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PDC World Championship Darts 2008

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (80 reviews)"

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  hard controls

| | See all bondy512's reviews (3)

This darts game for me was quite hard to master. Your hands have to be very steady with the wii remote. But the hardest thing is that even on easy mode, the computer gets treble or double 20 every time it is so hard.

  very happy with this!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all perfectgame's reviews (11)

I like a game with a challenge and after reading more reviews on this, thought i would get a second hand version, just incase.
I put sensortivity at highest and had a little practice. I could see where people were going wrong, as if you release the a button too soon whilst throwing, it will not release. I realised this straight away and was throwing perfect darts. I had several 180's and won 3-0.
The only thing i found frustrating after a while was the commentry. I turned it lower, but would have been good to just turn him off and just have the score count voice. Instead if you turn it down, you don't hear that 180 announcement.
The biggest advantage this game has over real life, is that if you know someone who has trouble hitting a board, let alone a number and tends to leave holes in the wall and find yourself dodging flying darts, this is a must have!!!!!!!!!!!!

Safety approval, thank god for the wii.

  Hard on Easy Mode

| | See all MarcoVanNistelrooy's reviews (2)

I've had the game since christmas now, it is one of the most frustrating games i've ever had to learn.... But all it takes is mega amount of patience... It is great game, bit plain as far as pdc is concerned like phil dosent have his power theme walk on song etc anyways the only real criticisim is the difficulty of the game.... Its very very hard even on easy mode... My standard is averaging around 98 to 105 now which is very respectable and should be a winner... But even the make believe characters are getting averages of 110+ over 5 sets!! 161 Checkouts every other leg! I mean its very very unrealistic and putting standards above even the greatest player of all (the power). I'm very very reluctant to getting 2009 version.... Let future versions be more human... More pdc because there are too many robotic arms in this one... Its a very good attempt so thats why the 3***'s

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  wii pdc darts 180!

| | See all basher88's reviews (3)

Not an easy game but a rewarding one.
Learn how to hold the remote and throw the dart and it wont be long before your away!
Very good and worth a look for £14.99

  good game

| | See all mccoistrfc's reviews (1)

I found this game really annoying at the start and was due getn binned in first half hour,then i realised to use the nunchak and now i find it alot more easier averaging over a 100 per throw in career mode but still strugling to beat people cus they average just that bit more found that a wee bit unrealistic,but good game worth buying

  Seems pretty good to me - advice below

| | See all mike202uk's reviews (13)

Just been playing for an hour. First twenty minutes I was tearing my hair out and then the penny dropped. You have to bring back your hand with wiimote the way you would a real dart and then thrust forward, releasing 'a'; it's all in the timing and composure - if you jerk too much you won't release the dart or it will go awry. Played a tournament, got to the final and lost by a whisker. Very tense really - like real darts. Shame you can't play on-line. Perhaps you need to reduce the sensitivity if having problems.


| | See all linthw8's reviews (4)

Thsi is one of the most realistic games ive ever played! Yes, it takes a while to begin with. When i started, it took me 10 minuets to throw 3 darts! But over time, as you practice more you get better, just like real life. Untill finally you hear the announcer say 180!!!!!!!!!! Not for the impatient who play for half an hour get frustrated and walk away. But if youve got the patience you pick it up after some practice and it really is a great game.

  pdc darts

| | See all bibsy12's reviews (1)

Dont buy. Very sensitive game. Everyone loosing there heads. The darts game on party games is much better


| | See all y2markopolo's reviews (1)

not sure about the people who rated this as a bad game but i dont think its that bad, , ok yes using the wii control is hard but if you use the nun chuck its much better.

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| | See all popeye70's reviews (1)

Don't waste your money.was shocked how poor it was.should be on offer as a buy one get game and pdc world championship darts free

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