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WWE: Smackdown VS Raw 2008

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Rob0411's reviews (12)

This game has great music, you can create your own wrestlers, there are not many game modes and the game has good graphics. I enjoy using the tournement mode. Most of the game modes have been lost from the previous svr titles, this gives a detrimental effect on the games feedback. Although I do really enjoy playing this game or watching the CPU's fight...It can be very entertaining!!


| | See all conradhewitt's reviews (14)

I thought this game was cricket at first. They could at least write on the case what the game is. Waste of my money its worth £9.99 if that. HA

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  Should have been good

| | See all yugioh's reviews (13)

We can all imagine what a wwe game should be like on the wii.With punching and lifting up the remote to lift up the oponents,BUT NO!They are wanting you to swing the wii remote about like a baby and it will get frustrating when it dosent respond to the mindlessly waving you will do.I gave it 2*'s because despite all the abuse its fun to get a mate round(like all wii games)and wrestle each other because you will both have a good time!Instead of buying this go buy zelda or mario and sonic.

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  A step backwards

| | See all BigFranko's reviews (2)

This game is way behind other formats as it loses so many features in the quest for a new fun control system for wii. Its not a complete waste of time as it can be fun to play for short periods but has no long term one player appeal at all.

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  Poor Show

| | See all shplay's reviews (2)

Well, this game was bought and returned with a matter of a day. Played this on the Xbox 360 at my friend's house, and loved every minute of the game. But the Wii version simply stinks, and here's why:

- No match variation
- Poor controls
- Graphically inadequate for a 7th generation console.

So, let's address each negativity in a bit of detail.

Some of the WWE's main match types, such as Hell in a Cell and Royal Rumble are completely missing. I'm sure if the ECW brand wasn't included then the Hardcore match would also be missing.

Apparently you have to move the Wiimote as if you were actually performing a wrestling move, however every single move you want to make can instead be represented by shaking the Wiimote. As you can guess, fun does not ensue, but confusion and the regular "I didn't want him to do that!".

The graphics are seriously terrible. It's like they've been watered down and the animations are just terrible.

If anyone can actually justify buying and enjoying this hopeless piece of trash of a game then please do, but at the time of writing I fail to understand how this is the 7th best selling Wii game.

There's so much that needs to be fixed:
- Maybe add more moves as downloads to an SD card via WiiConnect24?
- How about abandon the Wii controls altogether as it obviously didn't pay off.
- Bring this up to standard with the Xbox and PS3 versions. The Wii is the top selling console, treat its users with respect.

I actually think that this game is rather patronising, and represents a dumbed down version of the game, because the developers assume that people who buy Wiis only want to play mini games and cannot be bothered with career modes, so they just do without.

This game needs to be seriously reconsidered for its next Wii iteration. Nintendo should actually test 3rd party games before they liscence them for use on their consoles.

Please remove the Seal of Quality from this game until the developers get their act together. They need a Stone Cold Stunner.

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  Don't bother

| | See all JoeWong's reviews (2)

Bought this game because I love wrestlin. BIGGEST FAN lol. But this gmae lacks everythin, takes 4 hrs to complete, too short. Limited match types, no ladders, tables, cages, hell in a cell, not even a royal rumble. literally single, tag, hardcore (which i must add is only 2 chairs... *yawn*. absolute waste of money

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  Bit of a let down

| | See all TomSharp's reviews (3)

This game is fun for the first hour or so, then you realise how limited it is! In two player mode the types of match you can play are terrible, there isnt even a cage match option let alone hell in a cell or tables match! there is however a hardcore match option, the only problem with this being that the only weapon avalible to use is a chair! The 'Main Event' mode is also a major let down, its just normal match after normal match with a hardcore or KO match thrown in every now and again! You never get run-ins and there are no cut scenes what so ever! If you are a wrestling fan you may find some fun in this game for an hour or so but in the long run its just boring! I will definatly be trading my copy in!

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  Hmmmmm... but ooohhhhh.....now, I get it!

| | See all BMDetectiveAgency's reviews (4)

Right first off the bat, do not buy this game expecting the same experience of SvsR on the other home consoles. This has been built from the ground up with the Wii in mind and offers a completely different experince.

