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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (131 reviews)"

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| | See all KxWing's reviews (7)

Well i got this game coz theres not many shooting or gory games for the wii so i just got it and dident think it wud be good BUT it was varry good fun and a game u can play over agen as ther is optinal routs you can take gess its a good game for a resi fan but if your not a resi fan the i dont think its for you but if you dont own re4 then go buy that its a mutch better game n if u have played re4 on ps2 or gc i wud still buy it as the wii controls make it a superb game

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  Zombicidal Maniacs, Sign Up Here!

| | See all diosamente's reviews (1)

There's two types of people who will be interested in this game: those who liked Resident Evil 4 and want more, and those who like shooting things. If you're not one of these well adjusted individuals (:P) I recommend MySims. Don't worry, we won't be offended if you leave now. There you go. Now back to the rest of you. First up: this isn't like RE4. But bare with us. Umbrella Chronicles is an on-rails shooter covering the backstory for the Resident Evil series and it does this well. And for that itchy trigger finger, well, there's literally more zombies than you can shake a remote at here. This game ain't no picnic, but with 3 levels of difficulty you can ease yourself in while you learn how to play (i.e. shoot). Combined with the 12 main levels, countless unlockables and ranking system (for you high-scorers out there) there's more than enough to keep anyone busy. And if you do ever finish it, there's still a co-op mode. Top graphics and sounds set the atmosphere for a solid title. 84%

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  Quite enjoyable.

| | See all Godbe08's reviews (8)

I've never played a game in the Resident Evil series before as I was put off by the 3rd person style shooting, but one of my friends told me this game was in a similar style to House of The Dead and those kind of arcade games, so I decided to give it a try, and I was quite impressed.

The graphics are on the whole fairly good. At some points things can look a bit 'straight-edged', but that didn't bother me personally as it's the gameplay I was more interested in.

In a word, brilliant. I played this game without the use of the Wii Zapper (just using a free Wiimote and Nunchuck) and found it to work very well. It's hard to go wrong with the first person light gun style games, but this game improves upon the arcade format by including hidden files and character profiles which gives a lot of replay value. There's also the level up system which I thought was a nice touch. It allows you (when you have eanred enough stars to do so) to level up weapons making them more powerful, or increasing the clip size etc.
Not playing a Res game previously, I found this to be a good overview of the series (I'm sure a hardcore Res fan would disagree), but in the end I found it to be a little short and lacking depth. There are quite a few weapons to choose from, but some more vareity would have been better, and you can only level up each weapon 4 times (5 if you count the bonus at the end, but I won't spoil that...), which limits the weapon so to speak (I was constantly running out of ammo despite maxing the weapon out). There are bonus missions included, but overall I think some more levels would have been a nice addition.

Generally, for what it is (not for what it isn't - another installment in the Res series) it's hard to fault this game as it stacks up extremely well against games of its genre such as House of The Dead. If you're a fan of light gun style arcade games (The previously mentioned House of The Dead, Time Crisis, Crisis Zone etc etc etc) then you won't be dissapointed with this game at all.

  Good solid fun

| | See all Superbeasto's reviews (3)

It's nice to see this on the Wii, which is a console that's been gathering dust lately in my household thanks to a lack of "adult" games that I can sink my teeth into. This does the trick nicely, it's not fantastic, but a good arcade shooter set in the Resi universe, giving it a heap of nostalgia value and making it a must for Resi fans. So if you love Resi, you'll get a kick out of this. Otherwise, it probably won't do too much for you.

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  People should do there research!!!

| | See all shogun12345's reviews (1)

When people are complaining about this game saying "you don't control your movement" or "its nothing like resident evil 4". When people say "its nothing like re4" they seem to forget theres a reason for that. Namely because its a totally different game :s . Kinda makes sense that its not like RE4. Also the whole movement thing. This game is designed to be a Shoot em up and as such is on-rails. So if you like Shoot em ups like you used to play at the arcade like Time Crisis or House of the Dead you'll love it, especially with the Venom Controller. However if you do not then dont buy it and then write a bad review on here purely complaining about being on rails and not being able to control where you go. This game is totally different to previous RE titles. Anyone who does buy it will find it to be a fun game, especially with coop. But only but it if you enjoy games like House of the Dead or if your a masive fan of the Resident Evil series of games or you'll be disapointed. Maybe people should do they're research before they buy a game and find out what its like. Plus stop complaining about it if you played it at a friends house or borrowed it from a friend and didn't like. It's not like you spent your own money on it. Its really annoys me when people give games bad reviews because of the tyle of play etc. Review the game properly by mentioning graphics, story, gameplay, difficulty etc etc

