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Ghost Squad

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  great game

| | See all fuego56's reviews (7)

great game, addictive!
with subtitles in Italian, so no problem to play.
Arrived after 13 days.

  Great Party Game - Highly Recommend

| | See all G1tarHero's reviews (3)

Whenever I have mates round this game is must-play. I highly recommend you buy it because Ghost Squad makes for great multi player fun. Aldo, sense it is a pre-released arcade game it does have its drawbacks. The game is quite limited in terms of its content only allowing the player to play through three action packed levels. However this is easily made up for by an array of unlockable weapons and costumes as you increase your experience. I've owned the game for nearly a year now and still havent unlocked half of them. So far the

  It's alright - worth the money.

| | See all SLWDVD's reviews (5)

I've never played the arcade version of this before and so had no prior knowledge of it. The game is alright and easy enough to play, the only thing I would say is that I wanted there to be more to the game than there was. The 3 missions did have various different 'routes' that you could follow, which was good, but I would have wanted more different levels or missions. Do be put off though, as at £9.99 this is well worth the money. I used both the Zapper and the Gun, both worked just as well, although Gun would be fine as there wasn't much use for the Nunchuk. As before a bargain at £9.99

  Bring the arcade into your livingroom.

| | See all MalcSmiff's reviews (26)

This a great on rails arcade shooter which works well with the zapper. It really is like having an arcade machine in your livingroom. If you can, play it on as big a telly as you can and through a stereo. If you like as well you could put a money box next to the TV and keep putting £'s in everytime you play/continue, just as you would have to down your local arcade but with the bonus that you can then saveup for more Wii games.

  Good if you love the arcade version; better fps out there

| | See all pickledbanana's reviews (1)

I bought Ghost Squad having wasted many hours in arcades when I was younger. It was a real buzz playing at first and still is, but don't expect too much. There are only a few missions and not much changes no matter how well you do. The Nyko Perfect Shot guns work well with this game because you only need the nunchuk occasionally. Multiplayer is fun (though for some reason no split screen) and probably offers the best of this game.

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  fun on multiplayer

| | See all reddwarf2008's reviews (4)

this is a good game on multiplayer. plenty of things to unlock (costumes and guns) but it does get a bit boring after a while because you are just doing the same thing. don't get put of though this is still a fantastic game made even better with the addition of the wii zapper

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  Great fun...but dont expect too much

| | See all Azza2178's reviews (76)

I didnt get this from here, tbh it is too expensive here and got a multipack deal elsewhere. Also, dont expect to use the zapper or many of the light guns that requires the nunchuck as this game doesnt use it. Look for a gun that uses the b/trigger button instead.
Having said that, the game i found to be really good. There is plenty of weapons and costumes to unlock, and there are a few alternative directions to take in the game (eg cover fire for you team, smoke grenade and use nightvision or go in blasting).
As stated before, there is a lack of missions, there are only 3, and some may find this lack not encouraging to purchase. I would recommend this as - yes there are only 3 missions - but you will continually play to unlock all guns and costumes, and when you play 4 player its a real blaster (pun intended).
Would have got five if they would have just added an extra mission.

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  Fantastic Classic but lacking

| | See all GMax21's reviews (3)

I didn't really do much research before buying this game, I saw it on another site and it stated it had some cool new extras from the original arcade version..........................

The game as an original arcade game is fantastic but I was hoping with seeing it on the Wii and hearing of these cool new extras that there would be something more, perhaps extra mission locations, I don't know it just seemed to lack but that maybe because of my high expectations based on my poor pre-research and the wording used on the site in question. I've not extensively played the game perhaps something more opens up later, I hope?

Still the extra experience of playing this on the Wii is pretty cool.

Because of the lack of use with the Nunchuck it seems a waste to use the Wii Zapper, personally I prefer the look of the 'Nyko Wii Perfect Shot Light Gun' which also allows you to use the nunchuck when needed in games despite it's appearance of not having room to plug it in. I prefer single handed guns anyway.

  Brilliant arcade game!

| | See all calvin06's reviews (6)

This is a truly great game for parties! The inclusion of being Wii Zapper compatible makes it great fun. The multiplayer on this is good but the single-player mode is lacking slightly. Perfect for a lads night in. Just like spending a night at an arcade! Except without the loss of £20s worth of pound coins...

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  Great shooter - great fun!

| | See all RieverTAW's reviews (10)

I bought this originally so my 5 year old grandson could haved a game he could play on our Wii. We have two guns, so pointing at the screen and shooting terrorists sounded like something he'd enjoy.

My 20yo son and I decided to 'test' it *coughs* and played it solidly for about 3 hours that first night. We still play it every time he comes round and now two more of our kids join in, one of whom is an 18yo office girl - hehehe.

This is the most fun I've had on the Wii to date and we have around 20 Wii titles and a Wii Fit.

Yes, it is repetitive, but that's because it's an arcade game - each time you succeed on one of the three missions it levels up, becoming harder next time or unlocking different routes through the mission. I got the game for £15 in a sale, at that price it's a steal!