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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (83 reviews)"

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  Has layers.

| | See all mrpandaman's reviews (7)

i started off playing the game by just doing the tasks all the time and i got up to 5 stars very quickly and was dissapointed but then once you start walking around and talking to the people in your city it makes it a lot more interesting but i still found it was lacking in depth as i got through the tasks, and stars very quickly.

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| | See all tinynic1's reviews (8)

I loved this game!
It's just enough like The Sims to keep fans of the series entertained and happy but with enough differences and changes to make you want to shell out your hard earned cash for it!
The cartoony graphics are fantastic and suit the game tremendously where they would just look silly in a normal Sims game.
Basically you're the new Sim in town and an architect type to boot. You design houses for the residents and after meeting up with new arrivals staying at the towns hotel and convincing them to move into the town you then build their houses/ shops/ restaurants for them aswell. But it's not all building houses because it turns out you're also a bit of a handy man/woman. The towns-people will ask you to build them things to put in the house/ shop/ restaurant you've just built them. You've to match these things to their personality and in order to get this right you need to chop down specific trees to get certain woods and if you can't find them because you chopped them all down you just find a patch of ground and plant another and find certain items scattered all over the place.
This game is fun... and thats all there is to it... a definate must have.

  Fun Fun Fun

| | See all willmillard's reviews (13)

Ok so it does take a bit of tme to load but when it is loaded it is well worth the wait. Graffics are verry good. Cant wait for my Sims party and my Sims kingdom to come out.

  An ok filler for Animal Crossing

| | See all DracoDragonite's reviews (9)

In this life type sim you see yourself as an essence user, collecting essences to help rebuild a run down town. Its a pretty fun game while it lasts, plenty of shops and Sims to interact with, though they will always want you making things for them.
The visuals are nice and suit the game well. The only problems are that you are required to keep collecting essences, and the LONG load times, especially when you go into the hotel when you have a decent rated town.

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| | See all Jonesy23's reviews (1)

Ok - yes I agree the loading times are quite slow but the actual game is brilliant. I am addicted to it. As for those who say you cannot have variety and different charaters, you are wrong. You have to play for a while to unlock the different areas, and once you have built things for the different sims, you can then change outfits, hair, makeup etc, you need the beauty/hair salon and the costume shop before you can do this tho obviously. I constantly fight with my neice to get to play on my world, we are racing to see who gets a 5 star town first - unfortunately she is in the lead with 4! I am on 3 stars so far......plenty more excitement to unlock!

  Not bad for first day or so

| | See all MasterlyMat's reviews (28)

well i think this game is well its just another sims addition basically not really thought out well the controls can be akward at first but are easily learnt after playing the game for a while but sooner into the game it feels like you've wasted you're money because of the boredom of the game it drags on its just building buildings you cant feed you're sims or give them drink it isn't that type of sims overall not bad the onm gave it 94% a little to high for a game with such boredom but why not give it a try and see what you think its not awful by any stretch of the imagination

  Slow loading time, lack of individuality and not challenging

| | See all Lozza7's reviews (1)

This game really is slow. Every time you move to a new area or go to design something it loads up - slowly. It has nice graphics, but little or no storyline and I expected to be able to build entirely individual houses and customise the appearance of the characters but you can't - you have to choose from what is available, which in my opinion, isn't enough variety. There is also a lot of repetition in gameplay, where you search for new essences then build things out of fruit. by It's a nice idea but it doesn't really work.

  Very slow, boring

| | See all stefanieroe12's reviews (3)

Game looked good at first with cute little people and fun house designs but very slow loading and the most random furniture designs with pieces of fruit stuck in them!!! Strange and gets really boring really quickly, stick to the normal sims!

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  Fun to play, but quick to finish

| | See all SaintlyRed's reviews (2)

This is very addictive and fun to play, though not a typical sims game. It looks like a childrens game, but the controls are quite complicated so not really a great game for children below 7. Your in a run down town, and your the architect who looks for new residents and builds houses and shops and all those things a community needs, the more you do the more areas you unlock.
Very fun while it last but once you have filled the town and unlocked all the areas which doesn't take very long, what next..? Bit repetitive to play again.
The best sims game to play on the Wii is the Sims Castaway.

  One For The Kids

| | See all Lottie1908's reviews (69)

I love sims 2 on the PC and on the PSP so i chose this game with my Wii bundle.
All i can say is that i was very disappointed.
It lacks a story, infact i would go as far as saying i think it lacks any real point at all. The game is very, very simple and gets very tedious very quickly.
However, my younger cousins love it. I think it is great for kids, but as far as adults and teenagers go, it isn't great.
Needless to say, i have took it back.
My advice: one for the kids, but kids only.