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The Simpsons Game

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (53 reviews)"

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  the simpsons game

| | See all patrick09's reviews (17)

so it comes to this the simpsons game on the wii
wow i have never played such a good game
most levels are a challange
some are not
this is one of the best games i have played on ever

graphics 9/10

game 10/10

story 8/10

sound 7/10

  Not bad.... not good

| | See all UtopiaX's reviews (20)

At first i thought, what a crappy game! The controls are just awful and the camera never really does what he supposed to do. But then the first movies came and it was freakin' hilarious. I forgot about the controls, forgot about games like zelda who are top notch and just enjoyed and watched. The characters say some pretty darn funny oneliners & the story is hilarious. A must buy if your a real gamer and a real simpsons fan... Otherwise you might be disappointed.

  okay but fustratingly difficult

| | See all britneyrules's reviews (17)

I was excited on the release of this game but disappointed with the seemingly impossible levels. Im now stuff on a level invloving the characters playing a game against god which i have been stuck on for a long long time. Its annoying and can cause a great deal of fustration, some levels are fun to play and the challenge is good so it has its highlights.

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  Not without flaws but not horrible either!

| | See all Djet3k's reviews (3)

Ok so this game is especially funny , has a funny storyline , funny scenes recreated from the series, funny enemies.... Overal it doesnt play to well because of the camera angle, that and the fact that its not too long should makes this a bargain title and for 15£ it would be worth it's money.

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  Don't waste your money

| | See all carlo08's reviews (8)

This game quite frankly is rubbish, you spend hours doing the same thing again until you do it (like the last reviewer said).
The controls are just so anoying its like a ps1 game again, and it dosn't use the wii's abilaties as well as it could.
I bought this game when it was £40 and it was a waste of money. its not even worth £25.

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  Unplayable, hugely disappointing waste of talent

| | See all DoctorTim's reviews (2)

A criminal waste of fantastic graphics, vocal and writing talent.

Several sections, even in so-called 'easy' mode, can only be passed by the brute force application of tedious hours spent repeating the same task literally hundreds of times until by accident you succeed. And since you can't bypass them, you will be tearing your hair out in frustration as you watch your character slowly die yet again, putting you back to the start.

Sometimes puzzles are simply incomprehensible and you will often need to resort to walkthru guides to progress.

You run back and forth in front of a vital lever (button, helium point etc.), frantically pressing the 'use' button as the 'pull' icon appears and disappears, but it's a mystery to the game - "He's getting shot to pieces running around there, what CAN he be trying to do? He must want to jump on top of it." (where it becomes unuseable).

To picture this control system you need to imagine getting so utterly wasted you can barely stand, so blind drunk you've smacked into a lamp post without even noticing, then attempting to stagger home. It's like walking on a tray held by a sadistic giant, as he tips you randomly and you lurch off in different directions. Added to this, he twists your head around crazily so your viewpoint veers away from what you want to look at, constantly disorientating you. This is the game's maddening camera placement, and since the joystick moves you in relation to the camera, not the direction you're pointing, your steering is completely compromised. Other times, when you need to view something, it will simply refuse to give you the viewpoint. There might be some scenery in the way but why not make the adjustment?

A lot of the game involves two characters, and if you're playing alone you need to swap between them. Maddeningly there's no 'Stay put!' command, so you'll position one of them ready to do something, switch to the other character, and watch the first one jog back over to join you. The only way round this is to switch to 2-player (split screen) mode and leave them where you want. The drawbacks then include the inactive character not defending themselves against attack, and the need to juggle controllers rapidly.

If you do complete this game it will be down to extreme tenacity and a desire to view all the content, which doesn't make a good justification. If only they'd invested the effort into playability that they put into every other aspect.

Graphics, sound, comic touches: 5/5
Playability: 0/5

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| | See all Yorkiebarboy123's reviews (7)


I got really into it until i got to the space level, it is very hard, i have played on it on the DS and PS3 and it is much easier and better


(you do no really use the wii remote much)!

  A great chance wasted...

| | See all RiChIsKiNg's reviews (19)

If EA actually based the game on the movie, then it would be a bit better. This is not a platform game play.com, it's more of a puzzle game. This is barely a platformer. The game is based on episodes from the past (e.g. the dolphin attack level) and the final part (when you meet god) sees you do a pointlees minigame thats simular to guitar hero. 2 of the 3 stars is from the brilliant humour.
All I can say is that it's a rubbish game with comedy in it.


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  Licence wasted......but.

| | See all Nafemeister's reviews (12)

Despite the overall gameplay being rather poor there are still many laugh-out-loud moments achieved by the voiceover artists. Yes - the controls are awkward. Yes - things get a little bit frustrating. And yes - this is not nearly as good as say Simpsons Hit and Run. But real Simpsons fans will probably find more here to laugh at than the recent poor Movie.