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NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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| | See all ReaperOfSouls's reviews (1)

this game is a pick up and play it's a sort of childish stroyline but to be honist it's a good game so i don't think you'd care. The game has a nice flow to it, the graphics are bright and colourful and the choice of play is yours this game is compatable with all controllers Wiimote and nunchuk Wiimote on it's own classic controller of gamecube controller, just makes way for a different experience every time.

This Game deffinately keeps up with SEGA's High standard of quality gaming!

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  Not impressed...

| | See all weejok's reviews (14)

I only rented this game (glad I did). Very annoying and boring. The flying controls are awful, and even when you do complete a sub level if you die on the next part you have to return and do the previous annoying bit all over again. The graphics are very poor and could have been done on any last gen machine, no excuse for poor graphics on the wii after mario galaxy showed us how good a 3d platform game can look this system. I'd give it amiss or like me rent before buying.

  Nights: Journey of dreams

| | See all Frankieboy's reviews (4)

We have been waiting for this game ever since we played it on the Sega Saturn years ago,and for us it hasn't dissapointed. If you loved the original,you will love this game.All the original sounds and tunes are in the game to bring back some great memories and although very similar to the original it is different enough to make it very playable.Smooth and colourful,this is a hit for all you Nights fans out there.

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  Sega Classic Brought to the Wii

| | See all mjinvincable's reviews (19)

The original on the sega saturn was a better game altough this is still well worth the play.com asking price. Some of the levels drag on and arent as fun as they could have been.

  I had a dream

| | See all GettingWorse's reviews (22)

Back in 1996, when Sega was in direct competition with Nintendo over the N64 and the Sega Saturn for the berth of King of Consoles.
Sega's original NiGHTs into dreams came head to head with Super Mario 64 and left battered and bruised in it's wake. It still had a cult following with it's fresh and original approach to a new genre, but Mario's genre defining platformer was too much for any games to take on.
More then 10 years later, NiGHTS: JOD comes face to face with yet another ground breaking Super Mario Galaxy. Although they're now both on the same system, you can't help but want to see what the outcome will be this time.
I was really excited when they announced the release of NiGHTS on Wii because I was a big fan of the original game on the Saturn and felt the Wii remote would be the perfect controller for such a game.
JOD stayed faithful to it's predecessor in every aspect, from the parallel mission structure to it's glorious soundtrack and backdrops. But one thing that really surprised me was how bad the Wii remote played on it, it won't be long before you want to swap it out for a gamecube controller or it's classic controller. The other annoying thing is how unforgiving the game can be. For example, after slogging your way through 3 flight stages and faced with a boss, if you're not quick to adapt and learn the boss's weak points and defeat him in the strict time limit, you'll be looking forward to doing the flight stages all over again. The new addition of earning masks to transform your titular clown into a new form gives the impression the programmers only put them in just so they can say they've added something to the original. You'll only use it when the boss fight demands it rather than to enhance or change the dynamics of the general game play.
Having said all that, this is still a beautiful game to play and reminded the old NiGHTS fans of what was so special about this game. It's only spoilt by the over zealous programmers trying to evolve a winning formula and created more problems instead of enhancing it. Still a fine game in it's own right and should be given a chance to shine.

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