I first thought that it was terrible, a complete lack of game modes, control of atmosphere. Then I played it again... and again... and again and before I knew, 4 hours had gone past. Sure I hadn't fought a ladder match, put someone through a table or watched a photo realistic replication of the Pedigree, what I had done was have a massive amount of FUN! That word that we seem to forget when it comes to games at times. I was tired, constantly re-editing my jobber due to the slightly daft system and cursing as I kicked out of my third chokeslam but, by God, I was laughing my ass off. It feels fully interactive and truly instinctive within a couple of hours play.

Right, on to the negatives. Graphically the game isn't upto much, other than the superstars the game looks positively last generation. The motion controls can be a little haphazard at times and lead to moments of frustration. There is no ladder, TLC, cage, hell in a cell, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series... well the list goes on of what there isn't as far as game modes go. The create a wrestler is limited at best as far as moves and entrances go.

BUT!!!! The multiplayer is worth the money alone. Having four of you banging ten shades of hell out of each other is as hilarious to watch as it is to play. Even one on one this beats the other SvsR experiences hands down!

In all, a flawed but entertaining start to our own version of a good franchise. The basis is here for a cracking 2009 edition much in the way that Pro Evo 6 on 360 was for 2008 next gen. If you want a technical, in depth wrestler, then get a N64 and Wrestlemania 2000/No Mercy, if you want a good laugh with your mates and a respectable one player experience, then give this a fair try, not just a weekend. BMDA.

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  Two Words: Consolist and Pathetic

| | See all LimeyG's reviews (4)

You might be wondering what i mean by "Consolist", well compared to the Xbox and Playstation versions this game feels like an empty shell. The main event mode is reptetive and nothing compared to the season modes of previous versions of this game which i was very much hoping for. The lack of match types for this version totally destroys the fun of multiplayer gaming and to be honest the whole wii remote individualness though good can tire the arm very much so. I very much agree with one of the previous reviewers points that this game needs serious work and must be better for next year or otherwise THQ might as well qive up trying to make wwe games for the wii.

  A work in progress

| | See all paulbrady402's reviews (1)

Can't help but feeling this game isn't the finished article, I'd expect more from the next installment in the Wii series. If your thinking of buying it I'll give a quick rundown of the game:

There are 5 match modes (thats about 5% of the number of modes you'll find in this game in every other console format):
* single
*hardcore (the only weapon i've been able to use in this match so far is a chair ?)
*triple threat
*K.O. Match. (Seriously don't see what purpose this match type serves whatsoever, would it have killed them to put in a fatal 4 way instead?)

The only thing in this game I'll give credit to is the watered down career mode known as "Main Event" mode, unlike on the 360 version which I have also played, it's just plain & simple: work your way up the ladder, challenge opponents, get title shots (although for some daft reason if you win a title every defence for that title is at the same PPV arena, i.e. if you win the tag titles at backlash every title defence will be at the backlash arena), build your character's stats (you can also play as the ECW roster on this version which for some reason you can't do on the 360) and it goes on as on for as long as you want. I can honestly say the career mode is far more playable on this than on the 360, no need to worry about making pointless public appearances coupled with chronic injuries, its just what gaming should be: Fun.

There is the obvious create a superstar mode which, like everything else in this game, is a watered down version of the 360/PS3 versions, but is good enough for what you need it for.

The game also has all the same unlockable arenas & characters as the other versions of SD! vs RAW '08.

All in all I'd say this game is good for what it is: a work in progress. I reckon it lays down a good foundation for what will no doubt be a good title to own on the Wii in years to come, I'm sure performing taunts with the WiiMote is more enough to keep younger wrestling fans entertained for months(it kept me entertained for a couple of hours at least and I turn 21 in 2 weeks lol) but seasoned gamers will be put off by the lack of game modes.

I know I'll probably be trading it in with TNA IMPACT hits the shelves early next year but if you want to play a pro wrestling game on the Wii this year, this is your only option.

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