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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (131 reviews)"

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  grows on you

| | See all AndreasMoller's reviews (3)

I only bought this game because I was curious about how a shooter-on-rails would compare to the other 3d-games I play. -And the point is that they don't compare.

I only play one level at a time, which is about half an hour. -And that is why it has become one of the game I play the most: I don't have to spend alot time with it to be happy.

The graphics are nice and so on - but who cares - it's just fun to turn off the brain and shoot zombies.

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  Buy it!

| | See all GERBLE1967's reviews (15)

This is a great game and if you are a resident evil fan then obviously buy it! ignore any bad review resident evil 2 is not left out by the way, you just have to unlock it!!!! and you can play as Ada Wong all you have to do is get an 'A' grade on Raccon's destruction! this game just tyes up loose ends so unless you want to be left out on the story Buy it!!!

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| | See all greyfoxmce's reviews (20)

I am a big resi fan and brought this to tide me over while waiting for RE5 on ps3(which has now disappeared from the release schedule) Playing the game was more like watching a film with little input from me. Each scene moves at its on pace with an occasional cut scene then point and click a few times and it moves on again. RE4 is much better. Needless to say the game moved on to someone else's collection quite quickly sadly.


| | See all RiChIsKiNg's reviews (19)

I'm just going to say the main point. Buy Resi 4 instead of this, it's much better.


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| | See all j4yj4y's reviews (31)

Great game with a good use of wii controls.
I gotta say its a bit boring in single player mode but great fun with a friend in two player and it will keep you coming back for more plus its not easy so be prepared to spend some time on it.
Graphics are good the only thing i dint like is the lack of control although i keep finding myself comparing it to res evil 4 and realy its a completley different game. As a shoot em up id say UP THERE WITH THE BEST. not the best res evil though thats without a doubt res 4 for the wii.

  point and shoot king

| | See all LittleChris's reviews (10)

The best thing about this game is that you don't have to play or even like resident evil games to like this.

The whole story is told very well and with lots of side missions there is plenty to do.

The game itself is not too difficult and is easy to get the hang of. the large variety of weapons lets you have a bit of freedom in your shooting style. With plenty of collectables and star ratings used to upgrade weapons theres plenty of reasons to replay levels.

I loved this game from start to finish I think most of you will too.


| | See all hywok01's reviews (2)

I am a massive fan of Resident Evil IV on the Wii, and was expecting something along the same lines.

Its playable, but the automatic movement gets really boring FAST!!!

If you like point and shoot games, then this is the one for you, however if you like a little movement and skill, stay away

  Very good

| | See all MeatLoaf47's reviews (6)

This is a cracking game, can be fast and slow at times, but reat fun in solo or co-op. I would recommend to any RE fan or anyone for a good on rails shooting game in the vien of the house series.

Can I say, okay RE2 and 4 are not included as scenarios but if you see its based mainly on jill and chris' experiences. Capcom are thinking of doing a sequal which will be based on RE2, Code Veronica, RE4 and again a whole new scenario.

I would say buy it when its a little cheaper, all in all its quality.

  Fun Game

| | See all Lbenohhh's reviews (22)

This game is a decent game for the wii, and should not be over looked by resident evil fans. its a first person, on the rails game that goes through the events of resident evil 0,1, a bit of 2, and 3, with also a new scene in antartica. the wii mote makes a very good aimer, but the zapper makes the game harder due to slow aiming....Also....WHY IS CHRIS AND JILL'S FINAL BOSS SO DAM HARD?!?

  Well Worth Investing Your Time and Cash!!

| | See all Renegade007cjh's reviews (5)

As a big fan of the Resident Evil series, but having been burnt by the other "shooting" style Resi-games, it was with a mix of anticipation and trepidation that I approached this one. I'm delighted to report, however, that I needn't have worried - it's an excellent addition to the series, remaining faithful to the canon, whilst offering something new - an enjoyable "pure" shooting experience. Whilst not as immediate as Ghost Squad (and multi-play does suffer slightly as a result), this is a deeper and more satifsying experience that will last you many hours, as you re-play levels over and over to get a better score and to develop your newly-unlocked weapons. It's not just for Resi-fans either (although much of it will mean more to you if you have played the other games) and will appeal to those who want a solid blast with slightly more length and depth than some of the competition. Well worth anyone's time and money.