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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (131 reviews)"

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| | See all Aleena123's reviews (8)

I loved this game as an owner of Resident Evil zero, 1 original PS1, 1 gamecube remake, 2, 3, 4, Umbrella Cronicals, Darkside Cronicals and Outbreak file 1 and 2. I think this is worthy. Its a good shot em up but if you have not played previous Resident Evil games then play those first Resident Evil 1 is avalible on Wii for a good price. That will tell you the story from the official begining or start from zero to see the origins of Resident Evil. Thank you.

  A Game For True RE fans

| | See all Drelldenied's reviews (189)

People who arent familar with resident evil should not start with this game. Not that it's bad, but for first-timers it may prove a bit confusing and hard because umbrella chronicles takes you through scenarios from 3 of the original games and some new material and these chapters all incorporate the harshness of when you die you get put back a long way and cannot upgrade your weapons until you complete a chapter. Although, it's still very good if your looking for a first-rate up close arcade style shooter.

For those who are familar with Resi, this edition of the resident evil archives gets a 9 out of 10 overall score from me. Only flaw is not being able to play a different episode or customize weapons until you complete one you are stuck on. Apart from that it's a great game.

Playable Characters:
Rebecca Chambers (RE 0) (S.T.A.R.S Bravo Team)
Billy Coen (RE0) (Prisoner,former soldier)
Chris Redfield (RE1, X) (S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team
Jill Valentine (RE1, 3) (S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team)
Albert Wesker (RE1, X, 4)(Umbrella S.T.A.R.S)
Ada Wong (RE2, 4) (Female Spy)
Carlos Oliveira (RE3) (U.B.C.S)
HUNK (RE2, 4) (Umbrella Mercenary)

  Great for a rail shooter

| | See all limmington's reviews (4)

Great game for both Resi Fans and Non resi fans who just want kill some zombies :p
i dont understand how some people are rating this low im still playing it and i brought it when it come out (years ago :p), if your the one in the arcade pumping coins in the shooting games then youll love this.

even better with the zapper! i purchased the zapper thinking it give more feel of a gun but it actually improved accuracy too. hard to believe a bit of plastic can to that but it does trust me. im popping headshots left right and centre. also people who say its not hard clearly havnt played hard mode the secret missions or the last level boss.

Dear god my hands had no feeling after them

graphics are great but you dont buy games to look at it like art do you? YOU PLAY IT
Interactive cutscenes are good but get annoying if you press wrong button (you start from ya checkpoint again)
nice selection of weapons you will get ya good guns as you play through and level up after collecting star ratings of how well you play on the level.
well worth the average 10squid they asking for


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  pretty good,but not hard enough

| | See all Panzer28's reviews (27)

like mosy Wii games the graphics aint bad but its still a fun game,not very hard but not a walk in the park either,anyone else who like me loves the Res evil games then buy it

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  Great fun

| | See all Mike101's reviews (25)

Please ignore these bad reviews. This game is a Rail Shooter! Which is a light gun arcade style game, it says that in the review. If you don't like these type of games then you shouldn't buy them.

If you are a resident evil fan looking a game to brush up on the res evil story before RE5 comes out, or, you are just looking for a different way to enjoy the series, this is for you. While there is not a lot of innovative or original ideas thrown in here, it still is a top class Rail Shooter.

The story is told by Wesker who is the main villain in the Res evil world, which is great. The game covers Res evil 0, 1 and 3, unfortunately Res evil 2 was left out. There are also some new missions added, which are well tied in to the story. I cant say to much about them without ruining the story but they are fun.

The game brings a lot of fond memories back and is a welcome addition to the Res Evil collection. Cant wait for RE5!!!

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  Nice shooter

| | See all UtopiaX's reviews (20)

It's a good shooter. Takes a while to master but gives you lots of joy! Team up with a partner and have a great evening. The only downturn is that somehow it doesn't feel smooth. Why... I couldn't tell. But it's simply no house of the dead. Nevertheless a solid shooter.

  good but not the greatest

| | See all adam666's reviews (46)

i found this fun and with the wii zapper at hand a great game. the only problem is the zapper can hinder you and the game can get repetetive at some points. dont get me wrong tho it is a fun game just not one to grab your ateention for long periods at a time.


| | See all g1985ios's reviews (2)

First of all,IGNORE some bad comments made for this game!it is a decent game and you will have a great time,especially if you re a fan of resident evil series.That is because this game reveals a bunch of secrets every resident evil fan wants to know!Generally,its pace is very good,sometimes slow and sometimes fast,so you never get bored and has a lot of things to explore such as different routes,files,objects etc.this makes the game last for a while.the graphics are at a good level resembling the graphics of RE remake and RE 0.the sound is awesome and keeps you in tension most of the time.controls are smooth but i prefer playing it with remote-nuncack rather than zapper.finally,you will play it for a lot of hours,if you are willing to retrieve all the files and objects(i have played at least 25 hours)

-good controls
-lots of hidden items
-amazing sound
-multiple quests
-fast paced action
-may be repetitive
-gamecube level graphics
-its main story can be completed in a few hours

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  Get this First

| | See all Kingofkings75's reviews (6)

His is a good game with many suprises in around the corners. Its real fun in 2 player, but to make this a Great game it does seem to lack something. If you have resident Evil 4 then I would say don't bother with this as its not as good. If you are just staring out in the world of RES EVIL then I would say get this first to start you out, then after you have finished trade it in for Resident Evil 4 (thats a great game)

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  Got bored very quickly

| | See all gashalasha7's reviews (10)

The limited movement really got me bored fast, you dont have to do much. If you like to move around freely, I wouldnt reccomend this game. Off to trade it in!

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