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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (187 reviews)"

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  Excellent ,great play-ability & a must have game!

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This game truly has you on the edge of your seat whilst playing. You never know what to expect or what's around the corner? Highly recommended.

  Absolutely brilliant

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This game is awesome, here is a quick summary for you!

Graphics - awesome - possible best on wii for realism.
Gameplay - pure genius
Control system - best of any Resident evil game.
Storyline - different and brilliant
Scares - many - chainsaw man, enough said.
Replay value - worth playing numerous times on all settings.
Length - quite long, could be longer but there isn't a need.
Value for money - i got it when it was 30, and thought it was great value for money, so anything cheaper is a bargain.

Overall - what else can I say, its just the perfect wii game!

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  A must buy

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I had never played a resident evil game before and was tipped off about this game picked it up for about 15 pounds and would gladly pay 50. Well worth it for any fan or new player. Good story and good gameplay. Wonderfully made game.


| | See all PoachedEgg's reviews (3)

If you own Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube, PS2 or PC and can't stop playing it then I urge you to buy the Wii version. If you haven't played RE4, again, get this version. The new controls that use the wiimote and nunchuck are executed perfectly and make the experience more intuitive and enjoyable. If the wiimote isn't your thing, the game can be played with the gamecube or the classic controller. The Wii version also includes all the exclusives that were on the PS2 and PC versions which makes for alot of replay value. This new version has refreshed and remastered the game and has made it even more addictive and fun. A must buy for all Wii owners and RE fans.

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  fantastic game

| | See all daddylegend's reviews (1)

i have had hours of fun on this game
would recomend to any true res fan
i was gutted when game came to end cant wait to res 5


| | See all starr69's reviews (25)

I've completed this game 3 times now and i've got to tell you this game is fantastic. It has a great story/storyline 10/10 the gameplay is awesome 10/10 and the graphics 9/10 and Leon s kennedy is brillaint in this resident evil game.
If you're a resident evil fan and even if you're not you will not be dissapointed in this game overall 10/10 game (if you don't have a Wii its on PS2 aswell but wii is better)
Leon s kennedy has a top-secret mission to rescue ASHLEY the president's daughter, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious organization. Leon has to find out who or what is behind the terror of RESIDENT EVIL 4!!!

  Best game on the Wii

| | See all yodals's reviews (1)

Outstanding. Top game play and story and most importantly, not on rails like other Wii shooters. Some class baddies along the way, but my favourite section is early on at the zombie village - carnage. Simply CLASS. A must for all Wii users!

  best wii game a must buy for the adult wii player

| | See all andy119's reviews (1)

this game is great - DONOT confuse it with that piece of rubbish umbrella chronicles which has totally different game play and controls - Also when you finish the game it keeps going you play as a different character and new scenes and dont forget the mercanaries games endless zombie to kill - but you have to kill well to get the 5 stars! put the kids to bed before you play it though zombies heads exploding can be a bit graphic!!


| | See all Radniroc's reviews (1)

I may be biased towards this game in comparison to other resident evil games as this was the first one I played. If you already have it on the gamecube, the wii controls are great - however, sometimes I feel that the wii mote makes it slightly easier than it would be otherwise as you can very quickly and accurately move across the screen getting headshots if you have a steadyhand. Also the auto knife (just shake the remote) sometimes keeps slicing down at the ground 2-3 times more than you wanted which can cause a slight ammount of trouble when under pressure. So I wouldn't suggest buying this game again if you have the cube version. Seems like the it would be same game only a bit easier. However, if you do not own the Gamecube version. I would pick it up if I were you, I debated it for a long time as I'd never played a resident evil game - but it was very worthwhile. It really isn't that scary. But that didn't bother me as I'm a wuss with fear anyway. The location damage is very accurate as well. Ie shooting in the shins will drop a zombie to the floor where as the thigh they just kneel down. It took me 13 hours to beat on normal and I have just started professional mode. The extra missions from assignment Ada and Separate ways, although fun, don't make too much sense with the rest of the game sometimes not to ruin a surprise, but you kill someone in the main story and in Seperate ways which is designed to be going on side by side with the Main plot

Some boss fights were a bit too easy however, such as salazar I managed to kill him standing in the same place without taking any damage. Other bosses were a real challenge, krauser for instance is tricky as you have a time limit as well in which to fight him.

After you have beaten it you unlock mercenaries which is in my opinion, one of the better parts of the game. You have unlock new characters, it isn't too hard, but its hard enough to not be a walk in the park. However, once you unlock Krauser in mercenaries it gets abit easy again as his bow is powerful and although its cool to blow up heads constantly with a bow, the game starts to feel a bit dull killing almost everything in one hit...

The game does have replay value however as professional mode is very different game because of the monsters you have to fight, you get different events which are designed to challenge you much more, I wouldn't suggest playing on easy even if you don't think you're any good because you miss out a lot of the events such as chainsaw zombies around the corner.

Overall I found the game to be a great experience. Not sure how it would compare to other resident evil games due to the different aiming system, so it may feel very different but not all different things are bad right?

As a small note to parents thinking of buying for a child, this game really should be an 18 in my opinion, I don't understand why it isn't as at the start it gives you a warning, everytime, about strong language, violence and gore. Also large blood splatters in some places make me question how it was only an 15.
I would (and have) recommand this to a friend.