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Thrillville: Off The Rails

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Take a wild ride

| | See all Hollie89's reviews (1)

I love this game. The perfect combination of role play, mini games, design and creation - it's got something for everyone!. Its great fun regardless of age. Highly recommended. It will keep you entertained for hours.

  best yet

| | See all bobstaxi's reviews (1)

I only bought this game because it was cheap and I liked similar games on the PC. I found that this game has everything ( and thats only after 2 days of playing!). If you like arcade games then this is for you. Also you can build your own coasters and race tracks and then ride on them whilst viewing from various cameras. I only paid £10 for it which will turn out to be the best game I have bought so far. As I said it has everything including party play. Definately worth trying for all ages as I am above middle age, but the whole family likes playing this.

  Brilliant balance of main and mini games

| | See all Duskpowder's reviews (2)

This is a great game for people who like Sims style games. There are mini games a plenty which make good use of the wiimote and nunchuck and i often put this game to just to play splat a mole, go kart racing or mini golf!
It includes everything you could want in a theme park which you place, bulid and ride yourself. There are many missions to complete and a somewhat lame story line to follow. Been playing for three weeks and about half way through. I needed a break from the repetitive music but will definately be returning.


| | See all ruthiebabe01's reviews (1)

this is sooo much better than the other game u can get like themepark etc, you can do a little or as much as you want, with loadza mini games to keep you entertained. its good because its all hand on.

you can make the CRAZIEST rides and the only theme park where the people think its cool when a rollercoaster crashes in style!
Quite simply, a must have for WII!!!!!!!!!

  Great fun, not quite what I expected.

| | See all muntyflumple's reviews (12)

This game reminds me somewhat of MySims, it's quite interactive and involves a lot of "back and forth" tasks. Some of the conversation options/questions seem redundant, and unless you're on a specific task you can waste a lot of time talking to guests.
I'm not a massive fan of minigames and there are loads in this game, some of which you have to complete (well) to advance in the level - infuriating for me!
I've been enjoying designing the rollercoasters, and the step by step instructions are pretty easy to follow.
I've almost completed it now, and I've put in less than 20 hours gameplay so far, so it's not a long/difficult game to complete.
I have noticed a bit of a lag when running through the tunnels from one area of the park to another, but that's about all.

  best game ever

| | See all andy1986's reviews (16)

i got this game for my bday last week and have been totally addicted to it ever since, me n my gf cant stop playing it it is so addictive, it is so fun making the coasters crash n chatting to the guests to ifnd out wot dey want in da park, making the rides is the good part but riding them is fun too cos you get to see it as the guests would. great game everyone should get it its da best.

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  Very Cool

| | See all ChooseYourFate's reviews (49)

I love the thrillville games and this one is fantastic.
Great use of the controls and an all round great game.
The missions are good, the graphics are great and the games are cool.
This is a must have game and great for all the family.

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  Excellent Game

| | See all heathen666's reviews (3)

I've always been a big fan of the Roller Coaster Tycoon games on the PC. This takes it to the next level where you can actually play the games offered by the type of building. The Mini games work well, the few I've played so far work well with the Wii Remote and being able to explore the park as a visitor adds an extra dimension to the game.

Building the roller coasters with the remote can be a little clumsy at times, getting the track to go in the direction you want isn't always as straight forward as you'd like it to be.

I'd highly recommend this game, one of the best on the WII so far.

  Really good

| | See all Reddwarf2220's reviews (16)

Great game , i have only had this game for about 2 weeks and im still playing it and hooked. The graphics are really good and crisp theve gone a little cartooney but that makes the graphics look better. there are 50 great minigames some are amazing 3d game that could be sold on there own ware as otheres are 2d internet games. there all fun and even if u get bored of the main game youl still love the mini games. the coaster building is great. i would of likes for rides though. great game worth the money. you can also unlco klots of pricers ( i think theres 46 but not sure )

Graphics : 9/10
Gameplay : 7/10 ( can get a bit repetative )
mini games : 10/10
phisics : 8 / 10 ( good coaster physics apart from the G, i made a 16 g ride and people still survived )
Game length : complete to bronze : 10 - 15 hours
complete to silver : 15 - 20 hours
complete to gold : 25 - 30 hours
Total complete with gold and unlocked all prizers etc : 50 hours +

Great Game try it

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