My review is as follows:

Graphics: Some of the best i've seen on the Wii 5/5

Sound: Not so good especially when the rounds hit enemies. Its loud but the quality just isn't there 3/5

Gameplay: Very good 'Shoot em up', lots of upgradable weapons etc and unlockable stages. 4/5

Story: Usual good RE story taking you through locations from the previous games with characters from them aswell 4/5

Controls: Since your playing on the Wii the controls are superb and make you feel like your back in a arcade playing. One of the best parts of the whole experience. 5/5

Longevity: the game is split into 3 games and then into 3 chapters for each which can take up to an hour to complete. Plus the bonus missions and coop will last quite a while too. However the on rails aspect, if your not a huge fan, can get boring and you may not even get through the whole game 3/5

Overall: An allround enjoyable game with great graphics, a great story and premise, brilliant controls but maybe best played with a friend with coop and should last quite a while as you try to beat your previous best time. 4/5

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  What's really wrong with this, nothing at all

| | See all GamerTron's reviews (24)

Umbrella Chronicles does what it says, and does it well, it's an arcade style light gun type onrails shooter experience, perfect if you want something different (which is hard to fine nowadays), its a break from the standard 1st person stuff on the market and made well. Would've been 5 stars if they had given the graphics aslight more then they did, but the developers obviously didnt have that much time to give, but still nice graphics (great in cutscenes), i love that way the story keeps moving, and the bosses are a decent challenge. But more then the most, the onrails keeps me guessing constantly and im always on my toes waiting for the next rush movement not knowing who or what is around the corner, for a new or seasoned gamer, it's nice to have a fresh challenge, also adds to the whole idea of horror game, dont compare your games, enjoy them as they are meant to be, in other words, read the box before you buy. It does what it says on the tin very well, another great Wii addition, this wouldn't be as fun on any other console (pc ??).

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  House of the Resident Evil

| | See all ZombieHorde's reviews (17)

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is not a standard Res Evil game, theres no fixed camera angles, no 3D characters against pre-rendered 2D backgrounds and this is no sequel to RE4 either, what RE:UC is, is an old fashioned on rails light gun blaster perfectly suited to the Wii and dripping with the blood and mature content we've been craving on Nintendo's newest console.

This isn't a new avenue for Capcom with the RE franchise as 2 previous light gun style games exsist on PS2, the Dead Aim serious was somewhat light gun at heart but with the ability to move the character around yourself, the games however were mediocre at best, UC however goes the whole hog in a House of the Dead way and takes you through the history of the series starting at RE0 and finishing with the fall of Umbrella somewhere after the Events of Resident Evil 3/2 and the destruction of Raccoon City.

The game can be played 1 or 2 player and follows a basic set route, you can however take different routes at various points of the game by shooting open other doors, as always in RE games you achieve an overall rank at the end of the game which allows you to unlock weapons costumes and extra stages.

Overall it's a very enjoyable experiance with good graphics, great old skool gameplay and a typically brilliant RE storyline, if you're a fan of light gun games or the RE series then this is a must buy.

On a side note the game doesn't work that well with the Wii Blaster, reloading is done by shaking the Nunchuck which is at the back of the blaster and if you use the option of taking the Nunchuck out of the blaster it totally defeats the purpose of have the Blaster in the first place, the best option is to tell the game you're using the Blaster but just use the Remote and Nunchuck as normal.


| | See all Berlintrader's reviews (1)

I am not to pleased with the game play. You have no control over your movemnt because the game moves you through each area and you cannot stop or go back. Ok if you just like shooting things and not too bad in 2 player modus. But overall, disapointing especialy if you like Resident Evil 4.

  Fun for a while but gets dull quickly

| | See all BraniganX's reviews (1)

fun for a short time. the game is very easy apart from the bosses which are insanely hard there is no middle ground. very generic. Ghost squad is about 10 times more fun and varied. or wait for house of the dead to come out if it's not allready out. it will probably be better than this too.

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  Good great syle arcade time

| | See all Frankman's reviews (19)

this game is good but it is not great but i didn't expect it to be anything amazing. I must admit that resident evil 4 is 10 times better and that umbrella chroncles is almost impossible to complete it is just like house of dead. The wii zapper works nicely with it though and it feels like you are really in the game The two player story mode is much better and makes the game easier it is also suprisingly a long game to keep you occupied. Large variety of zombies and creatures and ferouious boss battles in almost every level good game worth the buy for fans.