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Boogie (includes Free Microphone)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  Great Game for Good or Bad Singers!! And All Ages

| | See all divadee's reviews (2)

loved this game and so did my mum and dad (which surprised me a lot)

Even though none of us can sing we still had massive amounts of fun and being able to dance along as well was great. I would like there to be more song tracks on it, but there are enough to have great partys with friends and family.

The microphone that comes with the game is great and really makes you feel like a pop star, even if you dont sound like one!!

  Boogie No More Please

| | See all Laxeybobby's reviews (5)

I bought this game based on a review and watching the preview videos that showed people dancing about and the game corresponding. Unfortunately those videos are misleading because unless you move the wiimote in time with the 'ticking' sound that comes out of its speaker your character doesn't score any points - not a freeplay as it would appear. The characters are fun to look at but the character story modes are pointless and the presentation between each dance or karaoke session I found tedious.
The Karaoke side -well you just sing the song (if you can) I found the majority of the songs where, unless you were a very good singer and new the song, hard to follow. Most were fast lyrics intensive songs - Black Eyed Peas song for example - maybe its because I am over 20 and Black Eyed Peas are after my time. It would have be good to have a few more Karaoke Classics.
This also leads me onto the biggest problem with this game - the Instruction Manual - or lack of Instruction Manual that it should be called.
In the Karaoke mode the songs appeared to have a star rating. What does the stars refer to, difuculty level?? Not a single reference to it in the manual. For those of us that are new to singing types of games an explanation of the meters / bars and what you need to do would have been good.
With all the above aside the game is fun after some alcohol and with friends, and maybe if EA bring out Boogie Two then including a dance mat and incorporating the wiimote for arms/poses would be fun!

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  Singing is fun but the dancing part is poor

| | See all Ladykara's reviews (3)

I brought this game as i thought it would be fun doing the dance moves.But you spend the time trying to wave the remote in time with the beat. To be honest thats all you really do, to make your character do dance moves i found boreing and at times difficult. The singing is fun and would be a laugh if you had some friends over. If i had known i dont think i would have brought it, i would have waited for the new games due to come out which uses the foot matt.

  Love It!!!

| | See all Suz1584's reviews (7)

I got this game yesterday, and reading the reviews was unsure if I would be impressed at all with the game, but I was surprised at how much fun this game actually is, he dancing is fun and I think the singing will be a good laugh for adults as well as kids! Extremely impressed!

  boogie on nintendo wii

| | See all kevnfamily's reviews (14)

i think this game is good but would think its much funner if you were to play with friends, but it is fun to play and ive enjoyed it so far, its basically a karoke but a little bit different. i would recomend this game to someone who wants a good laugh. good game

  Not as good as it sounds

| | See all becca1507's reviews (1)

I was really looking forward to this game being released and was very dissapointed when I first played it. From all of the hype I was under the impression it would be an excellent party game for young adults. I thought it would match the likes of singstar and the dance mat that have previously been released on PS2. It is no where near as good. The dance moves are limited and you dont feel like you are actually controlling what the character is doing, rather just waving the remote around and the character does whatever. Plus the dance moves are quite limited and the character ends up repeating the same moves over and over again, which gets boring.
The karaoke option is ok, but not brilliant. Overall this game would probably be suitable and more entertaining for children under the age of 12.

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  Was looking forward to this but am feeling let down!

| | See all UMIST1's reviews (2)

After reading the hype and being a bit of a singstar fanatic I was really looking forward to Boogie for me and the kids. However, like jinjex review, I am left disappointed. I always thought I am fairly rhythmical and have a keen musical interest but this game was anything but! The beat doesn't go with the beat of the track in the background which is totally frustrating and confusing especially for the kids as they move and dance to the track beat! You have to watch the bar on the right side of the screen. It's no where near as sensitive to moves like other games I've played such as wario smooth moves with the dance routine bit in it....great fun just wish it hads more levels! Anyway not as physically interactive as I was lead to believe in the dance section. The kareoke bit's ok but not original artists like singstar which is half the price. My kids didn't know hardly any of the tracks as a bit more my generation an I ain't a biddie but am no Girls Aloud age either!!! Unimpressed sorry!

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| | See all Turbz06's reviews (1)

This game is really good fun for everyone, also making your own music videos is awesome, Hope you enjoy it

  It's Okay - Not what the hype was

| | See all Jinjex's reviews (2)

After seeing videos of this game, i was really looking forward to the release! The dancing controls were original and the singing seemed a decend addition...

After playing this game i can only stretch and give it 3 stars, purely because the dancing is not very responsive.. i find myself just shaking the control in different directions and not really paying much attention to whats on screen.. my expectations on the controls were higher than they are.. The singing is also pretty easy, and the music video creation is as customisable as you may think.. after making one video all the others will basically look the same.. so its kind of a redundant addition.

All in all its a fun game to play at parties, but even then after a few goes i believe many will be putting 'Wii Sports' back into the machine!

Give it a go if you want something fun to play now and again, i also recommend paying the play.com price and not other shops as its £50 else where, play.com is the best price i've seen so far.