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Boogie (includes Free Microphone)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  good if theres alot of you

| | See all lushiousxx's reviews (2)

Similar to other reviews where as if theres alot of you reguarly then its an alright laugh-however if its just a couple of you it does get a bit boring. There is a few good songs but there should be more- bit dissapointing there isnt a chance to both sing together.as for the dancing we never really got into this- the story mode was just annoying with noisy little alien things- this game was fun when we first got our wii but then we resorted back to the ps2 with singstar.

  Fun Sometimes.

| | See all Frankie1405's reviews (25)

To be honist i havn't played this game alot, and that's not because i don't like it it's just because i have other games to play which i like better. Now if you've played singstar on the Playstation 2 or 3 then the singing part of this isn't as good as that but its still pretty good and you can enjoy it. The dancing part i still havn't decided if i like the dancing part so much yet, i kind of feel you don't do much in it. The video making part yeah its pretty fun a couple of times. The best fun i had with this game is with my cousin she has it on Playstation 2 and she came around and we had alot of fun and laughs playing this and it was great because she plays it on PS2 alot more than ive played mine so she showed me some stuff and we just had a laugh singing, so its much more fun with friends or family i would say. Oh also the track listing is quite good for having fun with friends and partys and stuff :). Over all i give it 3.8 stars out of 5 :)

  Birthday boogie

| | See all barbsy's reviews (1)

Given this for a birthday present from my son. And at 51!!!!! we had such a great laugh!!!!!!! Easy to set up - which was good as Im not a techno person.Family fun. Take it for what it is and enjoy.My husband is not one to sing but boy he did good. Our ages were 53 down to 27 and we laughed till we cried ----or was that my husbands singing!!!!!!!


| | See all velmaD's reviews (50)

Seen this game advertised and i thought it looked so much fun so i had to get it,but gotta be fair it was a let down and was really disapointed the singing and dancing gotta a bit confusing at times. played it once or twice and its been in the box since.

  Good But Lacking

| | See all tinynic1's reviews (8)

In theory this is a five star game but in practice sadly a bit of a let down.
Firstly theres the story mode which you need to complete to get all the songs. The word 'story' is used very loosely. You play through as all the charactors and unlock the songs and other things for the multiplayer (which lets face it is why we buy games like this). I agree with a previous reviewer in the sense that some animation during what should be the cutscenes would've been nice instead of pictures and endless written dialogue (which I too just ended up skipping).
There are two parts to Boogie - theres the singing and the dancing.
1) Dancing
The thing I liked about this is that there aren't specific moves. You just move in your own way to the beat of the music and the clicks through the controller (which I found to be in tune to the music just fine, but thats only my opinion). The only time you have to perform specific movements is once your Boogie meter fills up and you're getting the additional points from that but even then it's only four or five movements.
Some people might not like that they're not actually told how to move but personally I rather liked that aspect of the game.
2) Singing
You don't have to be a very good singer to get points here (which is good news for me) just know the words and the tune and away you go... even then I found that you don't need to sing the right words. On one drunken night with some friends round we were playing this and making a bit of a competition out of it and I beat my opponents score before my time was up and began taking the mick out of her in tune with the song and still managed to score points for it... So this I also quite like because it's always fun to take the mick and even better doing it to music and getting even more points for it! And your opponents face when that happens is priceless!

Onto the songs... I feel it's a poor selection and would've loved a bit of variety and some stuff a bit more recent. It would also have been nice if they had the original versions of the songs and not cheap sounding cover versions which are honestly pretty terrible.

In conclusion get some friends round and get the drinks in for this one because sober and solo it's no fun and you do feel a bit of a tool playing it yourself but with other people it's actually not too bad.

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  What a waste

| | See all dancoo's reviews (2)

This game must be one of the most expensive and worst games out for the wii. was excited about it coming out but wouldnt recommend to anyone!

  One Of The Funnest Games I Have Ever Played!!!!!!!

| | See all bennyboy885's reviews (9)

I have to say when i was going to fist play this i was singing 'Boogie Want To Dance' and now i'm singing 'Boogie This Is Great'.EA GREAT JOB!!!!!

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  Another cheap thrown-together title from EA

| | See all InfiniteBlue's reviews (6)

Was hoping for a lot from this game when I bought it, and was very disappointed. The song selection is very small and the tracks are poor recreations of the originals - I have heard better performances from amateur bands at my local pub. I get the feeling that this game was put together incredibly low budget and had very little involvement from anyone who is musically talented.

Let's begin with the dance-off:
For a start, the metronome clicks from the WII remote are out of time on most of the songs, I had to turn the remote volume off to be able to get a decent score. Otherwise you spend the whole track trying to listen to the 'tick tock' instead of the song. You swing the remote up, down, left and right in time with the music to fill your boogie meter. Then you can do combos by... yet again swinging up down left or right. You can also move around the stage to collect 1 of 3 types of powerups. This sort of gameplay is only challenging if you are incredibly young or very drunk and is of little interest to either category. My six year old son-in-law played this game with his friends once and was bored and asked to go back to WII sports instead.

Then there is Karaoke:
This is very similar to singstar, with the lyrics at the bottom and coloured blobs representing pitch. However there is only one microphone which means no multiplayer, and it is difficult to convince people to sing on their own at parties when they might have otherwise been persuaded to join in with a friend. Furthermore, during parts of the songs you can hear the artist singing, but no blobs to sing along to (and I'm not talking about the Grease track with the option of singing either male or female). The game doesn't recognise pitch very well, and you can basically have one player talking in a monotone, and then another player singing in perfect pitch, and their scores will be very similar.

Finally the Story Mode and Shop:
When you first start playing, most of the songs, stages and clothing is locked and you have to purchase them at the shop or unlock them through story mode. Because of the funky cartoony look of the game, they could have put in some animated scenes during the story mode that would have made it interesting (think of Wario Smooth Moves!). Instead you are presented with one background with static character pictures and about 100 words of boring text to read through. In the end I just ended up skipping the text and breezing through the challenges to unlock the feeble number of tracks available in the game.

My advice to anyone considering buying this game is:

Another classic rip-off cheaply produced title from the corporation that destroys smaller games companies. R.I.P. Bullfrog.

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  Fun but dissapointed with the choice of songs they give you

| | See all missshortyminx's reviews (1)

I like Boogie its fun especially when you have lots of people round you can have a good laugh on the kareoke :D I was a bit dissapointed on the choice of songs they gave you :(

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  Not Great

| | See all Daisycow's reviews (2)

I thought this game was going to be much better than it was. I wish I had choosen a different game to get when I bought my Wii.

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