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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (83 reviews)"

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  Its a game worth getting!

| | See all JamDodge's reviews (6)

I bought this game for my girlfriends 18th birthday! Yes 18th!... Already she has got to 4 stars and she really enjoys playing on it when im not having a go. Its a game worth getting and it will keep you playing for hours. Its has the original idea of sim city like but adds a greater emphasis on child play with its Mii like characters and with its fun outlook. Dont just go by this review though, you need to get it to really enjoy the game for what it is!

  it is not like sims 2 pc

| | See all rabbit100's reviews (6)

jack got it and i was allowd to play it but i dident think that it was as good as the other games

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  Ridiculous Loading Times

| | See all BlueRogue's reviews (151)

Having already reviewed MySims DS I was expecting this version to be better. Thankfully it was as they actually allow you to build things. You can even choose which people you want in the town and it's more rewarding being a master builder than talking gibberish all the time.
But it's horrible flaw is the frustrating loading times the game creates. They say they've ironed out the problems for MySims Kingdom so I've got high expectations for the sequel.
Overall if you can get round the loading times you should enjoy this game.

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| | See all Parkesyuk's reviews (4)

I bought this game after reading all the good reviews and i have to say its one of the most addictive games i have ever played, and for the price you really cant go wrong! Build various objects for your townsmen and choose who you want to move in! A must buy! 5* - just like my town!

  Nice game to have in your Wii collection!!!

| | See all tennishead39's reviews (33)

I bought My Sims the day it came out and couldn't wait to try it out. When I did I was a little surprised at the style of the game, however over a little time I came to love it!!

The game begins with you coming to a town that has been destroyed and you have to rebuild it with your excellent building skills. I found this a little difficult to get use to as it is a big change from the other Sims games, anyway I kept an open mind and as the game progressed I progressed to like it. In my opinion My Sims is like the better bits of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and The Sims for the pc (without all of the expansion packs that can cost from £12.00 to £25.00 each), you have to wonder why it took someone so long to do this.

From the word "go", the attention to detail, style and polish is there in spades. Your first task is to create a character, a job that introduces you to the game's fantastically simple but extremely effective creation system. It offers a huge range of different clothing designs, hairstyles and facial expressions; you can even for the first time change the pitch of your Sims voice!!! You can also change your clothes any time you like as well!!

And now the reel thing begins, where you are told by the mayor that the town could do with someone to fix it up (yes that's you). First things first though you will need a base of operations if you are going to do anything around here. And so you are introduced to the workshop, a place where you will be spending an awful lot of your time. It is here where you will be building and creating items, from chairs, to cupboards, to beds, to baths and even to full- blown houses, your workshop is your main method of getting people back to the town.

The graphics of My Sims are also something to watch out for, the cartoon style graphics actually suit the game and for me they are a nice touch. You can also choose who you want and don't want to live in your neighbourhood- very useful!!!

Overall My Sims is an adorable little game in one sense but a very well thought out game in another sense that caters for the creative and caring personality that hides away in all of us. And never fear if you're completely evil then My Sims caters for that too. Be demonic and go around causing trouble if you must- there is a different side to this game for all you mischief-makers as well. EA has taken several little genres and moulded them into a rather charming little game.

- Superb workshop system.
- Lovely style of graphics
- Good mix of gameplay styles
- Oh so so so addictive

- No online sharing option (hence why it didn't get the full 5 stars)

Overall: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Workshop System: 9.5/10

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  My Sims

| | See all Lots123's reviews (2)

Wow! This game is amazing.

Totally easy to work and easy to follow.

As said in some of the other reviews it's easy to get lost but you can get out just as easily.

Great game! I love playing it!

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  i love it

| | See all ElectronicallyCool's reviews (5)

i love this game its about this village that gets destroyed nd u have 2 rebuild it

the only thing is u get lost really easliy but maybe thats just me

over all its easy 2 work nd it is great

i dont have the wi-fi so i cant play it online but my cousins have de wi-fi nd my sims nd they say its brill

so buy the game now.

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  good game

| | See all alfr3d0's reviews (4)

my sims is a good game,gets a little boring in some places,but very fun to play! Its just like a proper sims game but not as good grahics!

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  MySims, Your Sims?

| | See all PoynterJones's reviews (32)

So, I have only recently bought the Wii console and I had heard a big fuss being made over MySims, so I thought that I'd buy it and give it a go to see what all the fuss was about.
Being the second game in which I had bought for the station, I was still getting used to the controls and getting over the excitement of a new gamestation and for a whole week I sat playing MySims, doing what I had to do to get to the next level.
At first, it's fun, new and exciting and you end up having a great time playing it and learning and finding out new things, but after a while it gets repetitive and you lose the interest in the game.
To enjoy this game to the maximum, I suggest not playing it day after day, and mix and match what games you play, because once you receive your 5* status, you are now left with nothing to do and for me, that was the game finished and I was rather disappointed that it ended in that way.
This game is great for Sims fans and for younger gamers, but for older, more experienced gamers they're left lacking something and wanting a bit more than this game can give them.
If you're wanting something more, I suggest you just stick to the old school Sims games or the Sims 2 and their expansions.

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  love it totally

| | See all mezeee's reviews (49)

I really like this game because you build EVERYTHING, decide EVERYTHING, and unlock new worlds, blocks for your workshop and so on. I recommend it to all Wii players worldwide.

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