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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  Lego Star Wars

| | See all flameboyyyyyy's reviews (228)

I used to think this game was amazing and it was, but now it is just good. The other lego games sort of make this one look worse than it really is. but still fun none the less.

  Never too old!

| | See all Markshepherd's reviews (29)

I genuinely thought this would be really kiddy and a bit too simple, but its great fun, the story cut scenes are humourous, and the gameplay is great. Theres a load of things to do to get yourself upto 100% complete, and you will absolutely want to. Its just great fun. Play co-op with a friend and its even better!

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| | See all stirlingsheep's reviews (1)

Remember when you thought that being a Jedi was the best thing ever...your wrong. It turns out you can have more fun being a Jedi and being made out of plastic lego blocks.

This is easily the most fun game I have played in the last 3 or 4 years. Last night I played through the 1st episode and thouroughly enjoyed it. It has a great mix of fighting etc. But some of the problem solving tasks in it are quite tricky too.

Combat and control system is fairly simple and easy to get to grips with. Use the numchuck to direct character, on button to jump, one button to use the 'force' and one button for attack. There's a ton more complicated things you can do, but thus far I've only needed these 3 things.

My girlfriend loves this game, and she doesn't like either Star Wars or really knew why lego appeals to kids.

Anyone will enjoy this game, I promise, and I'll be purchasing Lego Indiana Jones on the back of how good this is.

Easily the best Star Wars game I have played.

  THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all josephgooner's reviews (8)

Once again another amazing lego star wars but by far the best ever!! If you love star wars and you love the lego games then you will love this!!

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| | See all EliseG's reviews (20)

This my favourite Wii game so far! You really get hooked, and thank GOD there is a LOT of things to do! I have played a lot already and only finished 40 % of the game. Yay!

  Ultimate game for starwars younger fans

| | See all fossilteeth's reviews (6)

The game is so good it is a must have for a younger starwars fan as the game uses actual lego so the kids recognise parts so the sense of scale makes the visual experiance very immersive. Using the wii mote as a light saber is great fun but I found the light sword available seperatly too big and heavy for the kids to use safely so don't bother unless they are 5 foot plus! there are puzzles and different types of activity that will have the kids engrossed for months.

  star wars!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all clegyorkshire's reviews (4)

Great game everyone who has wii struggling for christmas presents get this for kids and possibly star wars fan adults

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  Brilliant, totally addictive! Gr8 buy for £18

| | See all MovieBee's reviews (26)

Having not played any of the lego franchise I has my eye on this game for a while and the price PLAY has it for is a bargain.
SO many levels as it's the complete saga, great fun to play solo or with a bud. Totally addictive, since delivery I am playing this non-stop. If you are a Star Wars fan or not, this is a really playable game. Graphics are ok, I wasn't expecting to be amazed as its a Wii game not a 360 and it's lego, so it's all in jest.
Good fun for a good price.


| | See all theREALmasterYODA's reviews (11)

Im really pleased with this game! The force unleashed is the best star wars game out & this comes second! I found this very easy to play & that does not mean is not fun. The graphics are good but its lego so its not hard to look good, as for play its great with loads of levels & rooms. This is a game you will get on with no matter if you like lego or star wars. The charters are brilliant which makes this game overall its well thought out.

  Block Insanity

| | See all matt1399's reviews (27)

At first I was a bit unsure because i have all the lego games but its still really good! Its great trying pretending to stab yourself with the wii remote and trying to make your crazy lego dudes stab themselves but unfortunatley they dont!! Its great to get new characters and levels and new funnies!! But if you want a serious star wars game dont waste your money on battlefront junk just buy force unleashed!

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