjoyed the saturn original but i was so very dissapointed in this latest installment. I think this game may be more appealing and suitable to younger ppl. However the controls using the wii remote are awful to say the least and i dont think the game is much better using the classic controller or a gamecube controller.


| | See all SgtShifty's reviews (33)

Absolutely spectacular! When i first played this game on the saturn many years ago, i fell in love! The beauty of this game is fantastic and it makes you want to play it for hours and hours and hours completing it in one shot every time!
After purchasing a wii for my girlfriend (and me... ha) i was walking past a game shop in town and out the corner of my eye i spotted Nights: Journey of Dreams and literally was back at home playing it within 10 minutes.
I cant believe it look them so long to remake it but im so glad they did it properly!!!

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  NiGHTS: Journey Of Nightmares

| | See all dazzin7's reviews (1)

This game is awful - bad graphics, boring gameplay and overly responsive controls.
The storylines and gameplay are repetitive and dull. The graphics are terrible - I've seen better SNES game graphics.

I loved the original and couldn't wait for this one. A BIG disappointment.

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