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Ghost Squad

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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# Extremly Easy.
# Tedious.
# Is Enjoyible, in small packets.
# Looking for a rail shooter " Unbrella Chronicals " is the way to go.
# Great for some fun

Ghost Squads, replay value of being able to play it, put it away and then get it out again later. Makes it worth the value of money, Hey it's a lot cheaper then the Arcade. But saying that i've never even seen the arcade version. To complete the Three missions is Extremely easy, but the amount of unlockables add some substance to the game, but replaying the same levels over and over again to level up, does lead uo to do a bit walk away do abit later. As a party game, if a rail shooter can be one though seems pretty good.
The two main noticible points about the Game are that there is no blood, and shoot a terrorist anywhere and they die.

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  Good but tire some!!!

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Ghost Squad is an excellent game for the first 2 hours or so as you recognise the parts where things fly out or hostages runright in front of you saying "dont shoot". The story line not the best i ever heard but it will suffice. The amount of unlockables is good and once you get sick of the arcade and party mode you can always do practice mode. The graphics arent amazing for instance no blood and some of the videos after doing hand to hand combat dont look like they're doing much but overall i think is a good money saver as i will probably never play expensive arcade games again.


  not worth it!

| | See all matt1399's reviews (27)

brill game! but lousy amount of levels only 3! paty mode is quite funny but not worth the price

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  Arcade Greatness

| | See all 360DON's reviews (22)

This is the only Wii game since super Mario galaxy I have looked forward to, mainly because I loved the arcade game and I have waited far to long for chin shooters to be introduced to the Wii. The Graphics aren't the best even by Wii standards but the animation is smooth and the quality is more than good enough to ensure the game is not held back in any way. The gameplay is not as good as in the arcade but it wont cost you £50 per play through, but even for £30 you will want to play through about 20 times to be happy with your investment and for the perfectionist the amount of unlockables and paths to chose will stretch your £30 a long way. The storyline would be considered awful in any other game genre but in a chain shooter the dodgy American voices, appalling acting and a plot line that could have been written by a 5 year old is bearable and will occasionally make you laugh. The only online to speak of are scoreboards and if you are a veteran of the arcade game it is good to know if you are as good as you think you are. This game is unmissable if you own a Wii, the only problem I have is that I would rather pay £25 for a light gun than £10-£15 for a bit of shaped plastic, overall this it true arcde greatness at its best.

Graphics:7.8-More than good enough
Gameplay:9.2-Exelent arcade fun
Storyline:8.5-Chesy but funny

Overall:8.2-As good as a chain shooter can be and with games of this quality the is no reason for arcades no to be reborn

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  Short but GREAT FUN!

| | See all RussellN's reviews (1)

This game is hilarious, even better when played with a gun holder like the Wii Zapper. Good fun, with several play modes. JUST like the arcade, if you like Time Crisis etc. Very short though, there are 3 stages, Building, Aeroplane and Jungle - but you can take different paths each time you play. If it had 10 stages it would be 100%!

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  The arcades in your living room....

| | See all jimisfireburns's reviews (35)

Had a good blast on this, quite a good game. Maybe it has dated a little, but all the gameplay elements are nice and unlockables help. I would agree, I don't think this will be in my collection long term. But you can have fun with this game, don't knock it, and the retro feel is a breath of fresh air.

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  A good game to keep you occupied for a bit.

| | See all Nintendo4life's reviews (1)

When i first got Ghost squad and played it i thought it was good but looked a bit empty seeing as though there where only 3 stage's and to get special items ud have to do them over agen and it got boring. It's not reli about the missions, it's mostly about collecting special items which is good to keep you occupied for a bit.

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| | See all daddyspurs's reviews (18)

Having bought the Links Training Game with the Wii Zapper I was looking for other games to use my new gun with. GS is a decent way to go if you are looking for a basic arcade type shoot-em up. For the hardened gamer they may find the game too short but I wasn't looking for a story based game I just wanted to shoot stuff and GS certainly ticks that box. The main section of the game involves 3 different assignments where you take on the role of a GS member. You have to complete the various mini tasks involved: shoot everyone, save the hostages, hand to hand combat, disarm the bombs etc. Points and medals are awarded along the way. The fringe games are for shooting practice and an area for Party games where up to 4 players per squad can have some leadpipe cruelty fun! Certain areas are locked and can only be opened when completing other areas of the game such as weaponary, uniforms and a rather funky section where you play the game as either Ninja's or bikini clad assasins. All in all the game is solid. If you want to make the most of your zapper and are looking just to spray bullets and put your man down then this is the one for you. If you want a more in depth shooting game then maybe try Res Evil : Umbrella Chronicles.


| | See all Lukewi's reviews (10)

Its a fun shooter but it is so unrealistically cheesy, way too short and over priced for what it is

  Worth Buying

| | See all bighead0226's reviews (1)

This is a good stress buster, the only problem is online and how short the game is. I believed that it would consist of online play with other players but its just rankings thats definitely a downer. The game is only 3 missions long and can be completed in 3 games but allows more missions within each stage after each completion which makes you want to play it over and over again. It's a good game for friends a really good game for when ur stressed.